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  • Iben Holm

    I had Shelley as an online coach from October 2021 to May 2022. My goal was to learn how to perform the slow lifts in accordance with the SS model and later on we also went on to work on the olympic lifts. I also wanted to get stronger but didn’t really have high expectations since I allready had been training both weightlifting and a little powerlifting for about 6 years before hand. I’m a 48 y/o women (going through menopause) so I assumed that any lowhanging strength gains, in connection with the novice phase, had allready been harvested – so nice to be wrong.

    Shelley is a brilliant coach, a really rare gem and I am so happy about all the things she taught me. She sees everything and my technique improved greatly under her watchfull eye. Shelleys programming was a bit of an eyeopener. I realized that I had gotten used to training too hard, I allways feelt sore and I had these little injuries that wouldn’t quite heal. She keept me injury free and the back pain I had struggled with for years eventually just dissapeared. Also, forgot to mention, she took my deadlift PR from 260 pounds to 287 pounds in 7 months. I’d recommend Shelley to any serious person who wants to get stronger and become a better lifter.

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