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  • Gail Ehrlich

    I am a Powerlifting Newbie. Brayden & I have been working together a little shy of 6 months. Not to brag . . . but I can now perform a deadlift at a 100 pounds heavier than when I first started! I am not a natural athlete & am in my mid-60s. Breyden has patiently worked with me so that I do the exercises correctly. If you are new to Powerlifting I highly recommend him. And if like me you are almost Medicare eligible -or are already Medicare eligible, I encourage you to start Powerlifting & apply the Strength Company methodology. It is one of the best things you can do for yourself!

  • Chetan Sharma

    I started working with Brayden at The Strength Co hoping to overcome back injuries that come and go from daily life. After my intro session and after learning that my story isn’t that unique (30’s, dad, desk job, back pain) I began training regularly with Brayden. After only a month, my back pain had completely gone away. After just 6 months of training 3-4 days a week, I am still injury-free and, on average, have improved my lifts by more than double! Getting stronger is absolutely addicting and has been a life-changing experience for me improving both my physical and mental health along the way. Brayden is an excellent coach, who brings a refreshing attitude to strength training that is both motivating and educational. Training with him is fantastic and I always felt that he was detailed, careful to correct errors as he saw them, advise adjustments to form when needed and provide guidance when things became challenging. Additionally, by adjusting plans dynamically based on my goals and limitations, I believe that he was essential to helping me achieve a level of strength that would not have been possible on my own without either getting hurt, getting lost along the way or just giving up/losing motivation when things got busy or difficult.

    In summary, Brayden is a fantastic coach whether you’re looking to learn the fundamentals, challenge yourself or simply gain a level of strength that far exceeds your expectations in a supportive environment that is different from any commercial gym. I emphatically recommend both Brayden and the StrengthCo for EVERYONE!!

  • Ethan Bynon

    Brayden is a superb Starting Strength Coach and a fantastic human being overall. Every issue I had during my NLP and beyond, he had an answer and a strategy for it. He fixed my elbow tendonitis, fixed my form on the overhead press to help me achieve a 245 lbs press, and even helped me add 20 lbs to my “circus clown” power cleans. If he can teach me how to clean, he can teach anyone.

    Beyond being a fantastic coach, Brayden was also quite personable and welcoming. We would always able to talk about something and he would always know when to snap me back to my lifts. His positive attitude contributed to me making the 90 minute commute 2/week to the Strength Co. Brayden and every other coach there are that worth it.

    Brayden has nothing but good qualities as strength coach and as a person. If you are in the south California area or can receive online coaching, I can’t recommend him enough.

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