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  • Ray Gillenwater

    I’ve been with Nick for a week so far. He spent 50 minutes on the phone with me to make sure that he understood every relevant aspect of my training background, injuries, health concerns, and time constraints. He is very patient and thorough and so far his programming and coaching has been spot on. Thank you Nick! I’ve already referred friends and family.

  • David Reading

    Nick does online coaching for me. I am an intermediate lifter on the early side of turning intermediate from novice. My programming is not too complex, but requires careful attention. I can say the following about Nick:

    – Supreme attention to detail. He notices the little things in the videos you send him after each workout (e.g. squat is an inch too high, there’s an inch or two of knee slide on the squat as you hit the hole, the bar is an inch too far forward on bench press when it hits the chest, the butt drops an inch and kicks the bar an inch forward on deadlift). You get the picture, he notices things the little things, focusing on the inches This is critical for the development of proficiency in an intermediate lifter
    – He’s a really nice guy. I met him in person on Long Island to train with him recently. Really down to Earth, fun to be around, has great advice, both on training as well as life. As they say, he’s good people
    – He responds in a timely fashion on my workouts, enabling me to have real-time feedback as I go
    – He has an ability to modify programming in a helpful way so that I can continue to progress
    – He has taught me how to be a more autonomous lifter. I now am better at watching my videos and putting myself in his shoes and looking for all those little things. He’s certainly the expert and I listen to him first and foremost, but I’m able to make modifications as I go because of the training he’s given me. Nick has helped me with how to use RPE. For example, if I’m having an off-day on press, I might drop the work set weight by 5 lb so I can hit my numbers. I didn’t know about RPE before training with him


    Nick gave me coaching one on one and it was the best sessions I have ever had. He’s the read deal and can explain it at the same time. It’s not often that you can find a great coach that is also gifted at the sport they are coaching. I can’t say enough good things about Nick for the help that he has give me!

  • Alexandros Savva

    Nicholas is a great friend, coach and mentor. He taught me how to do all the lifts when we were in PT school together. He cares about you as an individual and will help you no matter what. I highly recommend him.

  • Adam Goldberg

    I’ve been training with Nick for about two years.
    I’ve never been stronger in my life! AND IT FEELS GREAT! Had chronic back pain – GONE! With Nick’s attention to detail, punctual feedback, and encouragement, I’ve made substantial gains in both form and strength. I never thought lifting would give me such a sense of fulfillment, but now I can’t live without it. Thanks, Nick!

  • Elisha Graff

    Nick has been my coach for the past five years. Nick is an excellent coach. He has a great eye for form and is a master at providing just the right cues at just the right time to perfect the lifter’s technique. Nick is also a masterful programmer. He has really figured out a way to continue bumping my PRs in both intensity and volume with subtle tweaks to my training program. Above all, Nick is a super intelligent and really great guy. I highly recommend Nick to anyone who is serious about strength training.

  • Pablo Valdes

    I started working with Nick to better prepare for a powerlifting meet about 3 months ago. I quickly realized that not only did my training benefit from Nick’s programming but also his attitude and willingness to help.

    He’s truly made a difference in my training and progress, and his experience and knowledge stands out right away. Any fault whether small or large, Nick makes it a point to correct it and make sure it is always implemented. I can personally attest that he truly cares about his clients and their progress. He’s also very knowledgeable as a Physical Therapist and this makes a huge difference when dealing with injuries and making tweaks to your programming.

    My only regret is I wish I could’ve started working with him years ago!!

  • Joe Aryeh

    Ive been training with Nick for 4 years now and from day 1 all I have seen is progress. He has pulled me through rough times and injuries that if left on my own, I would’ve approached completely the wrong way. He has brought up my lifts to numbers that I would’ve laughed at before strength training. His passion for the sport keeps me engaged and interested and his knowledge is so vast that there’s not much more I can write to truly justify his abilities as a coach – you just have to try and see for yourself. He is an overall awesome guy and I can’t sing his praises enough.

  • Jason Steinberg

    Nick has taught me everything I know about weight training. Since I started with Nick, I have completely transformed myself and I owe that all to Nick.

