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  • Michael Scott

    Started seeing Nicholas back in March ( 2022), and after some pretty anemic numbers I am up to 205 squat, 100 press, 170, bench, and 240 deadlift. Prior to seeing Nicholas my training was pretty haphazard and form was wanting. He has really been a big help and only wish he was closer- it takes me about 1hr&15 minutes to get to his private gym ( which is a great facility)), but well worth the time. He is patient, his instructions are clear, and I am always glad I made the trip to work my tail off.

    p.s. I am 6’1″, 194 lbs, and 72 years old

  • Bill Sweeney

    As a 45 year old, out of shape dad, I was fortunate to get to work out with Nicholas for a year when I lived in Pennsylvania. He was fantastic with just the right amount of helpful motivation and I always looked forward to our time in the gym together. Prior to that, the last time I worked out was in high school and I felt stronger than I had since then after only a short time with Nicholas. There were folks of all ages working out together and everyone was supportive of each other, making great progress and feeling great. Thanks for your time and expertise, Nicholas.

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