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  • Emma S

    I contacted Steve about online coaching when I got stuck training on my own. Very impressed with the level of detail in the feedback! Steve really took the time to provide in-depth explanations of the finer details of the lifts. And you don’t have to feel hesitant about asking stupid questions because Steve said no question is a stupid question.

  • Jeff Bernitz

    Steve is a great coach! I contacted him to help get my form in shape during my linear progression, in preparation for my apprenticeship. Not only did he help with form, but also helped with programming and showed me how to adjust as hurdles arise. He’s knowledgeable, accessible, flexible, easy to talk to, and perhaps most importantly, effective. I highly recommend him.

  • Scott Dodelson

    63 year old make working with Steve remotely for over a year, after lifting for a few years and stalling. He is very responsive and helpful. As an example, deadlift has gone from 110kg to 130 and squat from 85 to 100. Also does a great job accommodating my erratic schedule

  • Florian

    I work with Steve know for one year. During this year I had several injuries and health problems. Steve found always a way to get through this. He is a highly professional coach with deep knowledge about strength training. I am glad to work with him.

  • Matthew Dodelson

    I’ve been training with Steve for a year and a half and it’s been a great experience. I started as an intermediate lifter but we ran a linear progression anyway to iron out some form issues (especially on the squat). The video analysis was very effective for dialing in the right form. Since then we moved on to intermediate programming. All of my lifts are 15-20% up since we started, and nothing has plateaued yet. Steve’s programming is consistent with the Starting Strength philosophy – start out simple, and then add complications and variations only when absolutely necessary. I would highly recommend Steve as an online coach to anyone who is interested in strength training.

  • Kathryn M

    Steve is a fantastic Starting Strength Coach, and, to my knowledge, one of only a few in Europe. I contacted him a week after giving birth to my second child to help me get back into lifting safely post-partum. That was nearly 2 years ago. He has greatly improved my lifting, and I am visibly stronger than pre-pregnancy. He helped me rehabilitate and get back to proper lifting after a knee injury (unrelated to the barbell) and he forces me to do the overhead press even though I hate these (but they are good for my shoulders). All online via TrueCoach which gives me the flexibility, structure and personalised support I need to sustain training for the long term.

  • Wade Stokes

    Steve Ross was my online coach for almost two years, and he made unbelievable progress with this 56 year-old new lifter both in forms and in weights. I had tried to do the novice progression on my own beforehand, but I made a lot of mistakes and my form was not working. Steve dialed back my weights, reset my form, re-started my linear progression, and then eased me into intermediate programming.

    Several things stick out in hindsight. When my overhead press and bench stalled, Steve was able to identify the problem and tweak my programming to get me back to making PRs. When I couldn’t figure out the right form on box squats and barbell rows, Steve made videos himself to show me the nuances I needed to pay attention to in order to fix the problems. And, when I had to take a couple of weeks off twice, Steve helped me get back on track with programming to get me back to my top weights as fast as possible.

    At the base of it all, despite all the craziness of life and family and work, Steve’s online coaching has kept me hitting absolute PRs with much improved for.m. After almost two years I have taken the “self-sufficient” lifter route, but I never would have dared to do so if he had not prepared me so well. For online coaching, I can not imagine how the experience could be any better.

  • Matthieu

    I have been working with Steve online for almost a year now, I highly recommand him as a strength coach !
    I contacted Steve to help me correct my execution at the end of my LP. Bad form was leading towards knee injury and bad performance in competition.
    Not only did he corrected my execution, but he also helped me smoothly transition into intermediate programming!
    I am now stronger than ever and pain free! It is always very easy to discuss with him and the feedback is always spot on to help you move further in you strength goals.

  • Peter Bex

    After getting stuck lifting on my own, I turned to Steve for help. I went to Brussels Barbell for an introductory session, and he already gave me some pointers on how I was doing some lifts wrong. He was also very friendly and open about all my questions about everything in the gym and his own progression to becoming a coach. At my request, he also let me sit in for a day to see how he coaches his other clients so that I could learn from that.

    It’s awesome to be in a gym that’s affiliated to Starting Strength, it really makes you feel you’re part of something bigger! Proper gear, the posters and seeing the awesome folks who are clients is just great. But most of all I respect how Steve is committed to maintaining an overall positive and encouraging vibe in his gym, which is fantastic to experience.

    After our intro session I continued with online coaching, where Steve coached me through several sticking points, which allowed me to put significantly more weight on the bar. He gives the feedback in small doses, so it won’t overwhelm you. This allows you to adjust and really integrate the feedback into your technique. When you’ve mastered one aspect, he will point out the next thing to work on, what gear to get etc. The only issue I had was that Steve sometimes takes a while to respond to questions, or he might post an increase in weight even though I missed the previous workout. I presume that’s because his priority is with his real life coaching clients, which is where it belongs.

    I can definitely recommend training with Steve!

  • Paul D B

    I have been training with Steve at his gym, Brussels Barbell, for 8 months now. He is one of those talented coaches that just got it. Very technical and experienced, he was able to fix all my form challenges. I am very tall, 205 cm+, and we had to adapt most lifts to my height or proportions. He also very well adapted the programming to my progress and recovery potential when the lifts got heavier.
    He is an excellent communicator, is very didactical and makes everyone feel at ease, young or old, beginner or advanced. Which creates a great atmosphere in his gym.
    It is always a pleasure to train with Steve at Brussels barbell. Highly recommended!

  • Natalia

    In Brussels Barbell, Steve has created and nurtured a training community that is unparalleled elsewhere.

    After years of short-lived training programmes, I have finally found somewhere I can show up with consistency and enjoy the process. Steve has supported me in every step of my training both physically and mentally. I have been able to return to training despite major jaw surgery sooner than expected and recover from a number of injuries thanks to his ability to adapt my programme and foster a safe training environment – his charisma and great humour is a bonus!

    There are few places I miss whilst on holiday, but Brussels Barbell is one of them!

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