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  • Jacob helped me continue training while on vacation. Excellent knowledge and instruction on all the lifts helped me get some great in person coaching.

  • I ran SS LP for 6 months before engaging with Jacob, and in that entire time I couldn’t do a correct barbell squat due to shoulder flexibility issues and knee/technique issues. After a 1:1 session with Jacob and online coaching I am squatting correctly (or close!) now and heavier than I was before with less pain.
    I’m bigger and stronger than I have ever been in my life, and hitting PRs regularly that I used to think were lifetime goals. Can’t recommend him enough.

  • I attended a seminar with Jacob on the deadlift. My anthropometry is all over place, especially with my short arms. I am 40 yr old male that was completely sedentary individual and my deadlift was stuck on 225 for 4 reps and low back pain. After a training session, I did 225×5 with little to no discomfort. I am extremely happy with Jacob as a coach. I highly recommended him.

  • After many months of coaching, I only have positive things to say. Jacob has trained me both online and in-person and all of my lifts have skyrocketed. He has broken all of my plateaus, eliminated my unbearable knee pain, and helped me see the potential I didn’t even know I had. I finally have a solid plan I can work towards. I no longer feel hopeless or aimless like I used to. I trust his guidance because his word has never failed me. Jacob truly cares about his clients and doesn’t shy away from encouragement. He is willing to answer questions, share his insights, and even engage in some banter. Don’t be a fool. You can’t go wrong with Jacob!

  • I have been coached online with Jacob for about 7 months now. All of my lifts are continuing to get stronger and I am feeling much stronger with little to no soreness what so ever. I am very satisfied with all aspects of coaching Jacob is able to provide through the online system along with Jacobs responsiveness to my questions and or issues I may be experiencing at select times all while keeping it simple and not over complicating things. I look forward to many years of working with Jacob!

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