  • Suri Fineberg

    I have been working with Nick for about 4 years now. Nick is a fantastic coach and has an innate ability to find the right cues for each person for each lift. He is entirely focused on you during your session and does not get distracted. Nick really gets the mind body connection and how stress can effect your lifts. He understands injuries and not only gets you through them, but leaves you stronger as well. He is the whole package…..coach, physical therapist, making sure your mind is in a good place, and a really nice guy to boot.

  • Chris Montano

    if you ever wondered how strong you can be, Coach Nick can help you get there. Nick has fine tuned all of my lifts, he has helped improve my technique and set new prs. He has also help me get through aches and pains. Since working with him for over a year he’s helped me go from 160lb to 205lb. Anytime i’ve come to a sticking point he would tweak the program and manage my volume and i’d push past it.
    I’ve had a wonderful experience training with Nick and i’ll continue to train with him.

  • Sim Saini

    Choosing Nick to be your coach will be the best decision you make when it comes to your physical fitness. Nick is one of the most knowledgeable, caring, and qualified trainers you could ask for. Nick’s background of years of coaching combined with this Doctorate in Physical Therapy are the perfect tools to cater to any individual, no matter your impairments or goals. I personally went from never doing any barbell training to 3-4 times a week in an efficient and effective manner to increase my strength and overall exercise activities. Nick is as skilled as they come when it comes to fine tuning and modifying your techniques for the best results.

  • Adam Pizow

    For years I have been continuing to refine my skills in not only performing but coaching the big 3 lifts to my own clients. Ever since I began training with Nick many of my faults slowly started to disappear. Nick did not only address my weaknesses, but he provides great coaching tips on how to coach other individuals with different bony anatomy. He continues to educate myself and others on what they need to improve on in a very simplistic manner. Nick simply has the best eye when it comes to all things powerlifting and weightlifting. No matter how much experience you may have lifting if you are looking to lose weight and finally get some serious “gains” look no further than Dr. Nick D’Agostino.

  • Greg

    NIck has been training me for about five years. I’m 44 years old and have never felt stronger. I started lifting and training at a young age. My father being a great athlete, triathlete and a bodybuilder. Started training me young at the age of 13. Throughout my life playing sports and training I have had a lot of injuries. Especially with my back. Nick Fix that. Teaching me ways to lift to strengthen my back. What I loved about training with NIck is he focused on my form, push me to get me a stronger and help me work Through injuries Ive got from playing sports. My back my legs my body has never felt stronger! What’s unique about Nick is that is truly passionate about training and he cares about The people he trains… he wants to see them do well and get stronger/ healthier. It’s not all business with him. Which is very refreshing. If you get the opportunity to train with him take it I promise you won’t regret it! Thanks Nick for all you do!

  • Denise Jacaruso

    I worked with Nick online through TrueCoach to regain my strength after injuring my lower back. After my injury I had alot of apprehension and decreased confidence about lifting again. His experience and knowledge as a Physical Therapist and Strength Coach guided me safely through my program. After sending him videos of my lifts he gave me feedback to correct my form so I could execute my lifts correctly. He was able to see any compensatory movements due to my weaknesses or sometimes fear from my injury and give me correction I could connect with. His individualized programming after my injury helped gave me my confidence back with barbell training. I would have not been able to regain strength without his exceptional programming.

  • Mina Azer

    With extensive experience in coaching, competitions and a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, Nick is the best coach you could ask for and I highly recommend him. Nick is knowledgeable, pleasant, patient, and motivating. He is willing to spend the time to give detailed pointers and point out risky behaviors. Feeling out of shape after years of postgraduate study, I wanted to get in shape and increase my strength. So I started training with Nick and absolutely loved each of my training sessions. Nick was thorough during assessment and our first session, so he could identify my strengths/weaknesses and make an individualized plan. I am glad that I have found Nick and I wish I had started training with him many years ago.

