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  • Lei Lei

    For a guy who majored in Spanish in college, Chris is a motivating coach who is patient with his students, especially those who struggle with finding the incentive to lift weights 3x a week.

  • Dave

    I have been going to Starting Strength Chicago for 5+ months and Chris had been my primary coach for the first 4+ month. Chris is an excellent coach who takes time to learn about his clients, understands their goals, any physical ailments, and their diet. When it comes to coaching the lifts Chris clearly knows what he is doing and helps to explain the “why” behind what you are doing and the necessary form that is needed. Chris makes the sessions fun, but never easy. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a strength coach.

  • William Dagiantis

    Chris has been my strength coach for 6+ months and the standard of coaching I’ve received from him is second to none.

    He pays a ridiculous amount of attention to the most granular details of each barbell lift and provides immediate feedback to ensure I’m moving the barbell correctly with the right resistance. When things are off, Chris does a great job of course correcting to push me safely and effectively.

    On top of his knowledge and professionalism, he makes each session enjoyable and engaging through humor, compassion and conviction.

    Chris is committed to helping me do better and I can feel that when working with him. I couldn’t recommend anyone better.

  • Chris

    Chris Olson and Moon’s House Strength get 5+ stars in my book.
    If I could leave more than 5 stars, I would. Chris exceeded any expectations that I had for a personal trainer by helping me learn the techniques to do back squat, deadlift, bench press and shoulder press without putting excessive/unnecessary pressure on joints. In addition to helping with form, he also designed my workouts. He suggested what weight to do for each exercise and when to do each of the different lifts. He also helped coach me through a back tweak that involved a counterintuitive approach (for me). I decided to trust him and my back recovered surprisingly quickly. I’m glad that I took his advice since I would have otherwise taken a couple weeks off. I’m very grateful for Chris’ coaching and would highly recommend him as a trainer for anyone who is looking for strength gains.

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