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  • Mike Johanns

    I’ve been working with Jeff on the platform for almost a year.  He is creative and effective in addressing the issues and weaknesses associated with a competitive lifter approaching 70 years old and thoughtfully answering my myriad questions.

    Over the past three months, I’ve been preparing for a big powerlifting meet in New Orleans.  I worked with Jeff on the platform and Camisha Noble out of Starting Strength Cincinnati on meet preparation.  Jeff did an excellent job coordinating with Camisha to ensure that she was well-informed about my performance on the platform and that his coaching was aligned with her meet preparation plan.

    Jeff addressed the problems that surfaced during training.  In particular, I tweaked my right adductor, which presented challenges for the squat, and I tweaked my left shoulder, which presented challenges for the bench press.  While I didn’t PR these two lifts at the meet, I remained competitive.  The big success was the deadlift.  I was able to PR the deadlift!

    I look forward to continuing the pursuit of getting stronger with Jeff and preparing for the next meet at the end of 2023.

    Jeff is a helluva resource for Staring Strength Austin!

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