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  • Bruce is an inspiring and supportive coach, and his conviction that I can keep getting stronger inspires my own belief in my capabilities. As a woman in her fifties, I would not have predicted I could get stronger and enjoy weight training. Bruce’s encouragement and coaching has contributed to that.

    1. Sarah Bailey

      Bruce has been my coach for the past 7 months and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better coach. Bruce is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging without being pushy. As a woman in her late 20s who had never picked up a weight before, I was super nervous to start lifting. Bruce took the time to teach me how to lift safely and correctly, and never once made me feel judged. Thanks to his coaching I’m now stronger than I ever thought possible! Bruce truly cares about his clients and anyone who has been coached by him can attest to that! I trust Bruce so much that I brought my parents to be coached by him. Not only is he a great coach, but he is a great person who is easy to be around! If you are looking for a kind, compassionate, inspiring, and knowledgeable coach, Bruce is your guy! I highly recommended him to anyone looking to get stronger!

  • George Rapp

    Bruce has been my coach for 19 months, since I arrived at Starting Strength Columbus as an untrained, out-of-shape novice who didn’t know anything about barbell lifts. He has been my guide through learning and mastering the lifts, providing valuable cues, corrections, and encouragement along my linear progression journey. He explained the biomechanics of the Starting Strength method, and the times at which I was deviating from that standard, in a way that I could understand. He also coached me through meet preparation for a local USPA meet, and gave of his time to accompany me throughout the meet itself. I was proud to be alongside Bruce as he completed his journey to becoming an SSC. I would recommend Bruce to any Starting Strength participant — beginner through experienced lifter — who is looking for a competent and compassionate coach.

  • Jillien Whiteside

    Bruce is not just another trainer; he is a coach who cares about his clients’ health and well-being. I’m a working mom in my 30s and had been struggling with my weight for a few years. When I started working with Bruce, I told him I wanted to lose weight, but he told me to change my mindset and focus on getting stronger instead. Working with him for the past year, I have lost more than a quarter of my body weight and gained significant muscle without wasting my time counting calories. Even when my personal life had some ups and downs, he told me to just come in and get under the bar.

    Bruce is always looking for ways to improve his skills and help his clients overcome their challenges. I watched him help another client with her knee slide on the squat until finding her the right cue. He was beaming, obviously proud of his client’s achievement and his personal success as a coach. Bruce is not just doing his job, he is living his passion. His story is inspiring and puts what really matters into perspective. I trust him so much that I brought my spouse to train with him too. He has taught me how to perform every lift safely and effectively with measurable results. He is a great coach and a great person, and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their fitness goals.

  • Moishe

    Over the past year Coach Bruce has helped me to achieve my most important goal: To keep going, to remain consistent, rain/shine, good mood/ bad mood, show up and do the work. A year ago I came to the gym with no experience lifting our working out. Day one, deadlifting 75lbs, and just last month set my personal record of 375lbs!

    I’d highlight a few specific things that I feel set Coach Bruce apart:

    -The ability to cue in a way that is understandable. Getting me to focus on one thing in one moment to achieve my goal.

    -Motivational but not pushy. He has a way to hold his students accountable without feeling pressure.

    -Anytime I feel like I’m hitting a ceiling, or have a life change, or activity change, he has been able to change my programming to continue to reach high level goals.

    -His goal is my success, and he is willing to work hard to help me achieve it.

    -Honestly, his personality is great. Easy to talk to, and someone I enjoy spending the time with, 3 times a week.

  • Austin Force

    Bruce has been a phenomenal coach for me over the past several years. He always provides great feedback on form and pace. He also knows when encouragement is beneficial in keeping on the path of strength development. Bruce is one of the smartest guys I know and I can’t recommend him strongly enough for your online or in person coaching needs.

  • Christina Thompson

    I have been training SS in Cincinnati since September 2023 which has truly been a fantastic experience. Due to some health issues I experienced just before learning SS I felt I was definitely progressing but needed some extra one-on-one attention with my deadlift. I had some mental voids in my setup and decided to look for a coach I could get a little additional support from and found Bruce. He assured me that he could help me virtually and he was right. The way we had the FaceTime set up using a tripod and earbuds it felt like he was in my home gym with me. Bruce is just like my Cincy coaches, very supportive and patient, able to talk me through the steps and help me understand where I need to make changes. This is such a great opportunity because I am only able to get to the gym twice a week and I really feel I need 3 visits under a coach; Bruce will definitely be a coach I will continue to call upon. Thank you so much Bruce!

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