5 Reviews on “Squat & Deadlift – February 25, 2023 Cincinnati, OH”

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  • Michael Hood

    Mia Inman gave me the right feedback and encouragement that allowed me to overcome challenges in my lifts that were blocking my progress. I now have a renewed confidence and commitment to continuing my linear progression in the powerlifts! I looked forward to working with her again!

  • Ross Sandefer

    Excellent camp. I’ve been training w/ the Starting Strength method for several years, but have never had hands-on coaching or a form check. Adam, Mia and the other coaches were great at explaining the form, coaching cues and reviewing programming. I certainly learned a lot and had a great time.
    I would highly recommend a camp for lifters who cant train w/ a SS coach all the time.
    Excellent experience!

  • Bob Drake

    The Squat & Deadlift camp was awesome! Very informative and helpful, the platform time and live coaching was great, Starting Strength coaches are phenomenal at teaching and correcting basic human movement patterns barbell lifts (squat,deadlift, presses). Shout out to all the coaches there Mia, Adam, Chris,Camisha, Tony,Nikki,Jarret and owner Luke! Thank you all for helping me with my technique. If you ever get the chance to attend a camp I highly recommend, the Starting Strength community is awesome!

  • Jason eyers

    Best coaches I’ve ever experienced. knowledgeable, encouraging, and all around good people. They were able to correct my knee problem saving me pain going forward. Worth every penny.

  • Justin

    The incredible amount of patience shown to me was surpassed only by the amount of knowledge that was shared. I was impressed by the amount of personal attention I was able to receive in a class setting, as someone who definitely needed it. Every second was valuable; there was no filler. I came home (a 2 hour drive that was well worth it) and started to put what I learned into effect after a few days of recovery and review. If feels like I’m doing different lifts than I’d been doing the past decade. No amount of reading or Youtube could match what one day of instruction and evaluation did at a SS Gym. The 5 hours absolutely flew by. This was so worth the money that I feel like I should send a tip.

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