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  • Stefan

    Hands down the best coach in the world! He looks after his trainees, even when they’re not having a 1:1 meeting. He is very helpful and is always willing to answer questions. His philosophy is to create self-sufficient lifters by transferring his knowledge to his trainees. I would not have been this strong without him, both mentally and physically.

    1. Chris W

      Training with Byron was the best experience I’ve had with a strength coach. Byron was knowledgeable, diligent and easy to get on with. We spent a couple of hours correcting my form for the squat, deadlift and press 2.0, before briefly going through programming.

  • Jonathon Hunter Hill

    I trained with Byron while I was recovering from having a bad back. Because of my poor form, I’d injured my back. Byron helped me to deadlift and squat without injuring myself, improving my form dramatically. Over time, my back pain went away. Thanks Byron!

  • Chris

    I started training with Byron to further my strength and conditioning for the mountain bike racing events I compete in. Byron helped me to review and better my technique for lifting. Byron also helped with scheduling my training, and my training around races and events. Amazing coach!

  • Adam Beedie

    Byron is an amazing coach for all our family.

    My wife and I wanted to begin a journey into strength training having read about healthy ageing but knew nothing about lifting weights. Both of us have participated in sports throughout our lives but focused on cardio fitness so knew nothing about strength training.

    Byron has opened our eyes to a new world of fitness and the benefits of strength training. We have found the journey enjoyable and have learned so much from Byron on the way
    He has an passion that is infectious as he encourages you along each step of the way. The results are incredible and have convinced all of us that this is a lifelong pursuit.

    Our teenage sons have become strength training converts and love the simplicity of the Starting Strength ethos. They can do their workouts and see massive benefits without spending hours in the gym like a lot of their friends. More importantly, the benefits they have seen in their other sports have shown them the importance of having the strength foundation.

    Byron connected with each of us in an engaging way and kept all of us motivated and engaged. He has a huge knowledge base but pitches it at the level of the client. He’s always available to help or to add and doesn’t limit his training to the weight room…he’s a real life coach who has changed our family dynamic for the better.

    Thanks Byron

    1. Ruth Carpenter

      What a great coach Byron is! Strength training with him has really opened my eyes to what an effective workout lifting weights is, particularly in midlife.

      As a 50 year old, busy Mum of three, I was often tired and lacked strength and stamina. I wanted to reverse that, lose some weight, build muscle and work towards being fit and strong going forward.

      Byron’s patience, personality and specific knowledge of the subject have set me well on the way to achieving those goals. After just three months I can really see the results both in the progression of the weights I am lifting and in the positive changes in my body.

      He sets a specific programme just for you, assessing your goals and nutritional needs, and along the way teaches you to be able to lift safely & effectively on your own. I can’t wait to see how I progress further. I would recommend him highly, thanks Byron!

  • MaryAnne Wiseman

    I just signed up with Byron a couple weeks ago, and he’s been so awesome helping me with so many aspects of my training and progression. His attention to detail and precision is exactly what I need. He has an enormous amount of knowledge, and one can see his passion for his clients’ success. It’s clear that he is also on his own path of health utilizing the SS method, which is a great testament to everything it stands for. I’m so thrilled that I found him, and I am excited to work with him in my process to transforming my strength, health, and fitness.

  • Katherine W

    Byron is an Amazing Coach! I live in the US so all our workouts are online. I can honestly say that through his talented coaching and incredible knowledge I am more physically fit than ever.
    I thought that working out with an ocean between us would be difficult but Byron takes the time to help me not only correct my lifts but understand the ” why” too. On top of being stronger, I have more energy and confidence as well. I live a very hands on life and being able to lift heavy weights correctly has carried over into my everyday tasks. I have tried many different forms of workouts, even other coaches but Byron is the best! Highly recommend to everyone.

  • David

    So I recently discovered Starting Strength, bought the book and app. I decided because I had been away from strength training for so long, that that I wanted to start over again with a one on one coaching session.

    Byron was great, explaining each lift with a demonstration, and then giving verbal instruction whilst attempting the exercise for the first time, then giving cues after that, until he and the student are happy with the form.

    I went away for my working weights for each exercise and got a good introduction into what program to start of with as a novice.

    He has loads of patience, always happy to answer questions, and re-explain an aspect of an exercise if you don’t think you quite have it correct.

    Highly recommended.

  • Aubrey Conradie

    I had an online session with Byron as I live in South Africa and I found him to be an excellent coach. He analysed all of my lifts, advised me on how to fix/improve them and even offered me programming advice. Additionally, he was very easy to talk to and he was happy to answer all of my questions.

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