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  • Francisco Goncalves

    I’ve had Pedro as my coach for 1 year and a half.

    I have experienced Pedro to be a highly knowledgable coach who really listens to me and has helped me to find the right technique that fits best with my body. Together with him, I have pushed my limits and broken new personal records. I’ve never felt stronger and healthier and haven’t had neck or back pain (which i have had for years because i sit in the office all day, despite working out in other sports 3-4 times a week).

    Lastly, i think Pedro is a highly likeable and relatable guy. He’s got a great sense of humour, but he’s also sensitive and always believes you can do more than you believe you can.

  • Luis Balaguer

    I had the opportunity to train with Pedro in Brussels for 16 months. He’s very professional, kind and dedicated. His knowledge of the Starting Strenght method and his attention to detail helped me quickly improve my results starting as a complete newbie. He’s constantly supervising the correct technique of the persons he’s coaching and their security and safety. His explanations are clear and easy to grasp. He is a great coach, and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get strong!

  • Riz Hasan

    Pedro is a top coach in his field. His attention to detail to his clients and their individual goals is unmatched. He is a great motivator and has helped me get much stronger in my training physically as well as mentally. Will definitely train with Pedro again!

  • Lieselotte Lauwers

    Pedro has been an amazing coach supporting me in my strength journey for over a year. I was completely new to the field and he helped me navigate through my programming and pushed me consistently to keep achieving results.

    He will be greatly missed in Brussels!

  • Simon

    I have had the pleasure of being coached by Pedro for almost a year.
    Pedro has all the qualities I look for in a coach – he has excellent technical skills; he is a great motivator; and he knows how to adapt his communication to the different needs of his clients and thereby guide you towards better results.
    I cannot recommend Pedro enough – with him as your coach your journey towards better strength is just better.

  • Dimitris Dimitriadis

    Pedro is an excellent coach and a truly good guy. He’s helped me focus on what he knows I can do when my body said otherwise. Very knowledgeable, makes you work for what you have committed to and pushes you to stay strict to form.

  • Chiara

    I have trained with Pedro for almost a year, with great results and good fun. Pedro is a very knowledgeable coach, who will help you achieve your goals, big or small, in the best way possible based on your fitness level. Pedro is great at motivating people and help them go the extra mile. Highly recommended!

  • Ana Estrela

    Pedro coached me for 9 months at Brussels Barbell. He took me from a point of weakness and chronic back pain to increased strength and energy. He is demanding but he also knows perfectly well the limits of each person he coaches. All this with a a great sense of humour!

  • Igor

    An amazing coach with whom I trained more than 6 months in Brussels and who is fully dedicated to the client. By listening and understanding the needs of his client, he takes the extra effort in helping people becoming stronger applying the starting strength concept. He shares his rich knowledge not only regarding strength training but gives also precious advice related to nutrition and recovery after training. Someone I would definitely highly recommend.

  • Luis

    excelente profissional, tinha bastante dificuldade em fazer agachamentos, muitos profissionais diziam que não o poderia fazer (agachamentos) devido a uma lesão no joelho, desde que comecei a fazer os agachamentos com ele as dores desapareceram e força aumentou bastante 🥰🥰

  • Pedro

    Super cool guy really helped my progress .

  • Robert Torvelainen

    Pedro is a great coach – he won’t hesitate to step in when your form is off and he is quick to share the cues to get you back on track. I especially felt happy about the way he pushed my press to the next level. A lot of humour – often dark, such as I like it – training with Pedro is always a good time. I trained with Pedro for almost a year at Brussels Barbell.

  • Jan

    Pedro coached me in Brussels for a year and I enjoyed every session. He is dedicated, very focussed on every details and just fun to be around. Highly recommended!

  • Roberto Grünpeter Corrêa

    Pedro is an amazing coach and person in general. I worked with him for 7 months and can only think about good things to talk about, like his knowledge about the method, great communication skills, professionalism and patience when dealing with clients and other coaches.
    With critical thinking, he is able to give you the best plan to achieve your goals.
    As a bonus, Pedro can talk about multiple subjects, because of his life experiences. He lived in multiple countries, had a very successful career before coaching and faced a few challenges along the way.
    I cannot recommend him enough.

  • Milan

    Pedro coached me at Brussels Barbell. He’s very good at explaining the different lifts and techniques, knows how to give the right cues, and makes you feel comfortable along the way. His empathy and humanness made him stand out for me. Cheers Pedro!

  • Alex

    I can’t begin to express the immense honor and privilege it has been to be the first person trained by the extraordinary personal trainer, Pedro! From the very first session, it was evident that I had stumbled upon an absolute gem in the fitness world. Pedro’s unparalleled knowledge, dedication, and coaching skills have led me on an incredible journey of self-improvement and transformation like never before.

    Pedro’s expertise in the realm of fitness and training is beyond impressive. His deep understanding of anatomy, exercise physiology, and nutrition is truly remarkable. From the moment we began, he customized a comprehensive and meticulously tailored program to suit my specific needs, goals, and limitations. His ability to assess my strengths and weaknesses accurately allowed him to create a workout plan that not only pushed me but also ensured I progressed at a pace I never thought possible.

