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  • Dave Kosich

    I’ve been working with Chris online for a few months now and have made grade progress under his watch. It requires a specific type of coach to work with someone online- The coach has to have a very sharp eye, patience, and a way of providing specific, written queues for the trainee that allows them to reproduce the movements in their next workout. Chris excels in all of these areas, and also has an added physical therapy background to boot. He works hard to to provide prompt, detailed form feedback, and is always accessible to his clients.

  • Ken Erdedy

    Chris is an incredibly attentive and helpful coach. I’ve been working with him for a few months, and I’ve gotten stronger in these few months than I had after years of lifting on my own.

  • Julie

    I have been training with Chris since May 12th, 2021. I am so happy with the training and progress I have made since working with him. I have gained 7 lbs. since working with him. I started at 114.8 and now weigh in at 121.6! This is the most I have weighed in 15 or more years! My progress for weight training has been slower than most people because of my I have a genetic lung disease and use oxygen but I am now at 117.5 for squat! That is a personal record for me. The most I had gotten to for this depth was about 108. When training on my own I would always progress and hit a wall, get sick, and the regress and have to start over. He has been excellent at getting me through the bumps in my health and has so far prevented me from going backwards! I couldn’t be happier with my progress. If anyone is in need of working virtually with a coach, I strongly recommend Chris. And an addes bonus is he is also a physical therapist!

  • Jack Colasurdo

    I have been training with Chris for over a year. He is by far the best coach I have ever worked with. I have trained at his gym and he has also instructed me online. I can say he does both exceptionally well. I highly recommend Chris as a strength coach,

  • Frank S.

    I met Chris at a Starting Strength Squat and Deadlift camp and have been working with him for almost five months now. In that time I have dramatically improved my form on the squat, bench, deadlift, press, and learned to power clean, while hitting PR’s in every lift and staying injury free. With Chris’ vast credentials and education (two Exercise Science majors, a DPT, a CSCS, and an SSC, along with years of practical experience), he is unique in the field in that he can literally help you with any goal you may have, while getting you strong as hell in the process!
    I work with Chris both in-person at his gym and via online coaching, and both have been an amazing experience. His gym is fully equipped with everything you need, and nothing you don’t, with the highest quality equipment out there. (Texas Power Bars, Rogue, etc.). You know you are stepping foot into a real gym once you see the belts lining the wall, lifting shoes, and bucket of chalk. Chris’ feedback and “cues” while I’m under the bar are invaluable and allow me to instantly fix any issues I’m having; his coaching eye is world class. So whether you are rehabbing an injury, are an advanced lifter, running your Novice Linear Progression for the first time, or just need a form check, Chris has your back!

    1. Suri Fineberg

      In March 2020, my barbell gym closed. Within one week, Chris seamlessly pivoted to virtual training, that I did in my garage gym, without a hitch in my programming. There were times it was hard remain motivated, but Chris kept moving me along. I was provided with excellent feedback for every session to apply to my next session, as well as videos if I was unsure what to do. Chris has a lot of patience (I know because I test it often), and is great at providing specific cues that work for me. He always ensures that my form is correct to avoid injuries. I have worked with Chris both in person and online, and he excels in both training platforms. But Chris isn’t only a Starting Strength coach. The added bonus is that he is also a physical therapist. Anyone who lifts heavy understands the inevitability of tweaking your back, shoulders, hip etc. Prior to working with Chris, I would have stopped lifting when something like this would happen. Now I never stop training. My program may be modified, some stretches or specific lifts added in, but I never have I had to stop. I highly recommend Chris if you need a coach and/or physical therapist. It was one of the best things I have done for myself.

      1. Shea Manzo

        I have been working with coach Chris for about a year now. I initially sought his help after overtraining myself in an attempt to do my own programming. Coach Chris helped me get my program straight, fix all of my form errors in the lifts, and help me through any nagging injuries that occured in order to keep my progress going. What’s more is that he was able to do it all with virtual instruction.

        Whether you are new to lifting or have some experience with starting strength, I would recommend coach Chris to help you along. It can’t be understated how valuable it is to have an experienced coach like Chris who can help you avoid unnecessary roadblocks and keep you strong and healthy.

  • Kevin Meyers

    I have been working with Chris for over eight months and it has exceeded all of my expectations. Chris took me through the end of my novice linear progression, and has now programmed a fantastic intermediate program for me. I am continuing to make progress on all my major lifts and am so confident that I will be participating in my first powerlifting competition in three months.

    Most importantly, Chris is kind, patient, and generous with his time. I am planning for my teenage sons to start working with him in the near future. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

  • Faith Yunitis

    I have been training with Chris since 4/21.I have made great progress and my numbers keep going up. Chris is supportive , goal -oriented n respectful. I am an older lifter and Chris has a lot of patience. Chris also holds a Doctorate in Physical therapy. How lucky am I to have both. Chris is highly recommended for all your training needs.

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