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  • Ray Gillenwater

    Carl is a great coach. He gave me some very useful advice to improve my SLDLs when I saw him at Starting Strength HQ. Fantastic technical advice and a very friendly guy.

    1. Alex Wilby

      I saw Carl for 2+ years and he transformed my training, my attitude, my diet, and ultimately made me a hell of a lot stronger.
      He’s the business and doesn’t f*ck about. This is serious training to get strong and be a badass.
      Can’t recommend enough to get proper coaching from someone like Carl if you are serious about lifting. 💪🏻

  • Keith Pranklin

    Carl is an great Coach. I have had a number of sessions with him and he has an excellent ability to put the theory into your head so you can put the practice into your lifts.
    He is also strong! He clearly practices what he preaches and proves the system works.
    If you’re in the UK and you’re looking to get strong with barbell exercises, Carl is your man.

  • James Marsh

    I started training with Carl back in 2015 and couldn’t have had a better introduction to strength training. At the time I was struggling to squat much over 50kgs, and within a year I was able to squat 120kgs for a single.

    His knowledge of the mechanics of the powerlifting movements is exceptional, as is the effectiveness of his coaching cues – he knows exactly what to say at the right time!

    Can’t recommend him highly enough!

  • Martin Bengtzen

    Carl is a fantastically patient and helpful coach who helped me learn the lifts from scratch and get to a point where I’ve now got some reasonable weight on the bar. He picks up on the smallest things to help me improve. Booking my first session with Carl was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

  • David

    Carl is a really excellent coach. I have had more than forty hours of in person coaching, and I now do online coaching. Everything he says works. I don’t think you could find anyone better.

  • Frances Dixon

    Carl is brilliant! He has an incredible ability to notice and correct little errors in technique, and will give you personal cues so you don’t keep making the same mistakes. One session with Carl is worth 100 by myself in the gym, in terms of the progress I make.
    Would recommend anyone to have a session with him, whether you are a seasoned lifter or a complete novice (like I was when I first met Carl).

  • Samreen Nurmohamed

    I have always referred to Carl as a force of nature and a thorough professional. I would go as far as saying that he is the best strength coach in the UK!! His skill is unequivocal. So as far as knowing his stuff, consider that an axiom. He knows it!

    What makes him stand apart is that he can apply his skills whilst breaking mental barriers at the same time. At 49kgs of body weight, I never dreamt I could squat 70 kgs. If someone told me that before I met Carl, I’d question their sanity but with Carl think insane, think amazing and think; I should have started strength training yesterday as opposed to I shall!

  • James Oakes

    I have been an online training client of Carl’s for 2 years now. What really stands out is how much he cares. Every time I hit a PR I think he is maybe more excited than me! This passion, matched with deep technical knowledge and a keen eye, make working with Carl really inspiring and most important of all, productive!

  • Morgan Isherwood

    Coaching with Carl is right up there on my list of ‘best money I’ve ever spent’. I reached out to him originally for form check purposes as there is only so much self teaching you can do and only so many YouTube videos you can watch and I got so much from the experience that I’ve continued to seek his advice. He helped fix my squat and has introduced me to the Rack Pull and Pin Press along the way. No question is a stupid question and the support and encouragement you get from him is phenomenal. His credentials are excellent. I can’t thank him enough for the help and advice he has given and I would highly recommend him as a coach, online or in person

  • Simon

    Have trained with Carl for over a year. He knows the SS system inside out. He tells you what you need to hear and has a very straightforward approach. Carl had fixed a lot of my form as well as getting me to a 96kg press which I’m very happy with.

  • Lewis

    Carl has been my coach for a couple years now (ignoring the COVID madness in the middle), not only has he helped improve all my lifts, but he is also a great guy to be around. I had multiple injuries and technical issues throughout the time and each time he will adapt my program or cue me in a way that helps resolve it. Just hit 80kg overhead today for 8×1 and I’d never have hit that without his guidance!

  • David M

    I’ve trained with Carl twice – first at a squat/deadlift camp, then a 2 hour private session. Both times I was very impressed by his knowledge and perception. I learned a lot particularly during the personal 2-hour session and went home with a much improved squat and an optimised programme that’s got me back on the right track. Highly recommended.

  • Matt

    Carl is an excellent coach. I have had the benefit of Carl’s coaching 1-1 and online and cannot recommend both highly enough. Carl is a technical master with an eye for detail which has helped me improve all of my lifts steadily over the course of the last 9 months and stay injury free in the process. From an online perspective, his responsiveness is extremely impressive and shows a genuine vested interest in helping his clients get stronger. He’s exactly who you need in your corner if strength is your priority (which it should be!)

  • Aaron

    I’ve been coached by Carl the past 18 months, all of it online save for one seminar and one PT session focusing on the Olympic lifts. He’s excellent – a real rare gem.

    First off, I’m stronger than I ever thought possible and still making slow but steady progress.

    Second, of the few small injuries I have had, in most cases Carl had been harassing me to make changes addressing the issue as a technical improvement before the injury blew up! My fault for not paying attention.

    Third, he’s very responsive, he gives intelligent and actionable feedback, he knows what he’s talking about and is patient with questions and comments.

    Finally, he’s an all round solid guy and clearly cares about getting you strong. I’d highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get stronger.

  • Hafeez Bana

    Carl is an Amazing coach. For someone that is scrawny, hates going to the gym, is mostly interested in strength from a wellbeing/longevity perspective and is overly analytical, he helped keep in check my innate skepticism, kept me on track and got my squat/deadlift from 40Kg to 102Kg/ 80 to 130Kg respectively (my squat took longer). All this while keeping my time in the gym to an optimal minimal.

    Carl doesn’t look like your other coaches (although if you google you will find an older version of him that does). He is insanely strong and he lives what he preaches. He lives strength and every moment in the gym is a calculated move to increasing strength vs. wasting time. He is also wise. I wish I had heeded his advice on prolonging the novice effect and eaten the 2g/Kg of protein he recommended. Over the years I have since found everything he talked about has it’s basis in the physiology of how the body works.

    I have a list of people that my life is better for having met them. Carl is on that list. I only wish I had met him sooner and started training younger. You won’t regret working with Carl.

    1. Rob

      Fantastic coach who knows his stuff and has a great eye for the movement patterns.

      Gives clear and constructive feedback on what you need to do to improve and get stronger.

      Listens to feedback and looks at things from different angles (literally and figuratively). He knows that two people are learning during the session – a rare quality.

      Plus an all round cool and interesting guy with a great sense of humour!

  • Iben Holm

    I’m a 48 year old female weightlifting and strength lifting enthusiast from Denmark. I had Carl recommended to me by another coach and in June 2022, I travelled to London and had the pleasure of training with Carl for two sessions divided over two days. We spend most of the time concentrating on the olympic lifts. Carl is a really great coach, he has a sharp eye and quickly identified the things I needed to work on in order to improve my lifts. He communicates in a direct and precise maner which is very easy to understand and he has this “next level” ability to help you get rid of bad habits and perform the lift correctly very quickly. Carl is clearly very passionate about what he does, and it shines through. I’m so happy with the things I learned, and I’d recommend Carl anytime to anyone who wants to get strong and learn correct lifting technique. 

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