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  • Justine

    Coach Ness really takes his time to make a program work for individual athletes. He’s there to push us while making us the best person we can individually be out in the field or courts. Not only does he makes us stronger physically but he also in a way develops our mental strength too when it comes to weightlifting and making us lift weights some of us couldn’t think we could in years.

  • Charizma Guzman

    Coach Jared Nessland is an exceptional strength coach. He is very educated on what it takes to support a team in strength conditioning and nutrition in order to get them ready for competition.

  • Maesyn Rix

    Through dedication and commitment to his athletes, Coach Ness has helped lay a foundation built upon hard work, technique, and persistency. Personally, my lifting programs with Coach Ness has been the best experience thus far in my athletic career. I accredit Coach for my steady improvement both in the weight room and on the court. He has helped me find my limits, where I thought I could not exceed, and then push them beyond my expectations. He dedicates an unbelievable amount of time and effort into each of his athletes to ensure that everyone is taking steps towards being quicker, stronger, and explosive. I look forward to the next 3 years of hard work with Coach Ness!!!

  • Malcolm

    Coach Ness is a phenomenal strength and conditioning coach! He took a scrawny 190 lbs kid and turned him into one of the strongest athletes in the entire football team. Every single workout that he provides is intentional and has a purpose.

  • Ashtin Olin

    Ness has been my volleyball team’s trainer for about a year now and he would often coach us before too. He’s a great coach, form and a good relationship with his athletes are important to him. He does a great job teaching not only experienced but inexperienced athletes when it comes to lifting as well. He often takes his time to especially watch the freshman as they lift to make sure they are doing everything right as to prevent injury. He pushes us to be not only stronger physically but mentally as well!

  • Kyle Peterson

    Awesome coach!

  • Kyle Peterson

    Cosch Ness work really well with all sorts of athletes, is incredibly knowledgable, and taught me a lot about the strength and conditioning profession! He helped our throwers at Sac State reach new levels!

  • Sarah Abney

    Over the past year of working with Coach Ness I have gained knowledge on correct lifting techniques along with the importance of taking care of my body. He has helped me develop most of my strength back after suffering a knee injury. He builds relationships with his athletes which is what I appreciate the most. He is the best strength coach I have encountered in my athletic career.

  • Ruben

    Coach Nessland is a knowledgeable and passionate strength coach. His teaching skills and programming have arguably had the biggest impact in my development as an athlete. Coach Nessland helped me recover from two lower back injuries when our athletic training staff became stagnant with treatment. He also ensures that novice lifters are learning the correct techniques to ensure maximum growth while minimizing injuries. He is, hands down, the best strength coach I have had the pleasure of learning from.

  • Maranne Johnson

    Coach Ness is a wonderful and very hardworking strength coach. He is very motivating and makes sure his athletes are receiving the best coaching techniques as possible. As a coach, he is always uplifting his athletes to push themselves to surpass their limits. As one of his former athletes, I was able to reach my maximum squat weight as well as my bench press with the help of Coach Ness. I personally believe I would not have been able to accomplish such a high goal if it weren’t for him. He is one of the best strength coaches I’ve ever had and because of him, I am able to attack my weight lifting with confidence! Thank you Coach Ness !!

  • Katie Vretzos

    An awesome coach! Super motivating and pushes you to your limits.

  • Tiana Johnson

    Coach Ness has done an exceptional job training and educating myself and my team on weightlifting and speed training. Two years training with him my all around strength has grown incredibly. His specific workout plans are designed to allow any athlete to grow and reach their goals. He is motivating and encouraging while he also pushes you to go harder. Coach Ness has been great to work with!

  • Milee

    I came to Coach Ness with very, very minimal lifting experience. Because of him and the dedication he shows towards all of his athletes, I have been able to learn proper techniques and have seen personal improvements. Coach Ness takes the proper amount of time to instruct and ensure his athletes safety. He is a great motivator and has built a great relationship with me and all the athletes he works with.

  • Margaret H.

    Coach Ness was my strength and conditioning coach from 2012-2017 while I played basketball for Sacramento State. He’s an extremely knowledgable coach who really cares about his athletes. Coach Ness has taught me techniques and a work ethic that I will use for the rest of my life! I’m very lucky to have had him as my coach.

  • Summer Menke

    Coach ness is hands down one of the best weight coaches I have had throughout my entire athletic career. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to weight lifting and improving athlete’s abilities to better oneself for his or her sport. His training techniques have improved my game on the court. I am much stronger, faster, and aware of my surroundings while playing; this is thanks to Coach Ness. Above all of this, Jared is one of those coaches to whom you will never forget. He makes connections with his athletes and its easy to tell that he loves what he does. This makes it even more enjoyable to do work in the weight room, nonetheless with Coach Jared Nessland.

