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  • inbal mayuni

    I’ve started in person coaching with Zohar, once a week for several months, after which we gradually transitioned into online coaching of form checks + programming. 

    I was a very active and sporty young girl and always knew the importance of exercise, but never liked lifting weights. Zohar was very thorough with making sure I was lifting with good form, and I got the confidence to lift weights without being worried about hurting myself. 

    I was sooo surprised how quickly my body got noticeably stronger. I felt an improved sense of capability in my everyday life, I was less tired in my day to day work, I felt it especially when I used to have long drives at night where I used to be very tired and after only a few weeks of strength training I could drive during the night easily all of a sudden! 

    I also used to have aches and pains in my shoulder and wrist on and off for many years, and I was worried that I would have pain during my training, but on the contrary! We were attentive to these areas when we started out, and without even noticing I realized there are no more aches at all anymore. 

    Thank you Zohar so much for your expert coaching, I highly recommend Zohar to everyone that looks for an expert coach that goes into every little detail, a coach you can really grow with! 

  • Raz

    Only after I’ve started training with Zohar and getting to know the Starting Strength method better, I came to really understand the value of strength training and the high levels of technique you need in order to keep getting strong effectively.

    When we first started I didn’t think I would be able to get to these heavy weights and to have that good of a form. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have, without everything I got from our training.

    I think this is the most effective method out there to get strong, and of course, I couldn’t have made it without Zohar and his coaching and support, both inside and outside of the gym. I highly recommend Zohar to everyone that wants to get stronger and to understand in depth the Starting Strength method!

  • Etty Giat

    Zohar is a great coach! I had a stubborn pain in my knee that I was doing physiotherapy for, for quite a while, but nothing really happened until I’ve started training with Zohar and we’ve increased my squat and strengthen my legs. I rarely even feel the pain nowadays.

    We’ve been training together for over a year now, and I’m seeing dramatic improvement in so many aspects! My blood glucose levels that were quite high in the past several years have decreased in both my daily checks and my yearly doctor’s exam, my waist circumference has dropped down steadily over the last year, and most importantly due to my increased physical strength and wellness, I’m a 65 years young woman filled with energy!

    Thank you Zohar, for all your coaching and for being with me through all the challenges of this journey, which still continues

  • Donata Minelli

    While I was a reluctant trainee at first, Zohar completely changed my opinion on the value of strength training. We trained in NYC last March and it was an incredibly valuable experience. I’m a typical weekend warrior that true to pack in an intense amount of cardio work in 2 or 3 days and nothing more. That method has left me with some chronic pain in knees and hips. Zohar trained with me and gave me a program to eventually do on my own and it’s been remarkable. His passion and patience make a great combination for someone like me who really resisted the value of weight and strength training. Now my husband strength trains 3 times a week as well. Would highly recommended Zohar and the method.

  • Eran Keydar

    I’ve been training with Zohar for over a year now. The sessions are very personal, precise and explained, and you see the results accordingly. Zohar coaches me in a private gym in Modi’in, in semi-private classes, with a great atmosphere, and without the stress that is common in most public gyms.

    Highly recommended. Thank you very much.

  • Onur Yereser

    I have been training with him for over two months now and I must say that Zohar is an exceptional coach !
    I am 39 years old and have a full time office job which is taking almost all of my time leaving few hours with my family and my 6 years old daughter.
    Zohar understands clearly about your overall situation and capabilities, before I met with him I was feeling pretty beaten up and tired all the time from training sessions but within only two months I achieved new PR’s and improved chin ups to 6 from 1 while loosing weight finally !!!
    He even created HIIT sessions for me just using my apartments stairs which is amazing on these covid quarantine days.
    I feel a lot stronger and fresh thanks to his coaching,
    Highly recommended for anyone seeking strength gains.

  • Jules

    Zohar is a very knowledgeable coach. He takes note of the current abilities of his clients and helps them reach their goals. He is also good at making necessary adjustments to one’s program, given one’s situation. In the short time that I have worked with him, I have already made significant progress. Can recommend.

  • Yosey

    I’m a 70 years old man, with Parkinson’s disease. I’ve started strength training in-person with Zohar and in the beginning I was skeptic. I thought that all those weights and effort are not for me. My medical professionals always referred me to swimming, stretching, using bands, etc.

    However, I’ve taken my squat from needing assistance to complete a set without weights, to 28 kg for sets of five. Zohar just kept gradually increasing the weight and I just kept getting stronger. I can’t recall when my upper back allowed me to stand so tall and proud. Also reaching my hands overhead was difficult back then.

    We trained for 4 months in-person, and then circumstances made us switch to just programming online via the app, where I workout in a gym close to where I live. This other program had some different exercises in it, but Zohar put together something tailored for me to make sure I keep training with the current circumstances. Recommended!

  • Olga Shraiber

    I came to train with Zohar out of curiosity. I’m a 64 year old woman and I’ve never done any sports like this before. My weak point was the low back. When I used to play with my grandchildren and pick them up, my low back was hurting. I couldn’t raise my grandson, who was only 2 years old.

    After the first session, my body hurt, but I stuck to it. My right arm also started to hurt. Our training was stopped because of the coronavirus, but when we returned training a miracle happened!!! We fixed my form in the lifts, and my low back and arm stopped hurting! Now I can easily pick up my grandson who is two and a half years old already.

    Zohar is a very talented coach. He corrects you, explains and praises, and we all love to be praised! I’m not planning on competing in the Olympics, but I do feel stronger today. Feeling my body alive – It’s great! Thank you Zohar for all your patience and support !!!

  • Nikolaos S

    I have found Zohar through the starting strength online website where he had some raving reviews to his name.

    After having worked now a couple of months with him together online, I can agree with the praise wholeheartedly.

    Zohar is not only very knowledgeable about the main lifts, but he is also a very good teacher:
    When working for example at the squat, you get the impression that he has a clear ranking of importance of your mistakes – as a result you do not bet bombarded with 15 suggestions how to improve, but each time with one specific item to focus on.

    Zohar strikes also a perfect balance between being supportive and firm. You will always get encouraging words on effort and technique on some lifts, with occasional reminders of specific pointers he has given you before.
    It’s a fine line he walks on – and he has so far nailed it every time!

    While working with him, I have found a new appreciation for good personal training and its difficulties. The whole thing is only 50% technical and the rest is pure psychology.

    Keep up the good work!

  • AM

    I’m a 52 yo woman. Before I started training with Zohar in June 2020 I was constantly on and off various trainings but never got any structured weight lifting training. I got obsessed with gaining muscle strength as I saw my older girlfriends getting osteoporosis.  I love to ski and I want to keep skiing safely as long as I can walk. So I was looking for options and came across the SS books. Then I started to look for a coach but being in Israel I thought the only option would be to do an online coaching, when I found we have Zohar right around the corner!  I drive every week about 3 hours just to have the opportunity to train in person. Zohar helped me to stack my home gym and constantly following my in person and remote training. I feel great with my progress. I’ve never been stronger in my life. I like Zohar’s respectful approach for each student, his calm manner and genuine desire to get everyone to perform their best while keeping us safe from injuries. 

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