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  • John S. Ford

    I’ve trained with Paul in his Los Angeles gym for several years before he moved to Boise. I’m sad that he left but I do want to say that Boise’s lucky to have him. Paul is down to earth, easy to relate to, intelligent, and insightful. These are qualities which make him a great coach rather than merely a good one.

    He’s taken a great interest in training “older” clients such as myself (I’m now 64. He understands the issues of age in that he expects a lot out of me but is cognizant of the fact that unlike younger clients, we’re not “indestructible”.

    Barbell training is NOT for everyone. It’s difficult and frustrating but also challenging. Also, know that you will get your back, shoulder, knee, etc. tweaked upon occasion. But you’ll recover and your strength will increase demonstrably. If getting much stronger rather than just playing with little pink dumbbells is what you’re looking for, then Paul is the man to work with. He will dial in your form for all the lifts which will maximize the efficiency of your time spent under the bar and help prevent injuries. He will also tailor a program to your needs. Paul will inspire you to get physically stronger than you ever thought possible.

    I can’t recommend Paul more enthusiastically. An EASY 5 stars!

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