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  • Stephanie

    I have been training with Brad for over a year now and he’s done a fantastic job of emphasizing the foundation for lifting. I was able to increase my personal records with consistent work and his coaching.

    Prior to lifting, I was prone to back aches and discomfort. But since lifting with Brad, I did not have back pain and found more stability in my core.

    He continues to help me improve my technique and is the ultimate motivator.

  • Chris

    Brad is a stud. Great coach. Cares a lot about his clients and really anyone who wants to get strong. Highly recommend.

  • Jeremy G

    I’ve been training with Brad for the past several months, and the transformation in my strength and technique has been remarkable. Brad’s expertise in strength building and his meticulous approach to teaching new techniques and proper form for lifts have been invaluable.

    From the beginning, Brad emphasized the importance of mastering the fundamentals before progressing to more complex movements.

    Under Brad’s guidance, I’ve achieved personal bests that I never thought possible. I am now the strongest I’ve ever been, and I owe this progress to Brad’s tailored training program and his unwavering support. He has a unique talent for pushing you beyond your perceived limits while ensuring safety and proper form.

    I’m incredibly excited about the future of my strength journey with Brad. With his continued guidance, I’m confident that I will continue to grow stronger and achieve new milestones. Brad’s dedication and passion for strength training make him an exceptional coach, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their lifting techniques and build strength.

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