3 Reviews on “Squat, Press, & Deadlift – May 21, 2023, Manchester, UK”

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  • James Collinge

    Byron was wonderful to work with, fantastic help, and guidance.

  • Ged Kennerk

    A great day of coaching. I’ll certainly be attending any other days that are held in Manchester.
    The attention to detail & the corrections to individual errors were brilliant. I’ve been watching the starting strength videos & trying to apply the lifts to my own training by copying the vids & reading the Starting Strength book.
    This day , for me , underlined the importance of getting proper coaching

  • Darroll Wheatley

    Having just attended the aforementioned camp, I feel obliged to inform you of my complete satisfaction regarding said camp, and your coach Byron Johnson. The camp and methodology is ,without question, an amazing learning experience but particular focus should be put on the expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm shown by Byron. He never failed to answer a question soundly and picked up on tweaks required by even the most experienced lifter. I did fill in the feedback form at the end of the camp but felt it necessary to back it up with this message. I would not think twice about attending another one be scheduled. Thank you so much.

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