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  • Ray Gillenwater

    Andy is a legend. It was a pleasure being coached by him and his programming guidance is second to none – not a surprise as he coauthored the Practical Programming and The Barbell Prescription. He is the guy to go to for strength and size.

  • Keith Fraser

    I’m a very happy member of Andy’s Barbell Club. Hands down has to be the best deal in online coaching. For 28 bucks a month you get access to a great coach and some great programming. He doesn’t check in on you or hold your hand, but if I post a question or a form check he has always replied within 48 hours.

  • Cesar Quiros

    Andy is badass. Always gives me feedback and joining his online group i get to get feedback from others as well. It’s a great group led by a great guy at an affordable price. Wirth every penny, gives you weekly workouts so it eliminates the ” i don’t know what to do for a workout” that i have had in the past.

  • Brandon Reed

    Andy is a Hard-working , knowledgeable, competent coach .

  • Lee Lowther

    Andy is awesome. His programming is great, and I enjoy the breadth of options he provides. The programs are well structured, while still providing variety for those who need it to stay motivated. He’s quick to provide form checks and answer questions. I’d recommend the Baker Barbell Club to anyone interested in lifting. It’s worth every penny.

  • Al Gomez

    Best programming and online coaching around. Joined after finishing LP. At Baker barbell online I have not only grown with personal records but also in my understanding of all the diverse concepts of training. Being surrounded by lifters with many years of experience has put me light years ahead of where I would be right now. Form checks, injury advice, encouragement are all things I have had positive experiences With on Andy Baker’s online club. All the members at Baker Barbell Club have become an extended family in a sense and I am proud to be part of this group. Andy is a never-ending resource for information concerning all things lifting! I plan on having Andy as my coach for many years to come!

  • Lucas Northey

    Very happy customer of Andy’s programs and Online Barbell Club. Having my programming done for me has been great as it pushes me out of my comfort zone, with results beyond what I’ve ever achieved in the past.

  • Cary Kirk

    I’ve had Andy doing my programming for 4 years. His experience and intuition have lead me to PRs I never expected to make. He is extremely hands-on, and answers my concerns in a teaching way. Hire Andy! You won’t regret it!

  • Mitch

    Over 2.5 years or so Andy took me from minimal press DL and Bench numbers to PRs of over 225, 565, and 325 respectively. Been in for personal coaching to his gym and he’s done my programming online all along. Great coach. Even better man!

  • Renee Mathis

    Andy is great with clients of all ages and ability levels. Since I started with him 5 years ago in person, soon joined by my husband, I’ve lost weight, learned the basics of strength training, and even competed in my first meet. Andy has a gift for knowing when to add, when to subtract, when to change things up a bit, when to back off, and when to push. I trust him and it has paid off. Highly recommend him in whatever form you choose to take advantage of his services. As a member of the online barbell club, I enjoy the camaraderie and encouragement from fellow lifters. Andy’s standards for the group are high; he has created a super community.

  • Justin Johnson

    Been on the powerbuilding track for 8 months and the lifts keep going up.

    Also greatly benefited from Andy’s form checks and other advice.

    Highly recommend.

  • Beau Hanson

    I have been on the basic barbell track now for several months and strength gains have been incredibly. The form checks are so beneficial not to mention other information he is will to share. I don’t think it’s possible to find a better coach out there.

  • Chris D

    Picked Andy’s brain a few times, but the real progress came when I joined the club programming. The power-building program is phenomenal. I feel like I had major gaps in my strength and physique after doing LP and Texas Method and this really filled me out – in terms of strength and in terms of filling out my shirts.

  • Alejandro Pereira

    If you’re looking for a coach that is professional, approachable, reliable, patient, and knowledgeable then Andy is the one. One of the things that I most appreciate about Andy is that he doesn’t have a cookie-cutter approach to teaching about programming and lifting. He assesses everyone individually and then offers information based on that person’s experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. I have benefited from his coaching both in person and online. I recently brought my two teenage sons to Andy and they were introduced to barbell training in a great way.

  • Daniel Wilson

    I can’t recommend Andy enough. Super helpful and super flexible to the individual lifters needs and requirements.

    An absolute expert in programming. His ‘powerbuilding’ style program has really suited me down to the ground after my novice linear progression.

  • John R

    As a member of the barbell club the workouts Andy gives each week take guess work out of programming. He lets you know what can sub for what exercise if you do not have the equipment. I’m on his Power Building/Conjugate track and my numbers are flying up!

    He is very responsive with questions and form checks. The Facebook and private forum are great atmospheres to learn, help, and compete with the other members.

    Anyone who wants to consider online coaching is recommend Andy’s online barbell club!

  • Shelly Stettner

    Andy is hands down The Best! I’ve been in The Barbell Club since September 2017 and now, in addition to The FB group , Andy is my Coach with his 1:1 online program. I am 68 years old and he is getting me stronger than I have ever been, safely. The FB group is also wonderful and weekly programming is fun and doable for everyone, all levels. Form checks & support and education, PT, other coaches & experienced lifters and Nutrition, and Andy, it’s all there & all are welcome!

  • Billy

    I’ve purchased several of Andy’s programs, the best of which were garage gym warrior and powerbuilding. Also a member of thr Baker Barbell Club where he distributes weekly programming. I’ve also gone through a full 12 week custom program where I made the best progress of my lifting experience short of LP. Andy is a top-notch coach, 5 stars across the board!

