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  • Ed

    Tony is an excellent trainer. Knowledgeable, respectful of your time, and most importantly he will get you results.

  • Ian

    I joined Starting Strength Houston this past January. I’d never done any major strength training, would sometimes wake up with random back pain. Tony is not only a fantastic coach by showing correct form and pushing you past what you think you’re capable of doing, but he also exceeds in making anybody who walks through the door, whether it’s a seasoned weightlifting pro, a feeble grandma, or even a fat, nerdy millennial, feel welcome. No matter the background, we’re all there to get stronger, and Tony is the best man to help us out, keeping us laughing the entire time.

  • Jeff Sechelski

    Tony became my coach here at Starting Strength Houston after Chase Lindley moved up to SS Oklahoma City. I was sorry to see Chase go but Tony took over without missing a beat. I have never once felt he was at a loss to explain what was going on in any of my reps, and he always seems to have several different “cues” at hand to try to get me to translate his ideas into my own physical motion. He’s always alert to each individual’s unique requirements, and his easygoing California vibe can put anyone at ease.

  • Andrew Bartelt

    When I walked into Starting Strength houston a year ago, my shoulder was unhappy and I was weak. Under Tony’s expert tutelage I have fixed both of this problems. Having read “the blue book” I was not surprised by the depth of Tony’s knowledge but I was blown away by his upbeat energy and unrelenting sense of humor. I highly recommend Tony and Starting Strength Houston.

  • Jasmin

    Tony is an awesome trainer! He focuses on perfecting your form while helping you get stronger. He listens to your concerns and gives excellent advice and is very knowledgeable.

  • Graham Kilgore

    Tony is awesome! Highly recommend him. He helped me through some low back pain when I didn’t think I could deadlift or rack pull. I appreciate all he has done for me!

  • Dan from Toronto

    While visiting Texas, I trained with Tony at Starting Strength Houston. In just a month, he got me out of years of bad habits in my lifts that used to slow my progress and get me hurt. I also had a great time! Tony creates a very welcoming environment for every kind of lifter. I could tell he cared deeply about everyone’s progress. Afterwards, Tony coached me online, and with his in-depth knowledge of the program, dozens of helpful cues, and tons of constructive feedback, he’s got me stronger than I’ve ever been and getting stronger.

  • Michael

    Tony has been my coach since October 2022, both in person and online after moving further away from the Starting Strength gym location. In both formats, Tony has been an essential resource in my strength progression. He is highly knowledgeable and is always ready to provide guidance and answer my many questions on form, programming, diet, and any other variables that can influence those sweet, sweet gains. I can’t recommend Tony enough if you’re serious about putting the work in to get stronger.

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