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  • Fred Alvarado

    Rebecca is a fantastic coach. Prior to working with her, I’d been trying to do the SS program on my own with little-to-no results. My form was terrible, and the numerous injuries I got as a result proved it: back issues, elbow tendinitis, torn hamstring, etc. Additionally, every injury would halt my progress and ruin any semblance of consistency. It was both annoying and demoralizing.

    I can honestly say that all of the above changed when I started working with Rebecca. In the last six months she’s taken me from “sort of knowing” the lifts to being able to pinpoint form inconsistencies mid-lift on my own. “Rep # 4 felt too high/low” or “my elbows weren’t right on that last rep”. Her guidance has been so instrumental, we’ve managed to reduce my rate of injury to practically nothing, allowing me to be consistent with my training (finally!). The fact that this fully employed, 46-year-old-father-of-two-busy-half-pints has only missed two sessions since we started working together is a testament to her expertise. She reins in my ego when necessary and keeps me focused on my goals, which is exactly what I need. Thanks to her I am not only stronger, but I’m healthier, and I feel better overall.

  • Lora D

    Rebecca is an exceptional Starting Strength Trainer as well as life coach! I came to her at 50 years old looking for a training program to keep me strong and healthy as I got older. I’ve been training with Rebecca now for 4 years and her training expertise, sense of humor and desire to REALLY help me stay strong, healthy and happy has changed my life. She helps me balance strength training with all the other areas of my life (work, family, etc.) by providing the strength training workouts best for my situation to keep me strong and injury free. When I started training with Rebecca and was explaining to her my goals, her reply was, “You want to train to live not live to train”. And that was exactly right! Rebecca has the knowledge, training and experience to meet clients where they are and develop the strength training program best suited for their specific age, capabilities, health and life goals. She is realistic and her positivity and energy is contagious. I’m so grateful to Rebecca for helping me get strong and keeping me strong. Thanks to her I’m a stronger, healthier, more confident and happier person:)

  • William Hirschfeld

    I participated in an individualized 4-Lift Clinic with Rebecca. I had been experiencing some low back pain and left neck/shoulder discomfort as I was increasing the weight of my lifts, and I wanted somebody to give me specific feedback on my lifts so that I could optimize my form. Rebecca did just that. She was very attentive and observant with all four of my lifts. She took the time to break down my lift form and give me both “big rock” feedback (big points to focus on with each lift) as well as “little rocks” (more subtle things to think about). She did all of this in a very kind and non-judgmental manner. It was a huge help and well worth the investment!

  • CJ

    Rebecca is a fantastic coach and online coach- which are definitely different things! I was a complete beginner who’d never touched a barbell before, and she was able to get me proficient in the major lifts without any in-person work, and through the NLP to intermediate programming. Rebecca does a great job giving clear feedback and form checks, and answered all my newbie questions about programming, equipment, form, and on and on. If you’re on the fence about online coaching, DO IT- it’s a great way to make more progress than you thought possible.

  • Barbara Postman

    Rebecca is terrific. My son recommended the Starting Strength system and after reading and watching some videos, I wanted to find a coach. I found Rebecca through the Starting Strength listing of certified coaches who work remotely.

    Because I live in rural Vermont and have access to a home gym, I planned to work online. Rebecca was able to use zoom sessions to teach me the basic lifts and then I was able to upload videos of each session and she could see how I was doing, answer any questions and essentially be my coach in my home gym. Her style is informal and warm, and at the same time exacting and precise (and patient).

    It is such a benefit that I can develop and maintain a lifting program in spite of living “in the boonies”. I am a healthy 77-year old female who has always been active. Rebecca shows a real understanding of fitting serious weight training to the needs of an older body. I am completely convinced that weight training is an essential part of maintaining strength, balance and flexibility as one ages. Starting Strength and Rebecca’s coaching is my answer to this challenge.

  • Corey R.

    Rebecca is great, plain and simple. She is an outstanding coach both in person and online. I met with her in person for an individual session, to go through all the major lifts – deadlift, overhead press, bench press, squat. We then transitioned to an online coaching format for an extended period. Her expertise is so thorough, that she was not only able to assist me in improving my form and strength outcomes, but towards the end of our time together, I could tell what I was doing wrong. Her strength and nutrition coaching is realistic and aspirational. More than anything else, he ability to adapt the training sessions is unparalleled. Her expertise lead me through a lot, COVID shutdowns and an extended deployment. She was able to adapt the training to meet my time and equipment, resulting in maximization of either strength or endurance — whichever was the focus at that moment.

  • Sandi W

    Rebecca is very engaged and professional. I’m a 67 year old woman who is just starting out in lifting. (I have very little exercise experience at all.) Once I discovered Starting Strength and found Rebecca nearby, I drove two hours to get the foundational instruction I needed to succeed. Rebecca allowed plenty of time to go over equipment, stances, and lifts, helping me to adjust my beginner’s form. She was attentive and kind, clearly giving instruction that was specific to my ability and goals. She followed-up with a written summary of observations and instructions. Thanks to Rebecca, I’m off to a good start with Starting Strength. Worth every penny!

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