  • Eric J Mazza

    Simply put, Nick is a fantastic coach. As someone who has played competitive sports at a fairly high level, I’ve had my fair share of both good and bad coaches. Nick has all of the key qualities that make a top tier coach. You can tell that he has a passion for strength training after talking to him just once; it’s something he loves. Another key attribute is integrity. He will never mail it in. If you make a mistake, he’ll let you know while still being funny, kind, and approachable. It’s comforting to know that you have a coach who is there to make you lift stronger and safer, not one who will inflate your ego. Nick is also a great communicator. He breaks down complex concepts and explains them in a simple, easy to understand way. Although Nick is an experienced, elite lifter, he always sees things from his athlete’s perspective no matter what level they are. He understands because he, in his years of lifting, competing, and schooling, has seen or experienced it. Nick has tweaked my programming to push past plateaus and keep reaching new PRs. Nick is a great coach and all around great person. I couldn’t see myself working with anyone else.

  • Brock Elgart

    Nick’s coaching has proven invaluable. Nick posts video feedback for every lift, after every session, in which he gives thoughtful feedback that drives me to improve my form. On several occasions, he has prevented my progress from stalling by observing the speed with which I’m able to complete my lifts and making preemptive changes. As a result. I have completed my LP for the squat and deadlift without having to reset once.

    I have tendinosis in my right shoulder, and both of my shoulders are tight in general, making the low bar back squat difficult to achieve. Nick’s guidance has helped me to work around these issues, in a way that I was not able to when attempting the program on my own (I quit twice before without completing the LP).

  • Avi Adlerstein

    Nick is the most incredible coach that I have ever worked with. He took me from a scrawny 5’10 140 lb teenager to a barbell fanatic, motivating me to becoming a personal trainer myself. Even though I no longer train with him in person, he still programs for me on an intermediate routine, and the results have been excellent. Whether you are a beginner just like I was, or a serious power lifter or bodybuilder, Nick has the expertise to work with all types of people across the board and deliver optimal results!

  • Melissa Frontczak

    Online coaching overall:
    Lifting is worth taking seriously and investing in a coach, especially for those of us who live in SS deserts. Having someone else program for you, correct your form, and walk you through challenging parts of your gains – it is worth every penny. It allows you to focus on working hard and pushing yourself. A coach adds accountability which means no excuses.

    Nick as a coach:
    Nick’s creativity, discerning eye, useful instructions, and encouragement have helped me push myself harder than I thought possible. I know he genuinely has my best interests at heart which enables me to trust his instructions and push the boundaries of what I can do. He is deeply knowledgeable and understands not only the physical but also the mental aspects of lifting. Give him a try and you won’t regret it!

  • Brandon Kubo

    Excellent coach with a great understanding of how to adapt workouts to different injuries. Very thorough programming and detailed videos/notes for all workouts. Would highly recommend.

  • Stephen Dudek

    I started video coaching with Nick in October 2019. From the the start Nick would watch and reply to my workouts within 48 hours. He paid a lot of attention to my lifts and provided me with cues that were simple. This helped fix my form on all of my lifts and allowed my strength to progress. Likewise, he provided me with a flexible schedule to meet my goals and not interrupt my work life balance. Now it is March 2020 and I am hitting a PR on every lift every week. I could not have done this without the support and guidance of Nick and his awesome coaching.

  • Arthur Frontczak

    I’m an older lifter (53 … get off my lawn!!!) and had 2 years of the Starting Strength method under my belt before Nick was recommended to me. In the past I made gains but had problems with periodic strains that forced me to reset linear progression a few times. Since starting with Nick, however, strains aren’t a problem and my progress is much more consistent. His coaching has made an enormous difference and I’m grateful to have his guidance as I transition from basic LP to intermediate techniques. Can’t recommend Nick highly enough. Try him out!

  • Arthur Frontczak

    I’m an older lifter (53 … get off my lawn!!!) and had 2 years of the Starting Strength method under my belt before Nick was recommended to me. In the past I made gains but had problems with periodic strains that forced me to reset linear progression a few times. Since starting with Nick, however, strains aren’t a problem and my progress is much more consistent. His coaching has made an enormous difference and I’m grateful to have his guidance as I transition from basic LP to intermediate techniques. Can’t recommend Nick highly enough.

