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  • Keith Wiessner

    Excellent! Because of my familiarity with Starting Strength, I was not surprised by their knowledge and insights, but it was truly impressive to watch them work with people of all different experience levels. Both my girlfriend and I attended. I am coached online by a Starting Strength coach, but it was very helpful to get some in person feedback. My girlfriend is just starting to train and they helped her form on both the squat and the deadlift immensely.

  • Jacob

    Coaches Pete and Jacob did an amazing job demonstrating and coaching the movements for a large class. The class attendees came from all different training backgrounds. The coaches met each individual attending the class at their current strength and experience level. My friend and I gained invaluable feedback from coaches and the other atendees.

  • Jesse Marks

    I recently attended the Squat and Deadlift seminar with Pete and Jacob as the coaches and it was a great experience. The organization for the day was fantastic and the coaching provided by Pete and Jacob was top-notch. Pete coached my squat during the first half while Jacob coached my deadlift during the second half. They were patient and knowledgeable, answering all questions thoroughly and providing great insights on how to improve my technique. I left with some great takeaways and things to work on at home. If you’re looking for in-person coaching to improve your lifting technique, I highly recommend attending one of their seminars. Thanks, Pete and Jacob!

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