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  • Akash Garg

    I’ve been working with Connor for almost a year now with the online video zoom coaching. He’s been a fantastic coach and I’ve been able to hit numbers in all of the major lifts that I never thought would have been possible. If you want to get strong and work with an excellent coach from your home gym, please contact Connor.

  • Smitha Borkar

    I have never done any kind of weight training before. Have been very doubtful about trying it out online but 3 months into it, I am hooked. I don’t want to miss a single day. I really appreciate the convenience of having a class to go to in my garage with a coach who is so amazing at personalizing the work out plan for each of his folks. Even though the class is online, the sessions are very closely administered with all the precautions in place to grow safely. The encouragement I get each time I hit a new milestone from Connor and from the community in Strength Co is amazing. We have multiple folks in our session but it doesn’t feel like a group session at all. Everyone on the call gets 100% attention and we are engaged through out the hr. Go Connor !!!

  • Claudia

    Despite being your non typical first time lifter (female, over 60) Connor has consistently and patiently instructed me in proper form, enabling me to, in six months, not only lift heavy things but gain much confidence under the bar! Zoom classes are better then I could imagine; Connor is always professional, motivating and answers every question I have. I love the camaraderie in our classes and cheering on the other lifters . Connor is totally focused on every lift with our safety and form in mind. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend online coaching with Connor!

  • Genelle Gutierrez

    I’m not a new lifter. Connor has been coaching me, via ZOOM, through a linear progression and I have seen the most gains than I ever have in the years I’ve been lifting. Whatever your background, you will benefit immensely from a novice linear progression and Connor can successfully coach you through that, from wherever you are. (We work together from completely opposite coasts) He is thorough and consistent in his coaching style and is top notch with his feedback and helping you reach your goals. Don’t hesitate to get working with him if you want to get STRONG (er).

  • Fast Eddie Cash

    At the beginning of the pandemic, I was disappointed all the gyms in my area had to close down. After snagging a squat stand from The Strength Co., I started training with Connor. The rest is history. I’ve been with Connor ever since and I love every session. Connor pays attention to what you are looking for out of a workout, even if that changes across time. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Brian Higginbotham

    I’ve been training with Connor for just over 6 months. Although I had “worked out” at different gyms over the years, this is the longest uninterrupted training I have ever completed. I attribute that to a few factors. First, Starting Strength is a sensible program and it is nice to see the weight increase consistently over time. That has been motivating.

    Second, I find that zoom works really well. I know other programs let you submit videos for critiques, but in my opinion it’s much nicer to have immediate feedback and support. The Strength Co. has created an excellent platform for training but it is Connor’s deft handling of his moderator role that makes the sessions so successful. Connor manages rest times and ensures everyone is able to complete their work sets under his watchful eye. It is also motivating to watch as other lifters progress alongside you. I have met people from other areas of California, but also from across the country and also Canada. That has been a surprisingly positive aspect of the training.

    Finally, I am in my early 40s and have been desk bound for most of my working career. Connor adjusted my programming to account for my poor shoulder mobility and helped me keep training even though the low bar squat was initially painful. He understands what different lifters need, from complete beginners up to intermediates and folks training for meets. I am continually impressed by the depth of his knowledge. I didn’t know what to expect but our training sessions have been great–I couldn’t recommend more.

  • Ashlesh Sharma

    First, let me get this out of the way: Connor is a fantastic coach! If you want to get strong, work with him. That’s it.

    I was aware of Starting Strength and used to tryout workouts myself, but I didn’t get far. Due to Covid-19, I went ahead and signed for a zoom session with Connor / The StrengthCo. Being a skeptic, I wasn’t sure if online coaching would work out. In a few weeks, I was able to witness and experience novice linear progression. Wow! What a difference from the regular gym setting! It is hard to explain but having SSC as your coach makes a huge difference in your performance. Connor was patient and understood my strengths/weaknesses, went through novice linear progression in a systematic manner. I had tweaked my back and had bicep tendonitis, but Connor designed a program that worked to alleviate the issues + improve strength at the same time. In a few weeks, I was back at it hitting PRs in every session. My deadlift went from 135lbs to 325lbs in 5 months.

    He provides a ton of confidence and understands the nuances well on an individual level. I am super lazy and I somehow force myself to show up 3 days a week for online coaching / training. I remember the first session where I said “I don’t think I can bench beyond 120lbs”, and his answer was “just show up 3 days a week, and leave the rest to me”.

    Again, I highly recommend Connor if you are looking to get strong and try Starting Strength.

  • Ryan Yuffe

    Can’t ask for more from a coach and a program. Connor gives you the attention and coaching you need, and pushes you to reach new goals that you didn’t think were possible. Working with Connor and Strength. Co. is like fine dining at a Michelin rated restaurant, but for barbell training. Can’t recommend enough.

  • Brent Eritou

    Connor is an extraordinary coach. He has a proven ability to apply the Starting Strength method to people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

    This website understates the fact that he is a pioneer in the area of online, real-time video coaching. He provides movement corrections and programming adjustments in real-time. This is superior to the conventional online coaching approach of providing feedback 12-36 hrs later. To my knowledge, as of May 2021 he is the only certified Starting Strength Coach in the world doing this.

