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  • Denholm

    I enjoy working with Jordan. He’s extremely knowledgeable and shows in the sessions that I’ve had with him. He cares about the progress of the lifters. He’s also crazy strong. I can’t recommend Jordan enough.

  • Brandon Anderson

    Before Jordan came into my life I was just kind of drifting between different fitness programs. I had tried everything from CrossFit to functional fitness and nothing really resonated with me until working with Jordan. It’s been about a year since I’ve been on his program and I am far stronger than I have ever been. My friends and family have noticed a huge change in my physic and how strong I have become as well. Earlier this year I joined the 1,000 pound club and I’m on my way to joining the 1,200 pound club and it’s all thanks to Jordan’s amazing program and passion towards being a strength coach.

  • Ryan Herbel

    I have been working with Jordan for about 12 weeks now, after starting basically as a new lifter. I took a long period of time off from lifting after focusing more on running. I decided i wanted to get back to lifting to supplement my running, and I was dealing with some back and knee pain when lifting on my own. Thats when i decided to start with Jordan. A couple of form tweaks later and i haven’t had pain since, and Im currently the strongest ive been since college! All thanks to Jordan’s expertise and his eye for detail!

  • Megan Pacetti

    I have had the honor of being coached by Jordan for the past 9 months and never felt so driven, passionate, and excited to lift. He is a phenomenal coach and without trying he makes you want to keep pushing to new limits.

  • Chrystal Martinez

    I’ve had the privilege to work with Jordan for a year now. My journey began as an opportunity to improve post pregnancy. His knowledge and passion given at each lifting session has made me come back for more. I’m very grateful to be working with such a phenomenal coach.

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