  • Mike Palios

    On Pete Troupos’s recommendation, I had a phone consultation with Nick to discuss some issues, both mental and physical, with lifts. Nick gave me some tricks and keys to think about to overcome my fear of injuring my back, which will be invaluable when the gym reopens. This call, along with the other consults I have had, was some of the best use of my money I have had in a long time.

    Strongest recommendation possible.

  • Matt James

    I’m 43, early intermediate. I’ve been lifting and learning on my own throughout my NLP and interacted with Nick on the Starting Strength forums occasionally to talk about injuries and tweaks. Each time he gave me valuable programming advice along with dealing with injuries. In fact he basically helped me set up my intermediate program. I did a phone consult with Nick today to talk through a number of questions that have come up over the last few months of training. He was incredibly thorough and gave me some specific short-term plans, as well as a more general framework for structuring my training over the long-term. I can’t recommend him enough.

  • Matt Recla

    I’ve done two phone consultations with Nick to set up and then tweak some intermediate programming. Nick has been quick, easy to work with, and helpful with all aspects of my programming. In our first consult he gave me some tips for squat corrections as well. I’ve made consistent progress since my first consult in June, and he just helped me shift my program to accommodate for some unexpected changes in my schedule. I was a CrossFit coach for six years and have lifted off and on for longer than that, so I’m not new to the game, but Nick was still a valuable resource and gave me just the amount of help I needed. I highly recommend him!

  • Michelle Chelap

    I sought a phone consult with Nick for help with early intermediate programming. I was on the verge of getting stuck and could sense the frustration building up and motivation waning. I’ve been barbell training for a little over a year, and I train at home by myself. I didn’t want to waste weeks, maybe months, trying to figure out — on my own — this next stage of training. Nick outlined a new program for me that will give me a much-needed mental break and will allow me to continue to make progress and meet my long term goals.

  • Alex Siragusa

    I’ve been pretty active most of my life, and for the past 20 years I’ve been teaching Pilates while mixing in some TRX and kettlebells. However, I’ve become more and more restless and disenchanted with this approach. I felt I needed a new direction. In my research I came across the Starting Strength book. Once I got my hands on it, I realized this was different than anything else I’d read before. After chapter 1, it was clear to me that I needed to get stronger, and knew that getting stronger in a systematic way would be far superior to anything else offered in the fitness industry (which is filled with false promises and plenty of misinformation). I met Nick at a Starting Strength seminar earlier this year. If you’ve not attended one, I highly recommend it. All the coaches were top notch, but after working with Nick I knew he would be great to train with. After I set up a home gym and got my feet wet with the NLP, I felt it was time to contact him. We started with a phone consultation, which immediately put me at ease. It was clear he was very knowledgeable, and really listened (an extremely rare skill these days). He answered all my questions, and never once rushed me off the phone. We started our training about a month ago, which may not seem like enough time to write a credible review about someone’s services. But I see it differently. If someone is great at what they do, and you’re paying attention, it will become obvious rather quickly. This is the case with Nick. He analyzes the videos, gives detailed comments on how to execute the lifts better, and finely tunes the programming to your individual needs. In my case (before I started working with him), I strained my groin, which led me to tweaking my knee two weeks later. Nick has made several adjustments to my programming to help me get past this bump in the road. He’s also helped me on a psychological level, showing me that aches and pains are simply information. They do not mean you’re broken (which is the default for many of us). Barbell training is an unbelievable challenge on so many levels, but absolutely worth it. You can certainly do this on your own, but having an expert coach to check your form, make programming adjustments, and guide you through the process, is invaluable. If you can work with Nick in person, that’s ideal, but don’t underestimate how powerful and effective his online coaching can be. Plus, he’s a very nice person.

  • Garrett Ray

    I’ve been with Nick for about 14 weeks now. I had been near the end of my linear progression and was seeking help for acute pain in my hip during the squat. After Nick offered help through the SS injury forum, I decided to try his online coaching option to try and figure out what was happening. I had been through the same dilemma in 2017 except I had quit completely back then out of frustration.

