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  • Paul Neydavood

    John is an outstanding strength coach. I have been going to him for years and have brought friends, and family to see him.

    1. John Petrizzo Listing Owner

      Thanks so much, Paul! I really appreciate it!

  • Wellington Lee

    I have seen John both as a physical therapist, and starting strength coach.

    Not only was he able to help me through some injuries, but he clearly understood my desire to keep training while rehabbing my injury.

    As far as starting strength is concerned, I am mostly self-taught from the blue book, but have seen an actual SS coach a couple of times for form checks.

    John’s knowledge and experience has been invaluable. He made an adjustment to my deadlift setup, which has made a huge difference, and in a single session corrected my power clean where I had been unable to figure out what I was doing wrong for weeks.

    I would recommend him to anyone without reservation, especially if you are training through an injury.

    1. John Petrizzo Listing Owner

      Thanks so much, Wellington! I really appreciate it.

  • James S.

    I reached out to John for a training consultation after suffering an injury to my cervical spine causing radiating nerve pain and weakness in my right arm.

    I was so impressed with his knowledge, kindness and overall sympathy that I decided to hire him for online coaching.

    The experience that I had being coached by John was nothing short of enjoyable. Not only did he work with me to customize my approach to training, but he also took enjoyment into consideration and made sure that he created programming that I actually enjoyed and looked forward.

    John is knowledgeable, but what sets him apart is his kindness and understanding to what you’re going through. He will never undermine your symptoms or tell you that everything is just “in your head”. He listens and really pays attention to the finer details of your feedback.

    I would highly recommend John and his coaching services, whether it be for rehabilitation or just standard strength training. 10/10.

    1. John Petrizzo Listing Owner

      Thanks so much, James! I have enjoyed working with you!

  • Blake McCarthy

    I cannot recommend John as both a physical therapist and strength coach enough. In July 2022, I ruptured the L5-S1 disc in my spine and began suffering from debilitating sciatic pain that was making it tough to sleep and eat, much less train. At the recommendation of my coach, I reached out to John, who immediately did a free consultation with me, where he explained what was going on, helped me see that things would get better, and that it would just take time and some hard work. He held my hand through the first few weeks of rehab, helped me not catastrophize a pretty bad flare-up a few months in, and then coached me back to where I am handling weights close to my previous bests (which I expect to surpass in the coming months). At no point did he pressure me to sign up for another term or anything, I kept doing it voluntarily because he’s a great mix of both kindness and rationale directness. While I hope to never suffer an injury as severe as that again, if I do, I know who will be my first phone call.

    1. John Petrizzo Listing Owner

      Thanks so much, Blake! It has been a pleasure working with you! Best of luck with your training going forward.

  • Saam Nainifard

    John Petrizzo is an extraordinary coach. I first approached John after suffering repeated low back injuries in the gym. John immediately addressed issues with my form / lifting mechanics and began making incremental changes to my programming. After mine months of working with John, my back has never felt better, I am pain and injury free, and stronger than I have ever been before.

    Virtually every suggestion John made to improve my lifting mechanics and programming worked positively for me. I attribute this track record to John’s high level of experience.

    John is responsive–he answered all of my programming / lifting / nutrition-related questions quickly. I appreciated this very much.

    If you are someone that is suffering from injuries in the gym (or in sport or life in general), you want John Petrizzo on your side to help you recover and stay injury free.

    I would recommend John to anyone, including my close friends and family.

    Thank you, John, for everything you have done for me over the past nine months. You are an exceptional coach!

    1. John Petrizzo Listing Owner

      Thanks so much, Saam! It has been a pleasure working with you!

  • Puneet

    After having distal bicep surgery and feeling despondent post surgery I looked up John after hearing his name come up in many a YouTube video.

    I worked with John on a remote basis (as I live in the UK) and his tailored approach worked wonders, I can’t recommend him highly enough. He provided just the right amount of “push” without being overly conservative. 8-10 weeks after working with John my mood is completely different and my recovery is going well. Genuinely so thankful.

    1. John Petrizzo Listing Owner

      Thanks for the kind words, Puneet! It has been a pleasure working with you. Best of luck going forward!

  • Jason S

    I am lucky to be close enough to have an in person session with John. He was really great and was able to work with me and my son using differentiated instruction. I look forward to learning more from him in the future.

    1. John Petrizzo Listing Owner

      Thank you, Jason! I look forward to continuing to work with you guys in the future!

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