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  • Jason

    Discovering Rori & PRS 3 years ago to help with some hip impingement issues was the best thing for my strength training career and overall as a physical individual. From the care she took with me to get (and keep) me healthy to further down the road becoming a great powerlifting coach and asset to my strength journey, she’s been there through it all and I couldn’t picture myself with another coach. Highly recommend the PRS team!

  • Ashley

    They really know what they are talking about and have helped me improve my squat. Highly recommend.

  • Luis

    I’ve been working Rori and PRS for a year now. She’s been wonderful managing my injuries and tailoring my programming to me. She’s also always there for me to work through personal things that may affect my training and she’s always incredibly open and supporting. More than anything she’s honest and is dedicated to making me a better lifter and person.

  • Jenica

    I worked with Coach Rori for about two years, first as an injury rehab client, then as a powerlifter returning to competition. She helped me understand how to approach injuries more productively, how to program appropriately given chronic issues, and improved my technique continually. I’m happily lifting heavy things today because of her. I also appreciate her very supportive approach to coaching, which helps lifters grow mentally and physically.

  • Robin Figelman

    I have been working with Rori for on line nutrition coaching for just about 5years now. I cannot say enough how Rori has used her knowledge to help me transform my body to be the leanest and strongest I have ever been. I am 52 years old and definitely eating more than I did before I met Rori and I feel great.

  • Emily

    Rori & her team are so amazing and responsive. It gives me (and my mom) so much peace of mind to be working with someone who is a PT and who has been lifting a long time herself. I would recommend 100%.

  • Miriam

    I’ve been working with Rori and PRS for almost a year. I’m not new to lifting, but I started working with PRS when I knew I wanted to switch to powerlifting specifically. In 10 months, I’ve put almost 100 lbs. on my squat and deadlift and 40 lbs. on my bench. As a DPT, Rori also knew how to appropriately adjust my programming when I tweaked my back several times in a relatively short period of time and helped me modify my training until the discomfort subsided. I’m so glad I found PRS.

  • David Reading

    Rori does my nutrition coaching. I’m a budding competitive powerlifter, with my first competition upcoming. I had been doing programming coaching with another SSC, but I decided to take it to the next level and work with someone on nutrition. I can say the following about Rori:

    – She really knows her stuff on nutrition. I got a bit too fat doing the conceptual equivalent to GOMAD, so she decided that I needed to get leaner when we first started working together. I’ve lost a bit more than 10 lb under her tutelage (since we first connected) in about 8 weeks (give or take). I’ve still been progressing on my lifts (I’m an intermediate lifter on the early side of turning intermediate from novice), which speaks to the fact that she’s been able to balance the goal of getting lean with the goal of getting stronger
    – She’s a really nice person, great to work with. She’s been super supportive
    – She’s competitive on the world stage in powerlifting, which speaks to her own abilities. Somebody worth listening to and someone to look up to
    – PRS does a great job with technology (they work in Google Sheets and Forms, and are quite organized)

  • Paul Attard

    I’ve been working with Rori for over a year. I came to her with a patella tendinopathy that I been trying to rehab for 2 years previously, and also went through around 5 other physios. She helped me fix my knee, and I was finally able to compete in power-lifting after having 2 years off because of the injury. I’m also now hitting PB’s on all of my lifts and my thighs are slowly developing elephantiasis from the gains.

  • Jasmin

    Before working with Rori two years ago, I had been squatting with increasingly acute hip pain for over a year, and I was convinced I’d never squat pain-free again. In our first session, Rori identified at least 3 technique errors in my squat — errors that previously went undetected by 2 powerlifting coaches and 3 personal trainers that I’d worked with. In that same session with her, with a few tweaks in technique, I immediately felt significantly reduced pain while squatting. After two short months working with Rori, I was squatting pain-free. For the first time in many months, I was actually getting stronger and I had a renewed passion for powerlifting. Rori has exceeded my expectations as a physical therapist, powerlifting coach and nutrition coach, and continues to be the driving force behind my success at getting healthier, leaner and stronger.

  • Michael

    I have been working with Rori for 5 months, and I’m not just stronger than I’ve ever been in my entire life…but I also FEEL better too. Her ability to integrate her knowledge about effective programming and physical therapy gives her a unique ability to promote continued strength improvements WHILE reducing injury risk as well. I highly recommend working with her if your goal is to get stronger and feel better!!

  • Adrian Young

    I have received nothing less than excellent coaching each time I have worked with Rori. She is very attentive to her clients, and creates an environment where they can succeed. If you are interested in Barbell Training, I would highly recommend her!

  • Melissa

    I’ve worked with Dr. Rori for 5 years now, first as a nutrition client to make weight for the Arnold, then for the last 4 years to prepare for and recover from shoulder surgery (while pregnant), then to return to lifting postpartum after a c section. Dr. Rori combines her knowledge and skill as a physical therapist and barbell coach with empathy for where her lifters are in their life and what they need to move toward their personal goals at that time. My goals and phases of life have changed over the last several years, but Dr. Rori has been a constant support and is always ready to strategize the next move with me, meeting me where I am, at each bend in the road, and that is a huge part of why I’m still able and wanting to lift.

  • Paul Neydavood

    Rori is an outstanding strength coach. She has given great advice and I would recommend her work.

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