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  • Eric Farrar

    Amazing coach! Jacob gives excellent guidance and teaching and is always full of just the right amount of motivation! Really appreciate his focus on getting form just right on every move and his patience with newbies learning a new skill. ⁰

  • John H

    When I began with Starting Strength, my stated goals were to learn how to do the lifts correctly and learn how to progress in the training program. Jacob has done a great job at helping me to accomplish these goals. He is excellent at explaining how the lifts should look and why the proper form works well with the lifts. During the work sets, Jacob uses short and to the point cues to make sure my form is correct. He does not overload me with too many cues or cues that are too long. If a particular cue is not working, or doesn’t make sense, he is quick to try a different one to achieve the desired results. After the work set, we discuss what went right which helps him develop a cue that works better for me. Jacob also is great with making sure that I am achieving the goals of getting stronger by knowing the correct times to change the programming of the lifts. Linear progression works great as a beginner, or when returning from a break. He knows when to change to a different program when that one has run its course. I do have limited mobility in my arm that impacts the form on some of the lifts. Jacob is great at knowing how to modify the lift or my form so I can continue to get stronger.

    While working with Jacob, he seems to want to learn how to be a better coach. This is a different mindset than being a good lifter. He has the heart of a teacher, and his passion shows. He visibly, yet subtly, expresses joy when his clients are succeeding. Jacob’s knowledge of weightlifting, along with his love for teaching/coaching, and his overall positive attitude are great encouragement to his clients and is fun to experience on a regular basis.

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