    Long story short, 14 weeks in, I’ve taken my squat from 205 to 295- More importantly, completely pain-free. My other lifts are also dialed in and I haven’t had to worry about whether I’ll be able to complete my prescribed programming from workout to workout. Nick’s ability as a certified SS coach coupled with his education as a licensed physical therapist makes him an invaluable source to making sure you’re lifting correctly and that the weight on the bar is going up as fast as is possible.

    I can’t be more happy with the decision I made to get coaching for my transition from novice into intermediate programming. I honestly cannot imagine accomplishing everything I have to this point on my own and it seems clear to me that guidance in coaching is crucial for taking things to the next level in one’s strength journey.

  • Tamer Antabi

    I have been with Nick for over a year how and have seen a tremendous increase in my strength. I am extremely satisfied and do not believe I could have selected a better coach. He is very technical coach, a dr in physiotherapy, and an all around great person, and when you add up all 3 you hit the jackpot

  • Karla Wagner

    I’ve done two phone consults with Nick and have been exceptionally pleased. When the pandemic started shutting down gyms I transitioned from 4-5 days/week of CrossFit and Olympic Lifting to an at-home gym setup in the basement with lots of structural challenges (e.g., low ceiling = can’t snatch or press from standing). I did the starting strength linear progression program for as long as I could hang, but after several weeks needed some modifications to make it more sustainable for my 46-year-old self. Nick reviewed my current program & resources, and in one phone consult gave me a formula that I was able to work with for the next 12 weeks. I hit a wall after those 12 weeks, did another quick call with Nick, and got some modifications that should help mix things up and keep me excited about training. I couldn’t be happier.

  • May L.

    Nick is a professional, knowledgeable and very helpful coach. You can expect from his many years of experience to have a well organized personal coaching session where he reviews key fundamentals of each exercise in great detail. In my working session with Nick, there was a good balance of generalized instruction of the movement and then after practicing the movement, personalized feedback on how to improve. Nick has you go through the movements multiple times with incremental increases in weight to ensure you have a good foundational grasp on how to perform each exercise. In addition, Nick leaves room for any additional questions or comments you may have before rushing onto the next topic. Nick’s coaching style made technical movements very approachable and easy to understand. If you are looking to learn the 4 major lifts or simply improve your form. I would recommend Nick with no reservations. Thank you Nick for all your help and support!

  • Li Moore

    Nick’s 45-minute consultation was super efficient. We covered my athletic background, goals, programming, and nutrition. His philosophy of setting short-term goals to accommodate life’s unpredictability made me reevaluate my long-term goals. I got answers to a lot of questions I’ve wondering about for a while, like, “Why didn’t I reach the goals I set last year? Are these goals realistic? How can I mix CrossFit with strength training?” I left with a concrete plan that I started implementing the same day.

    I heartily recommend a consultation with Nick!

  • Alec Rivara

    Having a consultation with Nick about how I’m going to get myself back under the bar after fracturing my tibia and fibula helped put my mind at ease. He set out an easy to follow path for me that I feel very confident in, and helps me feel so much better about my situation. Can’t recommend him enough for that peace of mind he was able to give me.

  • Alex Becker

    At 27, I hadn’t lifted since high school and was brand new to starting strength. Thinking I could scan the book and get under the bar, I tweaked by hips and back within a few months. While accommodating for my injuries, Nick got me back on track by correcting my form one workout at a time. Over two months, he’s helped to greatly improve my form, allowing me to progress safely and steadily.

    If you’re new to lifting but are eager to make the time for it, I highly recommend finding a quality coach before potentially hurting yourself. Nick would be an excellent choice.

