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  • Adelina Wolok

    Since I started working with Andrew, I have noticed a significant improvement in all of my lifts. In the past few months, my form has gotten exceptionally better, and my lifts much stronger. He provides very useful and meaningful critiques when he watches the videos of my lifts. It is quite apparent that his background in mechanical engineering has strengthened his approach to coaching. There is a reason for every method that Andrew uses, and he is more than willing to share those reasons with his clients. I feel that I now have a better understanding of my lifts, which in turn has allowed me to grow more as a powerlifter. I also feel that Andrew listens to my ideas when making my program, and truly tailors my programming so that it works for me. In short, Andrew is an effective and caring coach whom I would recommend to anyone.

  • matt cusick

    I’ve seen significant gains in strength, form, and understanding since working with Andrew. It’s been a great experience and very much worth the investment when I compare my current level to where I would be without the coaching. Andrew with his personal and professional knowledge and direct and supportive manner is enjoyable to work with and drives results.

    After 12 months of starting strength, I plateaued and ended up reaching out to Andrew. I would advise anyone who wants to move beyond basics in any pursuit that finding a coach or mentor is key. I live overseas and online coaching worked great.

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