  • Josh Malino

    Jared has been invaluable in aiding the development of my 15 year old son. He clearly lays out the SS program, tailors it to my son’s needs, and provides clear, valuable feedback after each session. Working remotely has not restricted my son’s growth at all. My son has made amazing gains in strength and size in just over 3 months of work. Jared has also provide tips on diet and sleep that have helped my son as well. I would highly recommend Jared to anyone looking to get stronger with safe, injury preventive techniques. Jared is also exceptional for teenagers with his calm, reinforcing approach. We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Jared on the SS program.

  • David Takaki

    Coach Jared is top notch. He knows his weight training and how to get the most out of you. He is helpful, accommodating to your schedule, and patient when life happens. His critical eye catches everything on the videos, and he responds quickly so you get the technique corrections before your next session. When I got through NLP, we moved to another phase, and then a few more phases over the almost 8 months of online coaching. He works with you to help you reach your goals. My squat went from 260 to 345, press from 125 to 185, bench from 180 to 245, DL from 260 to 355. Not bad for a fluffy 53 year old. I highly recommend Coach Jared to anyone interested in getting stronger.

  • Lacy Groselle

    Jared is the best of the best. I worked with Jared this year in-person as well as online coaching and have enjoyed having him as a coach. He is great at communication, he’s very consistent, and extremely knowledgeable. Jared provides solid feedback after each and every workout (by watching your videos) in a way that is easily put into action. Jared is the best coach you could look for – especially if you want to get stronger.

  • Andrea Signor

    I’ve had a handful of coaches throughout the years and Jared is, hands down, the best coach I’ve ever had. He helped me break through a mental plateau on my squats, increasing my one rep max by more than 20 pounds. He also helped me increase my deadlift by 40 pounds and my bench by 15 pounds (and climbing). Jared helped prepare me for my first powerlifting meet, where I went 9/9 on my lifts. I’ve seen him work with all levels of clients — from elderly clients in need of more remedial exercises to advanced athletes pulling 500+ pounds — and he always has a solution for whatever they may be facing. Any client would be lucky to have Jared as their coach.

  • Andrea Signor

    I’ve worked with several coaches over the years and Jared is, hands down, the best coach I’ve had. Over the course of five months, Jared helped me work through a major mental block on my squat, adding 20 pounds to my one-rep max. He also helped me add more than 40 pounds to my deadlift and 15 pounds to my bench (both of which are still climbing). He helped me prepare for my first powerlifting meet where I went 9/9 on my lifts. Even more importantly, I’ve seen Jared work with all types of clients — from elderly clients needing remedial exercises to younger male athletes pulling 500+ pounds. He has the depth of knowledge and experience to help any client.

  • Scott

    I love working with Jared!
    So much that I referred my wife, my son, and my sister in law (and they’re now working with him).
    I’m 52. When Jared and I started I couldn’t get to parallel on my squat. Now I’m squatting below parallel.
    Jared’s knowledge and experience made that possible.

    I hope to work with him for years to come! I’d recommend him to anyone, in any age group, or any experience level!

  • Andy Benson

    I’ve worked with Jared both in person and online for a few months now. The results have been phenomenal. I hit PRs in every lift, including a 500# deadlift and a 430# squat. Jared is the real deal. Beyond his keen eye, Jared knows programming. He dialed in my workouts to keep me injury-free & steadily adding weight to the bar each week. On top of his coaching prowess, Jared is an all around good guy & a great motivator. Set your goals & Jared will be there to help you see them through.

  • Brad Williamson

    I worked online with Jared for about 3 months. I was very new to any kind of lifting and was in the middle of linear progression. I really wanted to make sure my technique was at least not horrible, but there were no Starting Strength coaches in my area. I decided to work with Jared since he was in Denver and I knew I’d be going there every so often.

    Online coaching is difficult. But having access to the TruCoach site was a must and very helpful. I was able to submit video of my lifts for Jared to review as well as notes and feedback about my programming and RPE. Jared was very detailed in his feedback and listened to my input on how things felt. He helped teach me how to pay attention so I could feel the good technique. This is important since I don’t always have a coach with me during workouts to give immediate feedback.

    Jared was also able to help me alter my programming to focus on any weaknesses and not overload. This was helpful to aid in recovery.

    If you’re in the Denver area, definately stop by the Starting Strength and say hi. They’ve got a great team and you can have a great coach in Jared.

  • Josh Harris

    I have been working with Jared for nearly a year, both in person at Starting Strength Denver and online. I hadn’t really lifted much before joining the gym so I didn’t really know what to expect. I weighed 195 pounds at 6’3″ and my initial lifts were 135 bench, 155 squat, 195 deadlift . I now weigh 235 and just benched 245, squatted 405, and deadlifted 485. His knowledge of the mechanics of lifting are spectacular, but more impressive to me is his ability to understand when to switch up the programming to continually progress his clients. Most importantly is that Jared is a great person and clearly has a great time at his job.

