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  • Riley Kennedy

    Did online coaching with John for a few months after having already attempted a limier progression and stalled out at a pathetically light squat. John got me straightened out and we added almost 200Lbs to my squat in just a few months. All my other lifts got to PR levels soon as well.

    John does a fantastic job, his communication and feedback on lifts is excellent and easy to implement. Overall John did a fantastic job and I know I could not have been nearly as successful getting through my Novice LP without him.

  • Keith H.

    I started virtual online training with John almost a year ago. His attention to detail, excellent analysis and programming made all the difference. I could have never done as well on my own. Taking a look back at my early lifting videos, its amazing to see where Im at now in less than a year training under Johns guidance.

    Early on in my novice stage, I injured my leg and Johns coaching helped me to continue training and making progress. I couldnt have done it on my own! If you are looking for a coach and are lucky enough to live in Boise, go see John at Starting Strength Boise! If not, he is a pleasure to work with remotely as well!

  • Michael Weinberg

    I’ve been aware of and using the Starting Strength Method since 2018. However, I’ve always been a solo lifter lifting in my garage. During a family trip to Boise, I decided to get a form check using the free drop-in session. I was aware of the Bosie location from the Starting Strength Gyms podcast.

    I met with John in the morning and briefly discussed my lifting history. I decided to start with the squat and deadlift as those are the two lifts I’ve had to self-correct the most over the years. John was incredibly generous with his time. The free session is technically 30-min, but I was there for about 2-hr eventually going through all the lifts (sans power clean). It was great working with John to tweak my technique. I completely understand the value if you have the opportunity to regularly get hands-on coaching at a Starting Strength Gym. John’s explanations were excellent, and I really enjoyed watching him coach other lifters. All in all, I had a very positive experience with John and the Boise gym. I recommend anyone new to SS or anyone who hasn’t experienced hands-on coaching to give them a try.

  • Justin F.

    Started with John a little over a year ago and he more than doubled all of my lifts. I reside in California so everything we did together was online and over the phone/Zoom. Even though I have never trained with him in person, the insights and coaching he gave me have been invaluable.

    If you are looking for a coach who is attentive, knows his stuff, and explains things in a very clear and concise way, look no further than John Dowdy.

  • Bryan

    Dropped into Starting Strength Boise for 2 classes (Wednesday and Friday) while on a 2 week road trip through Idaho and Utah. They were very welcoming and hospitable even though I train on my own in my garage and am not a member. Coach John Dowdy was great and helped correct some errors on my squat, squat grip, press and dead lift. I video all of my lifts at home, but there is nothing better than real time coaching! Coach John also advised me on my programming and nutrition and I look forward to implementing these things when I get back home and back to training. Thank Coach John and Starting Strength Boise!

  • Dan Teel

    I began working with John during the summer. I don’t live close enough to a starting strength gym so I had to get coaching online. I had been running a strength program on my own but got stuck and developed pretty bad elbow pain. John got my technique fixed and solved my elbow issues. I was able to add a 120lbs to my squat, 50lbs to my press, 50lbs to my bench, and 80lbs to my deadlift in about three months. John has been an excellent coach. I’d highly recommend John.

  • Andrew Ford

    I did one in-person session with John in Boise before doing a month of online training to fix some form issues. John drastically changed and improved most of the core Starting Strength/powerlifts including my squat, deadlift, benchpress and press. He was knowledgeable and patient in changing my form in big and small ways. In addition to improving my lifting form, John was helpful and knowledgeable in programming too.

    The difference between John and the typical gym personal trainer is night and day. If you want to learn powerlifting or SS properly, I highly recommend him.

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