    Before working with Connor, I was squatting in the high 200s, benching in the high 100s, deadlifting in the low 300s and pressing less than 100 pounds. I was re-injuring my lower back every 3-6 months.

    A year later, at the age of 37, I am the strongest I have ever been in my 10+ years of barbell lifting. I recently set personal records of a 435 lb squat, 405 lb deadlift, 250 lb bench, 170 lb press. I have not had a single injury during this time. I have witnessed Connor coach dozens of others to get the strongest they have ever been in their lives as well.

    If you have access to a power rack, a webcam and an internet connection, you have access to Connor’s coaching. If strength is important to you (which it is if you’re reading this) then you should contact him!

  • Michael Callahan

    I’ve been working with Connor now for over 6 months. Bottom line up front: he’s approachable, knowledgable on strength programming and lifting, and articulates his coaching cues incredibly well. All of these things combined make him a phenomenal coach.

    I’m not a typical Starting Strength client. I am a 36 years old male who loves to run, cycle, and participate in other endurance sports on a completely amateur basis (read: a pretty average athlete). I say that because I did not think of myself as Strength Co.’s ordinary client. In fact, I was pretty hesitant to sign up because I was didn’t possess any strength that I was proud of. Connor never made me feel dumb, which I think many of us fear when we face the unknown of barbell training for the first time. He patiently explained the lifts, correcting my bad form and tweaking my bad habits, all with wit and good humor. Simply put, if you’re intimidating about lifting, don’t be–Connor’s great.

    Connor also possesses a rare blend of knowledge and an ability to communicate that knowledge as he coaches. I’ve tried to learn from some brilliant people who can’t teach or coach, and I just end up feeling silly. Not so with Connor. His cues make sense, his teaching is intuitive, and he goes out of his way to equip his clients with skills needed to succeed.

    Since working with Connor, I’ve seen results. That’s what we all want, right? Simply put, he can help you get there.

  • Grant Thulin

    I’ve been working with Connor for a little over a year now. I am a 19 year old student-athlete and collegiate swimmer. I have always been called “thin” and practicing 4-5 hours a day in the pool did not help one bit! I was introduced to The Strength Co and Connor and he has helped me tremendously.

    Connor is an exceptional coach and has helped me gain strength. This increase in strength has helped me in the pool and life in general. Connor clearly understands programming and the needs of each athlete that he works with. Connor’s great sense of humor not only makes early morning workouts more bearable but also fun. I enjoy training with Connor. and I look forward to making gains in the pool and in the gym with Coach Connor by my side.

  • Kyle Davison

    Coach King has been an excellent teacher, motivator, and mentor in our one year of online training together. I began as a 41 year old male novice, inexperienced lifter and have made great strides during this time.

    Coach began my training with an intro, gauging what I could and could not do. His focus on the details were spot on and I picked up quite a bit with our introductory sessions. As we progressed through the novice linear progression program, Coach was able to provide reliable queues and direct feedback to ensure I was performing at my best. Even though we are/were on zoom, it still felt like we were in person with how well he was able to teach the lifts and interact with me. Especially during this time I would experience aches and pains with beinga a novice that Coach King would work with you through. At no point was I ever put in danger and would adapt my workout that day if I was too fatigued or if my shoulder was acting up. He was able to push me without putting me in harm’s way.

    Eventually I was able to progress as far as I could on novice linear progression programs and Coach King was able to come up with a new program that meant that I would still be hitting Personal Records on my lifts, just not as frequently (every 1 to 3 weeks now instead of every lifting session). He would and still does come up with my training plan, laying out what I’m to do every three weeks. He would also be able to make adjustments during the workout as well if I wasn’t performing.

    Overall I can’t express enough how much Coach King has helped me in an area that I lacked confidence in. He is an amazing teacher, person and can’t recommend enough this program and him as a Starting Strength Coach to others. It’s a completely positive and motivating program that Coach King really thrives in.

  • Will Nobles

    Connor has helped me achieve strength that I never thought possible and in a fun and relaxed, but engaging way.

    I’ve engaged in different forms of strength training on and off throughout the years, always feeling like I struggled with my Squat and Deadlift, in particular. I’ve also had other coaches in the past and was beginning to feel like it was maybe just me and I wasn’t cut out to lift very heavy. I found the Strength Co. after reading about Starting Strength and was introduced to Connor after an introductory session with Grant where I tested my strength in various lifts. Connor has been programming for me each week since then, and I’ve never looked forward to going to the gym quite as much as I have since I’ve been training with him and the other classmates on my weekly Zoom calls. Connor’s cues and his programming have been critical to my success, and I’m now approaching numbers on all my lifts that I hadn’t even had as a goal initially. I’ve surpassed my expectations and everyone at the Strength Co., especially Connor, has too!

  • Leila Jewell

    Connor is an amazing coach. I started weightlifting for the first time, and over the past year and a half, Connor has helped me learn good technique and get stronger. He’s adapted my training plan to assist my other athletic endeavors (triathlon and Spartan) and has guided me through working past a back strain. Connor is efficient, encouraging, knowledgeable, and attentive. And also a lot of fun! Even though I’m naturally a night owl, I now get up extra early because Connor’s coaching is worth it.

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