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  • Paul Neydavood

    John is an outstanding strength coach. I have been going to him for years and have brought friends, and family to see him.

    1. John Petrizzo Post author

      Thanks so much, Paul! I really appreciate it!

  • Wellington Lee

    I have seen John both as a physical therapist, and starting strength coach.

    Not only was he able to help me through some injuries, but he clearly understood my desire to keep training while rehabbing my injury.

    As far as starting strength is concerned, I am mostly self-taught from the blue book, but have seen an actual SS coach a couple of times for form checks.

    John’s knowledge and experience has been invaluable. He made an adjustment to my deadlift setup, which has made a huge difference, and in a single session corrected my power clean where I had been unable to figure out what I was doing wrong for weeks.

    I would recommend him to anyone without reservation, especially if you are training through an injury.

    1. John Petrizzo Post author

      Thanks so much, Wellington! I really appreciate it.

  • James S.

    I reached out to John for a training consultation after suffering an injury to my cervical spine causing radiating nerve pain and weakness in my right arm.

    I was so impressed with his knowledge, kindness and overall sympathy that I decided to hire him for online coaching.

    The experience that I had being coached by John was nothing short of enjoyable. Not only did he work with me to customize my approach to training, but he also took enjoyment into consideration and made sure that he created programming that I actually enjoyed and looked forward.

    John is knowledgeable, but what sets him apart is his kindness and understanding to what you’re going through. He will never undermine your symptoms or tell you that everything is just “in your head”. He listens and really pays attention to the finer details of your feedback.

    I would highly recommend John and his coaching services, whether it be for rehabilitation or just standard strength training. 10/10.

    1. John Petrizzo Post author

      Thanks so much, James! I have enjoyed working with you!

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