3 Reviews on “Squat & Deadlift – August 12, 2023 Greenville, SC”

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  • Jim R

    I attended to get my squat and deadlift forms checked out and Grant did a great job providing clear instructions on not just how to do them properly but also why they’re done the way they are. The class moved at a brisk pace which gave everyone the chance to get individual instruction in a short period of time.

  • Joel Stroup

    good times had by all. the camp reinforced good technique and everyone got help with their lifts and got their questions answered.

  • Cameron Buie

    I wanted to make sure I was squatting and deadlifting correctly. Grant provided great instruction on how to perform these lifts safely and effectively. He explained the “why” in all steps to the various lifts. I now am able to lift with more confidence knowing that I’m better prepared to increase strength while also maintaining a proper form.

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