  • Dale Campau

    Jarrod is a great coach. I’m a 64 yr old man who messed around with weights all my life but never really weight-trained. I wasn’t sure I would like it that much but I found out that Jarrod and the Starting Strength gang make the gym a very welcoming and encouraging place. I love working out with Jarrod. I knew he had a lot of experience with elite athletes, but it turns out he’s great with normal people like me too. He always knows just how to change the program when I get stuck. I highly recommend Jarrod and Starting Strength.

  • Will

    I worked with Jared online for about three months to reeducate my body on how to safely and effectively perform all the major lifts after about two years of inactivity. His feedback was prompt, specific, and on point. I’m thrilled with my form progression on all lifts, but especially Squat and Deadlift.

    Echoing the feedback others have left, Jared is a fantastic coach and I would highly recommend him for online coaching and programming.

  • Slayer

    Jared is a fantastic coach that has trained me through 100+ lb gains on my squat and deadlift as well as and significant increases on my presses.

    Jared’s experience with the the Olympic lifts has helped my cleans improve dramatically. My former one rep max is now a warmup.

    Jared is attentive to feedback which has helped me avoid plateaus and stay motivated.

    Overall, Jared is a great coach that will help you achieve your goals.

  • Joey

    Coach Jared has been really good for me by helping me improve my form and also giving really good in depth descriptions on what I need to work on and different videos to watch to help me as well.

  • Alex

    Coach Ness has been great to work with. When we started out, we talked about the goals I wanted to achieve. Now 6 months later I can say I’ve hit those goals and am making new ones. This is stuff I would not have been able to do on my own. Coach Ness has guided me along the way knowing when to change things up and tweaking the program when needed. If you’re looking to get stronger or just be better in the gym, go with Coach Ness.

  • Andreas

    After some failed attempts in the past trying to gain weight and muscle mass by watching a tone of YouTube clips, buying yearly gym memberships and failing to appear consistently at the gym for longer than 4 weeks, this is how I started my strength Journey: After the breakup from my then girlfriend I chose to have another go at becoming stronger. I have a rather thin frame and always had difficulty gaining weight and muscle mass for that matter. Through my life, and I soon turn 40, I felt insecure and uncomfortable most of the time. Trying to avoid feeling like that by trying to understand why I feel the way I do and think my way out of it. My life consisted of a) constant avoidance from feeling how I felt and b) from adding to the long list of things I already chose to avoid to never feel uncomfortable again. Not taking into consideration that a vital contribution of once psychological health is once physical health. Trying to avoid the so often occurring phenomenon this time around: Paralysis by Analysis, which is something I could write books about, the amount of times I keep shooting myself in the foot by overthinking, I chose to leave the thinking and planning to someone else. This is how I met coach Jared. Since I am living in Europe I opted for the Online Coaching Package. Looking back at the start of this journey I did not expect that I would be where I am right now. I gained a 8kg over the course of 12 months. Never felt better psychologically and physically. I can’t wait to get up in the morning and go to the gym. I feel compared to before more confident in public, stoped pitting myself and over all take more responsible in my life. Some of the things my dad tried to teach me as a kid I managed to achieve 25 years later.

    It is as much a testimony to Jared’s ability as a coach to navigate me safely from where I was towards my potential as much as it is a testimony to the whole starting strength community that lays out a plan that leaves you working with the sexiest of all strength equipment ever: the Barbell. I would without any shred ouf doubt encourage you. To spend some of your hard earned cash into the coaching offerings of coach Jared. Follow his programming diligently, take in the valuable feedback you get and progress in all areas. What I got in return. Is more self respect, self acceptance and a cut back on physiotherapy expenses by close to a 100%, met a intelligent, sexy and beautiful new girlfriend and also met my ex not to long ago. Which noticed and commented on my revenge body, which felt f***ing fantastic. If you take one thing from this. Write to Coach Jarred and take it from there.

  • Will

    Jared’s keen eye has been a major factor in taking me to new heights in my strength training. I’ve been on and off of programs for years, having thought I had my form on movements like the Squad, Deadlift, Press, and Bench pretty dialed in. I’ve learned a lot in a brief period of time, and Jared that has made me a better lifter, helped me hit new PRs without nagging pain, and find the true meaning of what it means to be a novice and gain strength the correct way. It’s been an awesome journey so far, and we’re just getting started!

  • Justin Lushing

    I have been working with Jared for 9 months now. I came from a CrossFit/Olympic lifting background and had done a few strength cycles before I met him. I was in a “covid funk” and was not doing much in the gym for a full year.
    Jared gave me back my love for lifting. I initially started with just the programming and then moved into the video analysis.
    My numbers have skyrocketed under his coaching and I have blasted past my lifetime PRs in almost every lift (after a year of no lifting). I thought I had good form, but Jared made it great and that was the tweak I needed to maximize my strength and removed the pains in my knees with switching to low bar squat.
    I look forward to my workouts and Jared has adjusted my training based on my work schedule.
    I highly recommended Jared and his thoughtful, straight forward coaching.

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