    What sets Pedro apart from other trainers is his unwavering commitment to his clients’ success. His positivity and enthusiasm are infectious, making each session an absolute joy. Even during the most challenging moments, he motivates and encourages, always pushing me to go the extra mile and surpass my own expectations.

    The progress I’ve achieved under Pedro’s guidance is nothing short of astounding. Within a short period, I have witnessed significant improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall fitness level. Not only have I achieved my initial goals, but Pedro has also empowered me to set new, ambitious targets that I’m confident I can conquer with his support.

    Pedro’s coaching style goes beyond just physical training; he also emphasizes the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. He has provided invaluable nutritional guidance, ensuring that my efforts in the gym are complemented by a well-balanced and nourishing diet. Thanks to him, I now feel more energetic, confident, and focused in all aspects of life.

    In addition to being an exceptional trainer, Pedro is a truly genuine and caring individual. He fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and creates a supportive and welcoming environment within the gym. His passion for helping others achieve their best selves is evident in every interaction, making him not just a coach but a mentor and a friend.

    In conclusion, I cannot recommend Pedro highly enough. If you’re looking for a personal trainer who will not only deliver outstanding results but also uplift your spirits and ignite a passion for fitness, Pedro is the one for you. My experience with him has been nothing short of life-changing, and I am forever grateful for the remarkable progress I’ve made under his guidance. Thank you, Pedro, for being the embodiment of excellence in the world of personal training!

  • Paul D B

    I have trained with Pedro for 8 months in Brussels and he is an excellent coach. He is very technical, can adapt exercises to peoples specifics, communicates clearly, gives the right feedback and is a pleasant and interesting person. He took me from beginner in most lifts to strong numbers with great form. Highly recommended and I would certainly train with Pedro again!

  • Leena Kerppila

    I had the pleasure to be coached by Pedro in Brussels for some 1,5 years. Pedro is an amazing coach: kind, highly professional, motivating and knowledgeable and always great fun to train with.

  • Margarida Marante

    When I shook Pedro’s hand for the first time, I didn’t like training and I knew nothing about the starting strength method. Pedro changed all that. In the 6 months we trained together, he showed me that strength training can be part of my self-care ritual and a personal challenge that I no longer want to live without.

    It’s true that strength training changes a body. But a good coach can change a life.

    And not only is he an excellent professional, Pedro is an empathetic, knowledgeable human being, and genuinely happy with the progress of his clients.

    (Also: his jokes will definitely make you laugh out loud, which will come in handy for those abs!)

    I will certainly visit wherever he goes.
    See you soon, Pedro!

  • Erick Vasquez

    I had the opportunity to be coached by Pedro in a certified Strength Training gym in Brussels. I personally enjoyed training with Pedro for multiple reasons:

    1. He’s a really cool person and easy to get along with. Pedro always greeted me with something fun and then we spent time talking about loads of different things while I trained. The training time went by fast with him around.

    2. He’s very pragmatic and objective with his coaching style. Don’t get fooled by the fact that he’s a fun and easy-going folk. He’ll take it very seriously when it’s time to give you advice or, even more, when it’s necessary to correct a bad move during the exercise. Pedro helped me detect and correct some of my training pet peeves. I feel that I have improved with his advice.

    3. Pedro is knowledgeable about his field. He’s not only aware of the things that you should or should not do at the gym, but also about the theory of weightlifting, the trainign best practices and the recommended path for growth depending on your body.

    I wouldn’t hesitate twice to train with him agian in the future!

  • Javier Sanchez

    Working out with Pedro has been such an amazing journey. Not only is he a great coach relentlessly working with you to perfect your technique but he is also a great person to hang out with! Needless to say a great choice for anyone looking for a personal trainer.

  • Alex_lonely driver_Na Na

    Pedro is my first coach in Brussels, and he showed his knowledge while teaching me how to do the powerlifting correctly. In addition, he can adjust the training lessons to fit my body conditions so that I can improve day by day.
    Highly recommended! A nice coach with enthusiasm and patience.

  • Natalia

    I have trained with Pedro over the last year at Brussels Barbell.

    Pedro is an exceptional coach who couples a sharp eye for detail and technique with great charisma and humour.

    Pedro’s genuine interest in your goals and ability to motivate you to dig deep is hard to rival.

    I can recommend him to clients of all ages and sporting abilities and wish him every success in his field!

  • Toon

    Over the past five months, I’ve had the privilege of training under Pedro, who was one of the Starting Strength coaches at Brussels Barbell. A Portuguese native, Pedro brings a unique blend of humor, charisma, and technical expertise to the gym. His coaching is top-notch, with every session infused with both sweat and laughter. He makes working out feel less like a chore and more like a fun hangout with a buddy, which is quite the feat.

    Beyond his likable personality, Pedro’s depth of knowledge in strength training is truly impressive. He consistently provides in-depth insights, helping you understand the “why” behind every movement. He’s also an absolute bench press master, teaching techniques that have noticeably transformed my strength and physique.

