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  • William Crawford

    I began training with Mr. Beck in early May 2022, at the age of 70, when the Columbus gym opened. At that time I weighed 118 lbs. while standing 5’8″ tall. Clearly, I was a weak emaciated mess. During the 6 months we have worked together I have gained 20 lbs. and recently deadlifted 210 lbs. In addition my energy and stamina are equivalent to a 40 year old healthy male. Jarrett is a highly competent professional who excels at selecting the appropriate level of training for each individual. Moreover, he is friendly, courteous and genuinely cares about his clients. From my perspective, he is highly motivating. I don’t especially enjoy weightlifting but Jarrett is changing my attitude about the necessity of building and maintaining physical strength. In fact, I will be increasing my weekly visits from 2 to 3 times per week. I am fortunate to train with him. He is a trustworthy dedicated professional. During the next 6 months I plan to gain 15 more lbs. of lean body weight while getting stronger everyday. Thanks to Jarrett I believe that will happen for me.

  • Cheryl Crawford

    Jarrett has been coaching me since I joined a SS gym in Dublin, Oh. He is very adept at identifying my needs and goals and then adjusts my program to maximize my growth. He is positive and persistent with helping me pursue my goals. He is very knowledgeable and communicates clearly.

  • Jon

    Jarrett has been coaching me online for about a month. I’ve seen good progress in my form so far. He has very helpful feedback. My only wish is that I could train with him in person!!

  • Ashley Gillespie

    I started training with Jarret Beck when Starting Strength Columbus opened 6 months ago. Jarret is extremely knowledgeable and has been able to adjust my training to work through pre-existing aches and pains. He’s a genuinely nice person; you can tell he cares for his clients and is excited as they grow in the program. The amount of progress made and strength gained have far surpassed my expectations.
    I highly recommend working with him.

  • George Rapp

    Jarrett has been helping my journey from a completely detrained newbie to a competent lifter in the span of six months at Starting Strength Columbus. He has a strong grasp of the details behind the Starting Strength program, as well as how it can be tailored to the needs and abilities of individual clients. He has an engaging personality and a clear desire to relate to his clients and help them make progress every workout.

  • Adam Mottesheard

    I admire SSC Jarret Beck’s ability to competently perform basic additional when adding up barbell weights. He is truly an inspiration to us all.

    He also did a good job teaching me how to do the lifts properly. At least 80% better than using the TUBOW.

  • Marcus Davis

    If you find the idea of barbell training intimidating, and that intimidation is keeping you from getting started, then Jarret is the man you need to reach out to. Jarrett’s calm and friendly demeanor make him a great coach and teacher. When explaining the intricacies of each exercise, he does so with a measured clarity that makes the training accessible for all audiences. However, if you’re like me and eager to jump in with both feet, he’s ready to give you the stern encouragement you need to achieve that next PR you’ve been chasing.

    Whether he’s helping you fine-tune your form, modify your programming, or offering moral support when you’ve hit a slump, it is always apparent that he’s thoroughly invested in you and your progress under the bar.

  • Spence Fisher

    Jarrett is great to work with and is very knowledgeable. He goes the extra mile and genuinely cares about his clients. His enthusiasm is one of the things I like best about him.

  • Peter A. Taglia

    Outstanding strength coach! He puts an extensive training bakground to real world use. He has helped me to progress with accomodations for my minor injuries.. Marine can do character comes through quietly.

  • Adam Ladd

    After working with Jarrett for a few months, I’m stronger and more confident performing the barbell lifts than I ever thought I would be. I’m so glad I decided to ask him for help. He is really easy to work with, professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable.

  • James Calo

    Working with Jarret has been a pleasure. His is very knowledgeable regarding the barbell lifts and training programming. He corrected and improved my form on the big 4. I am a loonies trainee and Jarret responds promptly and completely to both the videos I send in and to any miscellaneous questions I may have had. Most importantly, Jarret is good people with a genuine desire to help people get stronger and earn the rewards strength brings.

  • Michael Weinberg

    I’ve been aware of the Starting Strength Method since 2018. However, I’ve always been a solo lifter lifting in my garage. During a work trip to Columbus, I decided to get a form check using the free drop-in session.

    I met with Jarret Beck in the morning, and we briefly discussed my past lifting history. Jarret and I worked on all the basic lifts (squat, press, deadlift, and bench press. I’d recently (past month or so) made several changes across the 4 lifts to try to better meet the Starting Strength model. Jarret was great, and he was certainly able to help me verify my recent changes. I also really appreciated his cueing style. Jarret was incredibly generous with his time. The free session is technically 30-min, but I was there for about 2-hrs. I enjoyed working with Jarret and engaging with some of the regular members. I highly recommend trying them out to get the experience of hands-on coaching at a Starting Strength Gym. All in all, I had a very positive experience with Jarret and the Columbus – Dublin gym. It was exactly what I expected being a follower of Starting Strength. I recommend anyone new to SS or anyone who hasn’t experienced hands-on coaching to give Jarret and this gym a try.

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