  • Ed B

    I Highly recommend Andy. I have bought some of his programs and have been a member of Baker Barbell Club for almost a year now. The weekly programming Andy sends us is excellent, He does a great job of adding in new main lift variations and accessory work to keep us fresh. We get timely feedback on form checks, nutrition and injury rehab advice on his private forum and in his private Facebook group. I’m a very satisfied customer and plan to be one for as long as I’m lifting.

  • David Gramlich

    I’m new to barbell lifting; started last year on the Starting Strength app for iPad.
    When I need to switch from the SS app to new programming, I saw Andy Baker’s name in the Starting Strength forums. I checked out his website and bought Garage Gym Warrior. It’s such a great LP that I went ahead and got a subscription to the Baker Barbell Club Online!

    Andy is a excellent coach! He has a proven track record and I get fantastic results from his lifting programs!
    Thanks, Andy!

  • Frank Sanders

    I started barbell training 8 years ago at age 59 and have been using the Starting Strength model the entire time. Being able to work with Coach Andy Baker nearly that entire time has been very fortunate for me. I have used Andy’s templates, his group online coaching and his custom programming, all are excellent and are at different price points that can fit nearly everyone’s budget. Andy is smart, responsive and one of the best programming minds in the business. If you want to get strong, stop wasting time in the gym and have fun, I highly recommend Andy.

  • Joeri

    Member of the Baker Barbell Club.
    This is a very good alternative for people who cant afford personalized programming.
    In the club there is a good vibe of people just lifting weight but most important they are normal people with normal lives so getting advice is good.
    And who doenst want to be coached by a longtime SSC.
    Andy knows what he is doing and very motivating.

  • Mark

    I have had in person coaching from Andy and been a member of his barbell club. He’s the real deal. Has a great eye, a wealth (treasure trove) of experience, and perhaps most importantly no ego and so is willing to evaluate and re-evaluate programming and form issues to get the very best results for his clients.
    In this day and age when everybody is trying to differentiate themselves as a coach by talking shit about others, Andy is above the fray and always works to get the very best results for his clients.
    Hire him and you will get stronger and you will get smarter about training and programming.

  • Jason

    Great online programming that gets results.

  • Rafael Torres

    Signing up to Baker barbell club has been the best investment for my training since I picked up my copy of SSBBT edition 3. Coach Baker is very knowledgeable in all aspects of barbell training and nutrition. The programming sent out Sunday nights and online form checks via the private Facebook group has been very valuable in helping me get back on my feet after an extensive self guided NLP. Definitely recommend!

  • Mike

    I have purchased and ran Andy’s programs and have been a member of the Baker Barbell Online group for over 2 years and have got the strongest I ever have in my life. Andy’s no nonsense approach to programming has been instrumental in helping me get as strong as possible and the programming keeps evolving and getting better. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to get strong and don’t want to deal with typical bullshit that is associated with a lot of online lifting groups to give Andy a look, you will not regret it!

  • Damien

    Joined the Baker Barbell Club around January 2019, Andy and the other members are so supportive and helpful, it’s a real community. It has brought a new life to my training, and I can’t imagine not being a member now. I’m running the Weekly powerbuilding track and it’s amazing, I love it and have made some fantastic PRs so far and have definitely put on some extra mass. Andy is an outstanding strength coach I’m proud to part of his coaching group.

  • Viktor Prlja

    Andy is the best coach I have ever worked with. I have been a member of Baker Barbell Club for almost a year now and I am very happy with the programming and the form checks. I am doing the Powerbuliding program which is very versatile and fun. The BBC is also a large community of strength enthusiasts and membership allows you to grow as an athlete. The wealth of knowledge and access to various discussions lets you expand your knowledge of all things related to training and nutrition. Andy is always available with whatever question you have.

  • Adam Harmer

    Andy is an outstanding coach. I was a little stalled after my novice progression until I found Andy’s templates. I consistently made progress with those and then recently joined the online barbell club. It has been the best training decision I ever made. 8 months of consistent progress and I’ve learned a ton.

  • Torsten Bauer

    I am a member of Andy’s Online Coaching Group for more than two and a half years now. During that time a learned a lot about programming since Andy not only provides us with great templates but also explains us a lot about the hows and whys. Andy is a great, approachable guy who leaves no question unanswered. Furthermore, we have a great and diverse community of barbell enthusiasts that has a lot of advise, kind words and fun stories to share.

    Overall, I think Andy’s Group Programming offers the best price-performance ratio on the web.

  • Adam M Levine

    I’ve been a member of Andy Baker’s Barbell club for a few months now.

    My favorite thing about Andy is not just his knowledge, but his attitude. He’s extremely non-dogmatic, and doesn’t enforce a particular strategy or model on you. He just knows it all, and lets you pick what you want – be it conjugate, bodybuilding, strict SS/MED style, his templates, his club programming, or even someone else’s templates – like I said, he knows it all, and whatever you’re doing, he can help. YNDTP isn’t a crime with Andy – as long as you’re getting under the barbell and not being a complete moron or jerk.

    He’s responsive on his board and the Facebook group with questions, and is pretty much always right. I’m using an off-the-deep-end program that isn’t exactly, well, anybody’s program, but he’s still available to answer questions and give form checks. I watch the folks on his basic and powerbuilding tracks, and they all seem to be doing very well. Plus, his price point is extremely reasonable.

    Absolutely five stars without reservation.

  • Ben

    I was a member of Andy’s Barbell Club for a year or so. Made some great gains.

    He is very good at programming for lifters of all ages and abilities, has a great eye for form (without letting perfection get in the way of progress) and seems to generally love what he does. I’d highly recommend his services for anyone looking for an old school coach who isn’t married to one particular training dogma and clearly cares about getting the best results for his trainees.

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