Who is listed on the Directory?

Gyms: Starting Strength Gyms and Starting Strength Affiliate Gyms

Coaches: Starting Strength Coaches (SSC) are listed on this Directory. It serves as the official record of all SSC.

Events: Events held through The Aasgaard Company Store or by Gyms on this site.

Starting Strength Gyms vs. Affiliate Gyms?

Starting Strength Gyms are built and operated to our specifications. Members get a reserved space in the gym, with a Starting Strength Coach, in a small group training session. 

Affiliate Gyms are independent locations managed by Starting Strength Coaches.

How can I find the right coach for my situation?

Search this site for coaches operating in your area using the search tools, browsing categories, or by zooming in on the Map.

If you need help getting matched to a coach who meets your needs, please fill out our Coach Matching survey.