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  • Matthew S.

    I’ve been lifting for nearly 20 years, and it is safe to say it’s moved beyond a hobby to my passion. In only a few months, Josh has taken my injury prone form, corrected it, and allowed me to hit all time bests. My former back problems no longer interfere with my workouts (or daily life) all while hitting new lifts. Josh has done this all while maintaining a professional and patient coaching style. Even while opening a new gym, dealing with his city flooding, there was never a moment that I didn’t have his support or attention. Thanks Josh!

  • Michael Shockley

    I’ve worked with Josh since January. He has helped me correct a lot of things about my lifts and has given me real-time coaching via FaceTime if he’s available. I get consistent feedback on my lifts not long after the session and get a list of cues to think about next time. He has helped me a lot with running a good LP, in which today I’m squatting 330 for 3 sets of 5, pressing 135 for 3 sets of 5, and pulling 345 for a set of 5. I highly recommend to people who are serious about their training to work with a coach such as Josh who knows what they’re doing and will do the best they can with what they’ve got to help you with your training.

  • Bjørn Opperud

    I contacted Josh (i actually contacted the Wells’es, Shelley and Josh, and they decided i’d work with Josh) based on recommendations at a time where my training had stalled (quite) a bit and my strength levels were down due to a lot of stuff going on over the last year or so (building house, covid, etc).

    The goal was twofold:
    1. Get strength back to where it should be, and
    2. Set the path going forward and help me set up a program for mainly strength, but that also included my newfound interest in the olympic lift and a little bit of cardio.

    First month was pretty straightforward. I had been struggling with coming up with this kind of programming myself, but the template I got immediately made sense and the lifts started climbing back up quickly. My strength levels came back to previous levels and beyond WAY faster than I expected them to! Simple, smart and straightforward.

    The next month was more “interesting” in that now that my strength was up sufficiently, the priority was setting the path forward with a program that I could work with in the long run and make necessary adjustments myself as I went. We sent some templates back and forth, tried a few things that worked and a few that didn’t due to recovery, time etc. and came up with a template that made sense to both.

    I’m currently on this program, making progress on all lifts and make the adjustments I need as I go, but the general template stays the same.

    I foresee that I can keep up with this for a good while and make some solid progress, but when it eventually do run out and I again need a birds eye view on my training and programming, I’ll contact Josh again.

    Highly recommend.

  • Joey Turner

    I worked as an Intern under Josh from November 2019 to March 2020. I learned more than I can express in words. Josh is an absolute expert, and a genuine person. He’s easily the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever encountered in the weightlifting community.

  • Cedric O.

    I worked with Josh online from January up to a couple of weeks ago. I used to think I was doing every lift somewhat right, but boy was I wrong 😀 But no problem: he knows his stuff, so we fixed most (if not all) of it over time. He sees stuff that a mere mortal just can’t, so he’s a good ally to have in your corner.

    I have some chronic pains from years of swing dancing, so his knowledge and patience helped me get through it pretty seamlessly and keep lifting.

    I’d definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get stronger.

  • Henry Boulos

    I’ve been following the SS brand for about 5+ years. I was a barbell lifter as a kid, got away from it, but rediscovered it about 10 years ago. I’m 47 now and for most of my adult life trained alone, programmed alone and read, researched and watched YouTube for my instruction. I would consider myself an intermediate powerlifter at this point.

    As I aged, I found programming was a challenge + while my form was 90% there, knew I could use some professional feedback. I used the SS website and got recommended to Josh as an online coach. The experience has been excellent. I budgeted 3-months and I’m concluding that 3-month period this week. We did an initial video meeting and have met face to face via video at the end of each month to review video and all together. Josh really helped me program the main lifts correctly and helped me tighten my form tremendously.

    When we started, it took about 1-2 weeks to get the baseline down of what I could handle in terms of volume. Since then, it’s been about consistently making progress on the weight and tightening the form. Using the TruCoach app, it’s easy to see the workouts and upload the videos and comments. I always got feedback within 24 hours and got the same response with questions.

    Once we got the baseline down, I was squatting 360x5x3. As of my last workout, I hit 395x5x3. And I was deadlifting 435×3 and just recently hit 475×3. We’ve also worked on the press, BP and Power Clean which has been more form feedback. He also introduced box squats to me to ensure volume without overdoing it.

    I would recommend Josh to anyone interested in correctly mastering barbell training.

    Thank you – Henry

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