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  • Connor

    Chris has been coaching me for almost two years and I have made tremendous improvements in not just my strength, but speed, power, and physique as well. He provides in depth commentary over lifts in order to perfect my form and keep going up in weight. He’s always helpful and willing to work with my schedule. He also programs specific lifts in order to increase my performance on the baseball field.

  • Tony Petruccello

    I’m 62 and had my lft knee replaced in November of 2022. I’ve always exercised, but knew I wanted to strength train as soon as the docs gave me the go ahead. I have followed Starting Strength for a number of years and found Testify through the WEB Site. I hired Chris in early 2023 and the improvements I’ve made have been well above my expectations. Not only is Chris a great coach, but as a PT he is uniquely qualified to help with issues related to my TKR, and various other injuries. He is always willing to listen to me and he makes the appropriate program adjustments to keep me progressing. I’m looking forward to more PR’s in 2024!

  • Carlos Baldelomar

    I’m 40, read the blue and gray books and was lifting for a couple years on my own, but was stalling on my lifts before I started working with a SSC. Chris helped me correct several form errors, set more PRs on all my lifts, and come up with programming that suits my busy schedule. The programming adjustments were particularly valuable as I increased weight on the bar, worked through playing tennis, and layoffs due to family vacation, illness, or work. In addition to improving form errors, Chris’ expert analysis of my lifts has helped me analyze my own lifts better. Chris is a great coach, and I wouldn’t have been able to make the progress I’ve made in the last year without Chris’ help.

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