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  • Ray Gillenwater

    Nick is my coaching mentor. Whenever he is town, I ask him to take a look at my clients to ensure that I haven’t missed any of the finer technical points. He has a knack for instantly spotting even the hardest to notice issues.

    He also coaches me personally a few times a year and can usually figure out how I’m “fucking up” something in my technique on the first rep. For example, I was having hip pain and he identified immediately that I was shoving my knees out too hard. Small correction and the symptoms improved.

    Nick is probably in the top 5% of all SSCs. I’d recommend him to anyone.

  • Bre Hillen

    Nick is the best coach EVER! He helped me through two separate shoulder rehabs from surgery, both of which I was back under a bar MONTHS before I thought possible!
    Nick can literally fix my form within a few reps when I start overthinking things. He also deals with my drama and concerns on a daily basis and sets my brain straight. He’s always listened to me and changed programming/nutrition to help me get to where I need to be. I can’t recommend him enough!

  • Delise Burrus

    Nick has worked with me since 2016. I met Nick the first time for consultation to help me fix my squats. I was doing Crossfit, my body hurt, and I needed help. Nick not only fixed my squats, he worked with me on my press, bench press, deadlift and power clean and gave me a program. I took his advice and did no WODS.

    I completed linear programming, the weight was getting very heavy and I was stalling. I contacted Nick again for consultation. From there I knew I needed a coach to monitor me and help me. I needed help with beyond linear programming. I began training with Nick online May 2018. Nick is excellent. He can and does effectively correct form. He notices the smallest things and gives clear and articulate corrections as well as praise when things go right! He catches my bad form, as it tends to creep in sometimes. He knows how to rehab and effectively helped my shoulder and hip pain.

    I ask a lot of questions and he responds with explanations and answers that I can understand. Nick helps me control my diet and changes my programming when there is need. He is very patient with me.

    I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. I am a 62 year old woman and have a full time job. I train four days a week and Nick gives me feedback the next day. I told my daughter that I think Nick pretty much walks on water! He is just that good at what he does and he cares.

    I recommend Nick to anyone who wants to get strong and is willing to put in the time. He is the best and I am so fortunate that he is my coach because I cannot do this alone.

  • Michael Montfort

    Nick has been my coach since January 2016. I came from CrossFit and he had to completely start me over from scratch. He taught me all the lifts. Nick is an exceptional coach in his ability to diagnose form errors and apply cues. Nicks knowledge on programming is second to none. He has been doing my programming for 3 years and I have made what I would consider very good progress. Nick is also a very patient coach. He will work with any needs you have and adapt your training to match. I would put Nick up against any coach out there on his knowledge of the SS model and his understanding of what a real coach is. I can’t stress strongly enough how much I would recommend him as a coach.

    1. Melissa Barry

      Nick has been coaching me since 2016. I still remember him teaching me the lifts for the first time. His expertise in strength training, and so many other areas, is top notch. Nick has helped me progress in the lifts and my strength, and he has also helped me get through some injuries. His ability to program and coach through form errors is excellent. He knows just what to say and how to say it to each person he coaches in a way that will mean the most to the person. It’s actually incredible some of the things he figures out! Nick’s knowledge about strength training is above and beyond. He really is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever known. And above that, he’s genuine, understanding, caring, thoughtful, and dependable. I could not ask for or find a better coach than Nick.

  • Nicole Hooper

    Nick has been my coach for over a year. What started with the goal of just gaining and maintaining my strength from an autoimmune disease led me to competing in my first powerlifting meet. Nick provides immediate feedback on my lifts and is patient with me through the process of correcting my form. I am a mother of two busy teenage boys and work a full-time job. Nick programs my training around my schedule and makes adjustments when needed. I look forward to my days under the bar. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone who wants to get strong!

  • Nick is a hell of a coach. Having him review my lifts and write my programming helps me develop as a lifter and as an SSC. He’s a BJJ guy too so he understands the demands of my sport and matches my strength programming to fit my competition schedule, injury situation, and training schedule.

  • Ben Madsen

    I started working with Nick just a few months ago, and he has helped me fix my form and achieve PRs with fantastic personal feedback on my workouts. When I started working with him, I had been dealing with chronic pain for years. I used to push through it for my lifts, but Nick took the time to discuss the issue with me and found me the right doctor for the issue in my area. Now, I am not only stronger with better form because of his instruction, but his personal touch also helped me kick a years-long chronic pain issue. Thank you, Nick! You are a great coach and I look forward to continuing our work together!

  • David Heon

    Exceptional knowledge and instruction. Intuitive and understands my physiology including recovery, and has helped greatly with my intermediate programming needs. Very grateful for his expertise.

  • Erin Spiva

    I have been training with Nick for two years. During this time, he has corrected a ton of form issues and helped me get stronger and feel more comfortable under the bar. He is great at nutrition coaching – I look and feel better than I have ever felt. Nick is also wonderful at answering weird questions, dealing with all of my odd requests, and fitting my program to achieve whatever goal I want. Through him I’ve hit a squat PR of 275 lbs, I’ve lost 25 lbs, and can do chin-ups! He’s extremely kind and seems to know exactly what to say to each client to encourage them to just put in the work. If you care about getting stronger and healthier, just go ahead and sign up. You won’t regret it.

  • David Heon

    Very knowledgeable and extremely personalized programming. My progress in the last year has been phenomenal. Never thought I’d get so strong at the age of 59.

  • David Pope

    Nick is awesome. Super knowledgeable (ask questions and he’ll answer), super responsive (usually comments in less than 24 hours if not less), able to see trends and forecast ways the program can and should go well in advance…and overall just takes a lot of stress off of me having to design sessions for myself. If you’re feeling decision/programming fatigue I would HIGHLY suggest working with Nick!

  • Cheryl More

    I have been working with Nick for 8 months now. He is a fantastic coach. Previously, I had been stalling on all lifts and I am now progressing due to a combination of technique changes and individualised programming. Feedback on my lifts is always prompt and easy to understand. Nick is also happy to work training around other commitments I may have and answer any questions.

  • Mindy Slovinsky

    I was really nervous to reach out about coaching, but I had come to a place in training on my own (alone in my basement gym and trying to follow the SS program as best I could) that had stalled and I loved lifting so much, I needed to find a good way forward if I wanted to continue. For me, the barrier to reaching out about coaching was that I was self-conscious and I didn’t think there was anyone “like me” out there – female, middle aged, no real history of lifting or being coached and learning it in isolation. What stood out to me about Nick in reading his articles was his ability to explain things in plain language and I could sense the confidence and expertise from which he spoke. He just made sense without fanfare. I especially wanted someone I could trust, who really knew what they were doing and would be a solid resource for me to be able to safely and effectively progress in my lifting for as long as possible. I’m so glad I reached out, because Nick is exactly that and more and I’ve been working with him for over a year and a half with no end in sight. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. DO IT.

  • JD Thomason

    Outstanding technical guidance on execution of individual lifts. Just as important, Nick is a master programmer- he dials in your daily workouts and folds in assistance exercises as necessary to keep you main lifts going up. If you have done NLP and need someone to guide you into an intermediate transition, this is the guy!

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