    What sets Pedro apart, though, is his ability to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. He’s approachable, genuinely cares about your progress, and takes the time to understand your strength goals. He’s not just a coach but also a mentor who is committed to your growth.

    Pedro’s exceptional coaching will level up your game, whether you’re a fitness novice or a seasoned powerlifter. In short, he’s a highly knowledgeable, fun, and amiable coach. I cannot recommend Pedro enough!

  • Alaa Maaytah

    I had the chance to train with Pedro for several months in Brussels.
    His dedication and attention to details helped me progress in my lifting journey (which I was new to). Most importantly, Pedro helped me identify my limitations, work on them and hit new PRs.
    Additionally, he is a very kind and fun person to be around.
    I highly recommend him for anyone willing to improve their lifting techniques and overall strength.
    Pedro, wish you all the best!

  • Felicitas

    I have been coached by Pedro during his time in Brussels. He is an excellent coach who pays attention to detail. Beyond his dedication, he is also a very interesting person to talk to in between sets 🙂

  • Jakub

    Pedro has been an INSPIRATION. After 3 years of health issues and accidents, I could barely squat body weight without knee pain early 2023, or bench press without backpain. With Pedro’s online coaching and motivational support, I’ve been training (usually) 3 times a week since April, progressing steadily (even if slowly), losing some weight, feeling better in general and, most of all, without the pain I used to feel, in or out of the gym. Many Thanks Pedro!

  • John

    I trained with Pedro in Brussels for about 18 months and found him to be an excellent coach. The Starting Strength certification means he really knows what he’s talking about, on top of which he clearly wants to get the best out of his clients and makes every effort to achieve this, easily adapting to the needs and personalities of his clients. He’s also got good chat, which always makes the training sessions more interesting and entertaining.

  • Bo

    During the several months Pedro was an assistant coach at Brussels Barbell, I was impressed by his professionalism and attention to my specific needs as an older individual that suffered from a frozen sholder condition. I wholeheartedly recommend training with him for anyone who is looking a pleasant and attentive coach who really cares.

  • Enrique Castillo

    Highly recommended coach.

    I met Pedro in Brussels, while he was preparing himself to get the SSC credential, under the mentoring of Steve Ross SSC (owner/head coach at Brussels Barbell).

    There, Pedro coached me very often for about 10 months.

    I found Pedro to be very precise in his observations about my form, and his advice always helped me solve little issues that were holding my progress. He is very knowledgeable, and intelligent, he could feel, understand, and address the technical and psychological aspects of lifting.

    Pedro was always fun, kind, and supportive. He sincerely cares about your progress.

    He is also very interesting as a person, we could talk about many different topics.
    I can say that we did become friends during his time in Brussels, and I definitely want to see him again in the future.

  • A van Bruggen

    I (m47) trained with Pedro for a year, following the NLP. I made incredible gains, adding 200-300% to all the main lifts. Nice added benefit: according to my family I look “buff” 😀

    To maximise gains and avoid injuries, it is crucial to carry out the lifts very precisely. Pedro has a great eye for detail, will explain you the basics, then continue to correct little issues throughout your progress (stance, wrist and elbow position, bracing, …). He makes adjustments to the programme as needed, you will never get “stuck” and he will find a way to make the best of that off day as well.

    Besides that, he is the nicest guy, full of stories. Looking forward to visiting him in Portugal.

    Couldn’t recommend more highly.

  • Jordan

    Pedro followed my first 6 months with Starting Strength (my intro to strength training in general, at 41). By turns motivating, funny, and detail-oriented, Pedro kept my novice gains beautifully on track as my numbers slowly, steadily went up with each visit.

    Sessions with Pedro were truly enjoyable on a social level — we do miss him in the gym — and training-wise, he knows how to push when needed. He never really let me slack, nor did he ever charge ahead blindly. He paid serious attention, heroically listening to my garrulous gym banter, puzzling through my incomprehensible notebook, and figuring out how to make my sessions physically rewarding without losing the fun. Rather than hear my own internal voice telling me I’m not squatting low enough, I hear Pedro’s. This is fine, actually. No, it’s fine.

    Technically, his observations on my form and his ability to get me to focus on one or two things to improve were a huge help. I tend towards wanting to know all 17 things I’ve done wrong, so I can try in vain to keep them all in my head and then immediately jettison all of them the second I start my next rep, and Pedro picked up on this pretty quickly and kept me nicely on track, doling out advice and information without overloading me. “Improving my form” shifted from a confusing mess into something I actually looked forward to at the gym. Huge credit to him (and Steve Ross, who he trained under) for that.

    Pedro was a big part of why I still go to the gym and still really enjoy it. His coaching prowess and warm, funny personality get a really strong, whole-hearted recommendation from me. Oh and he let me put on my own Spotify playlists in the gym, and pretended to like them, so, right, five stars for that alone. But also all the other stuff. A great coach.

  • Dima U

    A coach who approaches his trainings not only with great knowledge but also with heart, which is naturally rare.
    My honour to train and become friends with.

    Challenge and beat your better self with one of the Best. 🔝

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