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  • Mark S

    Ryan coached me both in person and online over the past 4 years, he was able to guide me through a few gym and equipment changes and a couple of goal changes (strength, diet, frequency i would workout, etc.) and he was good at adjusting and accommodating those things. I didnt have any injuries worth noting so that part went great and I got a lot stronger.

  • Francis Shirfan

    Have worked with Ryan for three years now, both in-person and online after he moved out of NYC, a move that provided me with significant savings because of the fantastic discount he offers for his professional online programming and technical feedback. Ryan has plenty of experience programming and at least for me a good touch with it (programming decisions I initially was curious about turned out to have been correct) and his feedback is concise and pointed. Probably more pointed than back when he had to look me in the eyes and say it.

  • Rich V

    I’ve been training with Ryan for 10 years with a few breaks here and there. I always regret taking them. I’ve seen my most fit moments in life under his supervision and trust him completely with my physical fitness.

  • Chas

    I’ve been training with Ryan for over three years, both in person and now online since the pandemic began, and I highly recommend him as a coach. Ryan is attentive and continually tailors my programming to meet my (admittedly changing) needs and goals. He is versatile and goes the extra mile; when I had a minor injury, he quickly adapted my programming to facilitate rehab as well as got extra input on my behalf from other experts within the SSC community. He has a vast array of experience across different lifting populations, which I’ve witnessed firsthand as he’s guided everyone from my 60+ yr old father to my then-pregnant wife on their training. Ryan is not only a great coach, but also a great guy; highly recommended!

  • John Kalyvas

    Ryan has been my coach for just over 2 ½ years, mostly online coaching and some in-person sessions. Ryan has helped me tremendously with my form, fixing a lot of issues I had when I started training with him. During the time when gyms were closed last year and I had very limited equipment to work with (and no barbells), Ryan adjusted my programming to maintain as much strength as possible. The result was that, within 3 months after starting back with regular barbell training, I was able to set new lifetime PR’s on all of the lifts. There’s no way that happens if I hadn’t continued working with Ryan.

  • Lev

    I’ve been under Ryan’s tutelage for roughly 9 months. He’s been extremely responsive, timely, and professional, and seems genuinely interested in my progress.

  • Ryan

    I’ve been working with Ryan for a year, first in person for ~6 months, and then online. He has always been on top of things, from programming to coaching, and I’ve progressed at a pace that I hadn’t seen before. Overall a great experience with a great coach.

  • Victor P

    I’ve worked with Ryan for nearly three years, first in person at Solace New York, and now online. Ryan has been very approachable and patient with me while transitioning to online coaching and working around limited apartment gym equipment and minor injuries. He has an intuitive approach to programming which has helped me avoid plateaus and overtraining and set new PRs. He is always prompt and to the point with coaching feedback and questions over text or email. He is helpful with adjustments when life gets in the way of training and genuinely happy when there is progress. Highly recommended!

  • Danny

    Excellent coach, helped me with technique and programming online. I had elbow tendonitis and Ryan fixed my squat and now it’s all good. Very satisfied highly recommend!

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