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  • Philip Flesher

    Fangman is no joke, despite his raggedy beard. I’ve progressed from 3-year novice to 5-year intermediate bar-bro with him. He’s helped me correct my technique and pushed me to solid (for me) squats and deadlifts – and now the bench is finally coming along for the ride too. Get you some Fang!

  • Nolan

    I worked with Adam for over three years, with exceptional results. Adam is very attentive to detail, funny ( great when you’re trying to learn something new), and very knowledgeable about the entire space. I’ve recommended him to many friends, and we’ve all had great experiences with him. I highly recommend him as a coach for any experience level.

  • Nick

    I have been training with Adam (Fang) for just over 10 months through online coaching. In that short time, he has corrected ALL my movement patterns, put me through a proper NLP, educated me on proper eating, and my personal favorite: taken my squat from 295 to 405.

    The mystical red haired wizard-troll is a master educator of all things strength. Fang is a dedicated, intelligent and professional coach. I highly recommended him for anyone that wants serious strength training results.

  • Robb Doody

    I’ve been working with Adam for about 2 1/2 years, and in that time have made tremendous progress – in terms of both weight on the bar but most importantly, in correct technique. His programming has been spot on – especially during those times when I have needed to readjust focus or respond to a changing schedule. His coaching has given me a lot more confidence in my abilities and potential, and I look forward to the next 2 1/2 years of the same.

  • Chris Case

    I was thrilled to live close enough to the only S.S. coach in Wash. State.
    Adam’s positive, upbeat, & hilarious personality put me at ease. His history of competing, along with his expertise, experience…
    I am impressed by how he knows just how much weight to put on the bar, & his cues are in my head whilst training by myself!
    He moved out of state, but I am using him for online coaching as well!
    I am grateful to have Adam as a coach & friend!
    His videos of him training are quite impressive!

  • Wes Matej

    Adam has been coaching me for a few years, and he’s awesome to work with. He’s super knowledgeable and knows his stuff.

  • Spencer

    Adam is a beast. I’ve been working with Adam for just over six months now and I’ve seen some monster gains. I feel stronger and more confident with the barbell movements. If you are looking for a coach who can identify even the smallest tweak to add some real strength to your movements, Adam is your guy.

  • Jake K

    Started working with Adam about a year ago to deal with chronic knee pain. A few months in was completely pain free and on the road to lifting heavier with improved form.

    We’ve worked completely online through form check videos on every workout and a shared spreadsheet for programming and comments. This has worked really well for me.

    I’m stunned how far I’ve come over the last year and have had a blast doing it.

    Adam is super patient, knowledgeable, provides great feedback/cueing and is HILARIOUS TO BOOT.

  • Prashant Prabhu

    Adam is one of the few teachers in my entire life, that actually knows how to teach.
    I have hade a few “gym coach” guys train me in the past. Nothing compares to how good Adam is at what he does. He identifies what was wrong in a rep quickly, and you fix it in your next rep, and voila – suddenly that rep was incredibly smoother. I have also found him to be incredibly responsive to what else is going on in our life and program you accordingly – for ex., stress, eating well or poorly etc..
    Even when you fail a rep, never has Adam made me feel weak. He has a way to make you feel good that you pushed hard and this is what can be done better next time and motivate you for the next set.
    After a long break, when I got back to SS with Adam, my weight went up by 35lbs in a matter of 2.5 months. My squat went from 135lbs to 225lbs. If these numbers and everything else I have said above does not convince you to use him as a coach, you are either Rip himself, or you are just plain stupid.

    Get Adam as your coach. You will 100% love it and find yourself recommending it to your friends.

  • Rob Greyber

    My wife and I started working with Adam just over a year ago. I’m 52, a former swimmer/waterpolo player – so an athlete but had never done serious weight training before. I had been rehabbing shoulder and low back injuries so I started off with a ~95 lb deadlift and a ~95 lb squat.

    Adam took both of us through the proper form, and helped us push through the plateaus. We looked forward to every session.

    It’s fair to say that working with Adam changed my life. I confident I can train at home or at a gym, be safe and continue to make progress. I’m now at a 315 deadlift and 250 squat…and feel like I have a good path forward from here.

    Adam is a great coach and terrific to work with.

  • Richard Durbin

    Adam is the Red Wizard of starting strength.
    He uncannily knows just what to do keep me progressing. I really look forward to each weeks programming. Reach out and grab a bit more weight because last time rocked, or ease off a tiny bit because last time was just a tad too grindy.
    Having Adam watching over me takes the angst out of the next workout, he knows I can do it, so I know I can do it.
    I came to Adam for a single in person session because I was pulling something in my upper back and had dumped a squat into the rack due to poor form. He had me fixed in like 15 minutes! So I kept him as my online coach.
    It has been almost a year and he’s put 30, 50, 60, and 100 lbs onto my press, bench, squat, and deadlift. Way way better than this old 61 year old could’ve done without his wizardry!

    I can’t recommend him and starting strength enough.

  • Chris Richard

    I started working with Adam in April 2021 and at the time was 43 years old, 3 kids (I now have 4). I’m a certified public accountant in the Seattle area and have a very demanding day job along with family commitments, but strength training has always been an important and critical aspect of my adult life. I focused on kettlebells for 7 or 8 years prior to trying to learn the basic barbell lifts in 2019. At the time I finally admitted to myself that I needed a coach and reached out to Adam, I had been following the Starting Strength method for about 18 months at that time, on my own, using the SS Blue Book, the PP Grey Book, and SS online resources. I had run a long NLP and then Texas Method with some success, but I had started to run into a wall on all of the main lifts (squat, bench, press, deadlift) and also started incurring some nagging injuries and joint issues (hips, low back). I also didn’t really know where to go with my programming. I started seeing Adam in person generally weekly from April 2021 until December 2021 when my 4th child was born, and then we adjusted to less in person sessions and more online training until Adam relocated to Jacksonville in May 2022, and I’m currently an online client. Adam has changed my life. He retooled all of the lifts, dramatically helping me improve my form and technique and helping me really express my increasing strength levels in a more consistent way and providing a better foundation for further improvements. He thoughtfully helped me through the initial hip issues I was experiencing in April 2021 and later a back issue (not related to lifting) in early 2022. He’s a great, great coach, whether you are working in person with him or online (both would be ideal I think). He provides excellent coaching cues, he makes programming adjustments at the right time, listens to feedback and will work with you to help you achieve your goals. He also did one training session with my almost 13-year old son, and made a really big impression on him. My son has started to show some interest in the iron game, and it was a really cool experience for me to take him with me to train with Adam before he moved to Jacksonville – another great male role model other than his dad who loves the iron. An exemplar Starting Strength coach.

    -Chris Richard

  • Ben Daniels

    Adam has been my coach since June 2019, and we’ve done hundreds of sessions together. He is knowledgable on lifts, accessories and queueing (in-person and virtual). I have a busy personal and professional life; I have also mixed lifting with cardio and yoga — Adam is excellent at programming around my different seasons to make consistent progress. Lastly, Adam is an encouraging and hilarious coach. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to add strength — you’ll make progress, cleanup form, and enjoy the process working with Adam.

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