  • Doug A

    I have worked with Nick (virtually) for about five months, with the main goals of improving my strength and recovering from a nagging back injury…that I aggravated by squatting. It’s not easy to find a trainer that you feel you can trust enough to steer you away from further injury using only video reviews. But Nick is exactly that trainer and I’m very thankful for his deep knowledge on how the body works during the lifts and his attention to detail. Over the course of a few months, he spotted many small improvements that added up to give me more confidence to lift heavier without fear of re-injuring myself. Each time I thought “this is getting hard, I wonder if he’ll notice that from the video”, he did indeed notice. Then he motivated me to push just a little further before adjusting my programming to keep me going. I debated hiring a local trainer so I could visit them in person, but I’m glad I went the direction of finding a true expert online. Thanks Nick!

  • Jon F

    I presented Nick a problem I had with recurring hip pain that would not heal with a lay-off. Pain was significant enough that I could not squat. He provided some theories for root cause and outlined a rehab plan. I followed the plan and now I can squat again with virtually no pain. It only took 2 weeks / 4 sessions to significantly reduce the pain. It feels great to be able to squat again.
    Nick’s guidance was invaluable.

  • Sean LeDonne

    I can’t recommend Nick highly enough. Of the many, many clinicians I saw, he was the only one who was able to help alleviate my elbow pain. He asked far more detailed questions than anyone else I saw. You should definitely consult with him if you’re having nagging pain.

  • David Worn

    I worked virtually with Nick for most of the pandemic. His feedback on form and programming was amazing. Highly recommended!

  • Michael Merdinger

    Nick is a terrific coach, and I highly recommend him. I had available only a very limited range of equipment (no squat rack or bench), plus some injury issues; he creatively and carefully came up with an effective and challenging program. His offered excellent guidance for rehabbing my injuries, and provided detailed feedback on my lifts.

  • Mathew

    I’ve just had my first consultation with Nick and I could not be happier. He was extremely thorough and I havent felt this confident about my training, period. He went above and beyond and I will be recommending him to any of my friends/family who need guidance.

  • Mike Maley

    I can’t recommend Nick highly enough!! I went into online coaching and strength training with Nick as an on again, off again lifter – who always seemed to hurt himself or stall out – and left with the confidence to train effectively and safely on my own.

    I am blown away by Nick’s ability to coach and mentor without being in the same room as me. I was coming off of shoulder surgery, and tentative to get back into lifting, especially with an online coach. Could I do it safely? Could someone really look at videos of my untrained form and coach me in a way that I could understand and implement? The answer with Nick is a resounding yes.

    Nick also always knew when to back off on my training, when to ramp up, and when to mix things up. I never stalled in my time working with him. If you’re looking for someone to help you train effectively, safely, and in a way where you can continue to grow, Nick is your guy!

  • Pitigoi Flavius

    I started working with Nick because of a persistent and nagging neck issues whenever I would bench press; I have to say that from the first consultation with Nick I was impressed by the man’s professionalism and I knew I was in the right hands; with some minor changes in my programing and starting to bench with a slightly elevated head as to not press with my neck against the bench, as I have developed a habit of, I slowly started to be able to bench press while experiencing les pain and discomfort over time; unfortunately I spent only 2 months working with Nick, because I don’t have the necessary income to pay for coaching right now, but in my brief time working with Nick, I can definitely say that my neck issue got better, and also that my technique on the other lift also improved much;
    I intend on working with Nick again in the future, as I resolve my income issue, and I recommend working with Nick to anybody that’s dealing with some injuries or pain or discomfort with their training

  • Alec

    I’ve been working with Nick for the last 10 months. When I first contacted Nick, I had just started weightlifting and was having trouble with my squat form. I had also accumulated a number of injuries over the years that made me hesitant to move heavy weights. In our initial phone conversation, Nick was thorough with his questions and very attentive — when he asked clarifying questions about my SI dysfunction, I knew I was in good hands. Within weeks, my squat form was squared away and I was making excellent progress on a novice linear progression without any pain. Now, 10 months later, my back feels better than ever, and I have the confidence and ability to pull 405 lbs and to squat 315 lbs. Thanks, Nick!

