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  • Eric Feigl

    After completing my Novice Linear Progression in 2020 and transitioning to an intermediate template based program I was struggling to make progress and was suffering from minor injuries for several months. Alex and I have been working together for over a year now and I’m stronger, have a better understanding of programming and, best of all, injury free. His command of the Starting Strength model and attention to detail have been game changers for my training. I can’t recommend Alex highly enough!

  • Vincent Ricigliano

    I am a 35 year old male with a physically demanding job and years of on-and-off lifting experience. Alex has been my strength coach for just over two years now. We have been working together remotely via his online training services. Within the first few months of working with him, I made significant gains in strength and lean body mass, and we continue to make steady progress each month. Working with Alex far exceeded all expectations of what I thought could be achieved by online coaching. Using videos of my training plus excellent communication, we have been able to adjust and workshop technique for all movements, especially squat, deadlift and press, and their variations. Alex’s approach to programming takes into account the demands of my life and job and allows for progress in the gym to be continually ticking forward. He is meticulous and seems to have a 6th sense for my response to his programming without being physically present. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Alex as a coach. Working with him is the best decision I have ever made for my health and fitness goals.

  • James

    Alex has been my coach since August 2021 and I couldn’t be more pleased. I navigated the novice linear phase well and when I was ready to move onto more intermediate programming I decided to go with coach Alex, whom had already been previously providing me with excellent feedback and advice on my technique for the big lifts. Alex has since help me add even more weight to the bar and improved my form even more. Alex is very knowledgeable, attentive, and focused on making the best decisions based on current performance. In addition Alex is mindful of factors outside the gym, as well as how the lifter is feeling, and uses that information to guide programming as well.

  • Bas Kaag

    Alex is a professional coach who helps me (and now my wife too) with the StartingStrenght program for 1 year now via online coaching. With his hawk eye Alex knows exactly how to push my limits and helps me to improve my technique. Also with overcoming minor injuries. Above all, Alex is a pleasant person to work with!

  • Mike F

    I have been doing online coaching with Alex for 7 months now and can’t recommend him highly enough.

    When I started with Alex I had been playing around with the Starting Strength program on and off for a couple of years with moderate success. Under Alex’s guidance I’ve been able to really dial in my form and have seen much more significant progress then I had previously.

    Alex provides great feedback after each session and really takes the time to communicate different form adjustments in a way that’s easy to understand and implement in the gym.

    Additionally he is readily available beyond the basic form checks and is always happy to answer questions as needed.

  • Tameem

    Alex is the coach to have if you are interested in online coaching! He is realible and honest.. he will truly understand you needs and will tailyoor the perfect program for u . In a nutshell, I changed from a guy that faild PE in high school and who did not do any sort of activity in his life to a guy who’s deadlifting 405! This guys really deserve more than 5 stars !!

  • Andrew Hall

    I’m 41, have a job with some travel commitments & 2 small children. Following a long period during which I failed to make any progress, I decided to use Alex’s online coaching service. We’ve been working together for close to 2 years. Despite not being the most consistent trainee, I’ve made steady progress and have set personal records of: bench 130 kg/285 lbs; squat 195 kg/430 lbs; deadlift 232.5 kg/512 lbs. Alex has diligently adapted my programming in response to scheduling challenges, my advancement as a lifter & injury. I strongly recommend Alex to anyone considering hiring an online coach – especially intermediate trainees for whom progress is proving to be elusive.

  • Greg

    Alex has been my trainer for almost THREE years now. I can’t put into words how his guidance and instruction has given my life back and let me do everything that I enjoy…. which is a lot. Started out with rehabilitating soft tissue tears in both my knees, both shoulders and degenerative disk disease in my back. I’m 52 years old and today I train and teach Jiu Jitsu full time, surf, and power lift with ZERO physical issues. Great thing about Alex is that he listens to what I need as new challenges arise and makes the necessary adjustments to get me back on track. Fantastic human being and super talented trainer.

  • JP

    After a while of training in gyms or using my own schedule, Alex has been my trainer for a year now. I have made great progress and the weights have gone up. He is very flexible and adapts to my schedule while still pushing me to keep progressing. Working a busy job and having kids does provide some challenges to regular training, but I can allot the time I want per week and Alex tailors my training. And since I’m from the Netherlands, it’s great that online coaching allows me to work with him!

  • David

    Five stars is not enough. I have been working with Alex for over a year now and it’s been nothing short of fantastic. He’s so much more than a typical trainer. Incredibly knowledgeable about strength training obviously but also injury management, diet and macro training, physiology and insulin resistance,… and a top of being a really bright guy he’s also incredibly nice and fun to work with. Responsive, fun, and lighthearted. I referred at least three friends and family members who all feel the same way. The absolute best!

  • Carin Gustavson

    I’m a 46 year old woman who hired Alex for virtual coaching because he also trains a few of my family members. I’ve worked most of my life (cardio/light weights) but decided a few years ago I wanted to build more muscle, get stronger and do it properly to avoid injuries at my age. I’ve been working with Alex for about 10 months and he has helped me develop proper form with heavy lifts, progressively overload and stay injury free. I’ve definitely gotten much stronger, been challenged and built some muscle. Alex is a thoughtful, thorough and reliable coach – I would highly recommend him!

