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  • Fabian Becker

    Darin has been my online coach for about a year now. His experience as a PT has helped a lot with my constant knee pain from squatting. I am sure he’s even better in person, so go train with him if you can!

  • Cliff Canipe

    Darin has been a personal friend for over 27 years. He has been my online coach with SS for 2 years and has also coached me in person from time to time when I am in the States. I am a missionary in South Africa and training regularly there. Darin is an amazing coach. Super knowledgable and understanding and motivating!

  • Oleg Plakhotniuk

    I’ve been Darin’s client since 2017 when I took introductory barbell lesson from him, and continue to feeling extremely lucky having him as my coach. I never been good at athletics at high school or ever after. Not the worst of my class, but definitely in the worst half. Have been fooling around weights for many years on my own with very modest success. Now I’m 36 and over last two years Darin helped me to get from 0 chin ups to 3 sets of 7; from giving up on 225 lbs squat to squatting 345 lbs at last meet; from struggling to deadlift 280 lbs, to deadlifting 385 lbs at last meet.

    But more importantly, working under Darin’s instruction made me stronger not only physically, but mentally. He helped me to learn how to grind when it’s heavy, and how to train when you really REALLY don’t feel like it. Now I find myself applying this attitude to other areas in life too. Few months ago I lost a job and since I’m on working visa in US, had only 60 days to find another one before getting kicked out of the country. That was pretty stressful and depressing experience. And I did same thing I do in the gym — decided that I cannot control how strong my muscles are, but I’m sure as hell won’t quit until the bar is either locked out or hits the safeties. They can kick me out of the country if I fail, but I won’t stop giving it my best until the very end. I put some boundaries — I continued lifting, eating my macros and having good sleep. And spent the rest of my time applying for jobs, interviewing, and training to solve the problems they usually ask at the interviews. All turned out well in the end, my new employer completed all the paperwork 2 days before the deadline.

    Darin is also very generous with his time, despite the fact that he is extremely busy. When we were living in the same city I enjoyed free community workouts he was hosting from time to time for his clients. I wish there were more of him, so that more people can experience all this 🙂

  • Alex

    Darin has been my online coach for the past 2 year and is an amazing coach. Very knowledgeable about training athletes and dealing with their injuries. During the time I’ve worked with him he has always been very clear with his instructions and quick to reply to any messages. Can’t give him enough praise, he has helped me make tremendous gains in my athletic abilities.

  • Nico B

    This gyms has closed its doors. I drove past there the other day and no one was there and all the signage is gone.

    This coach isn’t responding to his contact form on his (old) website (linked on this page). He’s not even in Texas anymore according to his social media. He’s not responding to called on the number listed and I’m also not getting responses when I email the email address on this page.

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