  • Ben

    I’ve been weightlifting off and on for about 4 years. I got up to a 365 Lb squat during this most recent bout of lifting. The plant I worked at burned down last month and I was weightlifting like crazy to pass the time while job hunting. It was around this time I developed pretty bad elbow tendinitis that became very painful everytime I did squats. I visited Nick and he showed me correct squat grip and form, along with press, deadlift, and rows. I’m surprised given how awful I had been lifting for so long that my left elbow is the only thing that got pissed off. The guy was kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. Don’t rely on a youtube strength training education like I did. Pay the guy a visit, he’ll set you up for proper barbell strength training form. Thanks Nick.

  • John B.

    I can’t recommend Nick highly enough. My experience has been like a lot of the reviewers above; I too was a sporadic lifter who frequently hampered whatever progress I had made through one injury or another. Once I started training with Nick, I knew things would be different, and they have been. He’s corrected many issues with my technique and helped me along a solid linear progression week after week, on into the intermediate phase. When I do encounter the occasional injury, Nick provides sage advice that allows me to keep training and shorten my recovery time.

    Once it became clear that I was coming to the end of the LP phase, Nick picked up on the cues and adjusted my programming accordingly. He’s also very flexible about adjusting the week’s workouts based on whatever is going on in my life (work travel, vacation, etc.). There really is no substitute for a knowledgeable coach who knows your specific situation, strengths, and limitations, and can tailor your program appropriately.

    As other reviewers have noted, Nick is perceptive and notices slight deviations in your form that might be preventing progress or contributing to a larger issue or injury. On multiple occasions, he has suggested subtle tweaks to my technique that have made a world of difference.

    The bottom line is that, thanks to Nick’s coaching, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and I’m much more knowledgeable about both lifting technique/programming in general and my own capabilities. Nick gives me the confidence to push myself a bit further than I would on my own, while still being safe and proceeding according to a rational plan. I can’t imagine someone training with Nick and not getting better as a lifter in every way.

  • Eric Strong

    Nick is a world class coach!

    I worked with Nick for about 3 years. He helped me transition from a late intermediate to an advanced lifter and has been a valuable resource for years.

    Nick takes the time to listen to my goals and is an anchor when I get overly emotional at times in my training cycle. I often panic or want to make changes and Nick is there to keep me on track with my goals.

    There isn’t anything about strength training that he doesn’t know and has a great way of explaining things that is easy to understand. He’s helped me with powerlifting, strongman, and even fixed my power clean.

    He’s very professional, prompt, and overall just a nice guy. I highly recommend Nick as a coach for anyone.

  • Shay James

    I’ve worked with Nick for almost two years as my strength coach, both in person and virtually. He’s encouraging, observant, and knowledgable not only in the realm of strength training and athletic performance, but in biomechanics and injury prevention/rehab, as well.

    Nick keeps things simple and focuses on the foundations, which is incredibly powerful. His cues and corrections are easy to understand and implement. He knows what changes need to be made to keep moving forward.

    On top of everything, Nick is just a genuinely nice person. He is thoughtful in both training and life, and he is somebody you can have a conversation with just as easily about strength training or philosophy. He is somebody who thinks and cares deeply about many subjects. I can’t recommend working with Nick highly enough!

  • Michael Donner

    I started working with Nick after I got a frozen shoulder. He was very helpful, and an excellent coach. I am 66 now, and we have been working together for about two years. My lifts were progressing very well, and I had hit some big numbers (for me). I suffered a catastrophic injury, ruptured my quad and broke my ankle, requiring two surgeries. Nick was there for me through the whole process, supporting and reinforcing my rehab, answering questions, and offering important moral support. Nine months later, I’m back under the bar, my lifts are going up, and other than the occasional ache and pain, I’m doing great. Like others have said, he is also a very nice guy. Could not recommend more.

  • Vince Kotchian

    After being diagnosed with a partial thickness rotator cuff tear and bicep tendonitis, I decided that I needed a coach if I was going to have confidence in my barbell training. My goals were now to not only get stronger but to make sure my form was rock solid so that I wouldn’t inadvertently make my shoulder issues worse.

    I was impressed by how thorough Nick was in our initial conversation about my goals for coaching, and reassured that my problems were common. It was helpful for me to understand that to overcome my injuries, PT-style exercises with bands were not going to work nearly as well as progressive overload with barbell lifts – and that it was unlikely I’d make my injury worse by working hard.

