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  • Ryan Jepson

    Pete goes above and beyond to help his clients.

    Pete has been coaching me in person for about 8 months, wherein I went from a skinny marathon runner who could barely squat 100lbs to a less-skinny guy with a >300lb squat. Pete does all my programming and answers all my questions (daily questions, really). Even when he isn’t scheduled for an in-person session, he’ll come to my big PR days. Pete has expertly guided me through both recurrent form issues and programming changes. I highly recommend him.

  • Sebastian

    Pete knows his stuff cold. The theory, the exercises, and the reps. I’ve had a lot of problems with my squat, and he’s helped me with adjustments to keep putting weight on the bar. He came to my hometown gym once when he was nearby–that was pretty cool. I work with Pete any chance I get.

  • Mike Palios

    My 15yo son and I visited Pete in December, 2019 in Orlando. Incredibly patient, thorough with both of us, as we didn’t have any lifting background at all. Extremely knowledgeable, which is what we expected.

    I have since engaged Pete for online coaching… 4 lifts per week. He’s been exceedingly patient with me, and encouraging as I continue to make the same form errors. Improvements were being made, prior to the lockdown.

    I cannot wait for the camp in Tampa, that was rescheduled for June.

    Last, if Pete was in Tampa, I would engage him for 1-in-1 coaching immediately, and woukd add my wife, 15yo son and my 13yo daughter to his coaching roster.

    Strongest recommendation possible.

  • Paul Abercrombie

    Coronavirus may have nixed plans to visit Pete for in-person coaching, but twice weekly online coaching sessions with him have been fantastic. An excellent and supremely patient coach, and very funny guy!

  • John Lewis

    Pete epitomizes great coaching. He has a ton of technical knowledge but he never overwhelmed me with too much information, giving me exactly what i needed at a pace that allowed me to soak it up.

    He is professional, takes his job seriously but also has a great sense of humor as you get to know him. He is a humble guy(I never witnessed a moment of ego that you see in so many coaches and fitness experts) with your best interests in mind.

  • Steve Young

    You couldn’t ask for a better coach. Pete knows his stuff and he’ll do anything to help you. He literally goes WAY above and beyond what you’d expect from a coach. He’s kind and supportive, while also helping you to push and improve. I can’t recommend him enough. As a side note, I took a break from Pete and SSC coaching due to a hip injury and it was a huge mistake. Staying with Pete and consistent programming and coaching literally makes all the difference. He’s a gifted coach who can help anyone. There’s one thing I can guarantee, you won’t ever regret having Pete as your coach. Put it this way, I’m so confident in Pete’s ability that if you aren’t happy after your first month tell me, and I’ll refund your money. Call or contact Pete ASAP, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Raul Medina

    I told Pete that I had a lot of trouble getting the bar into the correct position due to a lack of flexibility in my shoulders. Just attending one seminar. He showed me how to find the correct position for the bar. Now when I squat I feel more stable and confident. Pete is an excellent coach.

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