  • Josh Coates

    I am a 36 year old male and have been working with Coach Alex since August of 2021. After working through the novice linear progression on and off for a few years, I decided to get serious about lifting weights and working towards intermediate programming. Alex has been instrumental in my progress and has helped me improve both my form and technique tremendously. In just 9 months, I have managed to clean up my form tremendously and add significant weight to my deadlift and increase weight on all the other major barbell lifts. His attention to detail and ability to explain the technical aspects of lifting and programming to a less tenured trainer are two aspects of his coaching that I find most admirable. He genuinely cares about my success, concerns, and progress just as much as I do. I was skeptical about online training when I started, but I can say with 100% confidence that I am no longer a skeptic and am amazed with what Alex has taught me in such a short amount of time. Alex truly is an amazing coach!! If you are looking for a coach who will teach you the fundamentals of programming and lifting technique, look no further…Alex is your guy!!

  • Dave

    Alex rocks. When working with Alex, it is obvious that you are working with an expert. I reached out to Alex for some help with a stuck deadlift that I couldn’t figure out how to work through. With his help, I’m pulling 4 plates for the first time in five years and repping mid 300s casually. He clearly communicates what matters, what doesn’t, and what depends and how to apply it all towards “win conditions”. I’ve also greatly appreciated when he has adapted programming on short notice. Sometimes work, life, or nagging minor injuries get in the way, and it is easy for a couple missed sessions to turn into a couple missed weeks. Alex does a great job reprogramming to meet the circumstances, which has tremendously helped keep me under the bar through some otherwise tough situations. Overall, I really appreciate him and highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Robert Scibiorski

    Alex has a superior knowledge for weight lifting and strength coaching. His programming and coaching has allowed me to get stronger and gain knowledge in the world of weight lifting. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness and get strong the right way. Thanks Alex!

  • Aaron Solorzano

    I’m a 36 year old male and I started lifting again in early 2020 after a 16 year hiatus. Last time I’d touched a barbell was when I ruptured a pectoral muscle right before graduating from High School. Finally got that repaired and decided I was tired of being weak. Did the NLP on my own as best I could in my tiny home gym and as the intermediate phase drew nearer I realized that I needed expert help. Alex has been my coach for 18 months and I have not for a second regretted it. He’s helped me add about 100 pounds to my Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. The training never gets easier but knowing that I have Alex’s expert eye correcting my technique and years of experience crafting my programming is a big boost to my confidence. If you are looking for an online coach to help you get strong regardless of what life throws at you, I can’t recommend Alex highly enough.

  • Greg

    Alex has been my coach both in person and online since 2017. I’ve stayed with him because of his superior knowledge and his ability to program around my many changing considerations. From martial arts, to the military, to having a child, Alex has coached around them all. In person, Alex communicates clearly and efficiently to make the most of the time in the gym, while maintaining his friendly demeanor. If you’re worried about following a strength program because you have other things going on in your life, Alex is the coach for you. If you want to get strong, Alex is the coach for you.

  • Zach

    Great coach, helps me with my bouldering and general weightlifting goals. I primarily use him remotely but I’ve had great in person sessions with him that really helped me out with form issues. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Brian Althouse

    I was running my first Novice Linear Progression in 2019 and was uncertain about my execution of the lifts/program. As a result, I reached out for coaching and connected with Alex. He has helped me get stronger than ever while navigating some nagging injuries. In addition to helping me develop overall strength, Alex helped me prepare for a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail; I attribute much of my success on trail to the strength, conditioning, discipline, and mental fortitude I gained working with him.

    With Alex, the online coaching experience is excellent, and in-person coaching is invaluable. He is a great communicator and truly cares about helping people. If you’re looking for coaching, Alex is an easy recommendation!

  • James

    Alex has had a significant impact on my training, which would be hard to overstate. Prior to working with Alex, I’d attempted starting strength on 3 different occasions, and had always hit the same plateau.

    Alex has corrected my form and done a great job of managing my fatigue levels despite my heavy workload. He also has a much better understanding of what I can lift than I do, which gives me the confidence to attempt weights I wouldn’t normally have attempted.

    I’ve now been working with Alex for about 15 months, and on average am over 30% stronger than my last plateau.

  • Ernest

    Alex is a great coach because he tailors programming to your individual needs and treats each client on a case by case basis. As a broke law student (and Army reservist) with a horribly sporadic and inconsistent schedule, Alex took the load of programming off my shoulders so I could worry about real life issues. All I had to do was show up to the gym, open my phone, read feedback, and go to work under the bar.

    When I started working with Alex, I was a motor moron with absolutely no sense of proper technique. Alex helped me undue years of bad powerlifting gym bro habits in order to fix it. This was on top of the fact that I was extremely out of shape from being a semi fat powerlifter with an inconsistent training schedule.

    The 6 months I spent working will Alex helped me make tremendous strides in my training, strength, and physique. Don’t hesitate, he is extremely affordable and knowledgeable.

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