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  • Andy

    Alex is a great coach. He is very knowledgeable and an excellent instructor. You would be hard pressed to find anyone better.

  • Nathaniel Scheidler

    Alex is fantastic. He has a breadth of experience in coaching, and is able to pinpoint issues and find cues that work for each specific person. His programming is very effective at producing gains in strength while also being manageable long term, and he is great ad adapting it as time goes on. He’s also just a pleasant and interesting guy to hang around at the gym. I highly recommend Alex as a coach.

  • Daniele Bianchini

    Alex is best-in-class! Extremely knowledgeable (insanely so) and completely dedicated. I blindly trust his training program. Starting out or seasoned trainee, he’s going to get you to your goals…and beyond.

  • prashant vallury

    Alex is extremely knowledgable, supportive and goes above and beyond to maximize the benefits of the program. He’s great at creating and maintaining the group dynamic, even during the most chaotic hours, that contribute to the gym having the wonderful atmosphere that keeps us coming back. Like Daniele says, I blindly trust his advice because he continues to put the work in to refine his craft.

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