    The video feedback I got during the coaching was invaluable – I thought my lifts had decent form, but there were many little things Nick was able to point out to make my form more precise. What do you know – this made those lifts easier! The programming I received worked as well – I steadily added weight to the bar with each lift as I progressed.

    Although I only worked with Nick for about two months, I think I got a tremendous amount of value in three areas: 1. having the confidence to lift despite an injury, 2. perfecting my form, and 3. moral support to push through hard workouts. To top it off, Nick was always easygoing, friendly, and positive. As someone who coaches people in the academic sense, I can appreciate what a difference it makes to feel as though your coach is friendly and kind.

    Bottom line: I’ll plan to work with Nick again in the future to address any training plateaus, injuries, or if I just need more motivation. Highly recommended!

  • Dan Muchmore

    I trained with Nick for over two years. Over that two years my lifts went up significantly and my form went from subpar to nearly perfect. With Nick’s help I turned into a confident lifter. I highly recommend Nick. He has been fantastic to work with! He provided timely and helpful feedback throughout the two years. Nick is extremely knowledgable and helped me work through the inevitable aches and pains. I was extremely happy with my experience.

  • Mike Moos

    I was no stranger to a barbell but I started stalling on my gains and getting joint pains. I contacted Nick and he responded right away. We had a video chat and he thoroughly explained what to expect. After one week of his coaching, my pain was gone. After a few months, my max weight I could lift is now my warmup weight. I’m getting pr’s consistently. Nick is a pro and a great coach. Stop reading this and sign up already. You will be happy with the results.

  • Andreas

    Nick was my online coach for a year. He is amazing!

    Before working with Nick, I had a couple of challenges. I had been going to the gym for years but there were several things that I wasn’t happy with. I felt like my lifts were not very good in terms of technique and weight. I also tended to be inconsistent, either going at it too hard or not working out at all.

    I wanted to get better at the lifts and get stronger.

    After a year of working together with Nick:
    1. I got a lot stronger. For instance, I did a 98-pound increase in squats.
    2. I have a lot better technique. Some people have come up to me at the gym and told me my technique is good. That has never happened before.
    3. I managed to keep my workout routine for a year. I only missed workouts when I was sick.

    Nick has my warmest recommendations.

  • Chris Johnson

    I had the privilege of working with Nick as my Starting Strength coach, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. Nick’s dedication, knowledge, and coaching skills made a significant difference in my strength training journey.

    From the very beginning, Nick demonstrated a deep understanding of the Starting Strength program. He patiently guided me through the fundamental barbell exercises, emphasizing proper form and technique. His keen eye for detail ensured that I performed each exercise safely and efficiently.

    What truly sets Nick apart is his ability to provide constructive feedback. He took the time to analyze my movements and address any issues, which greatly contributed to my progress. His personalized approach to my training program made me feel like I was on the right track to reach my goals.

    In summary, Nick’s coaching skills, knowledge, and dedication to the Starting Strength program were exceptional. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start or improve their strength training journey. Thanks to Nick, I’ve made significant gains in my strength.

    Thank you, Nick, for being an outstanding Starting Strength coach!

  • Paul Pace

    I’m 212 work out/coaching events in with Nick. Sending him videos of so many movements and he has a response to every one of them within a day or two. He is as relentlessly focused as you are on your goals. I’d recommend him for my strongest friend or my aging parents. His style fits the spectrum because he’s able to meet you where you are at. I’ve been with Nick for a year and I’m not sure I ever what to not be without him.

  • Brian McMahon

    Nick D’Agostino brings an intelligent, analytic, structured approach to both Strength Training and Physical Therapy. I thoroughly enjoy working with him. Nick coached me in my first powerlifting competition where I set state records in all three lifts. I am 67 years old with a collection of chronic injuries, which Nick has helped me find ways avoid aggravating while training. With his programming, I continue to make gains without exceeding my recovery capacity – and have fun doing it.

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