4 Reviews on “Squat & Deadlift – December 11, 2022, Chicago, IL”

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  • Eric Lynch

    My son and I traveled from Michigan to attend the camp. We THOUGHT we were doing those lifts correctly, form wise, after reading the blue book and the many videos.
    We found out we had a LOT of room for improvements! The coaches were great and patient with everyone. I highly recommend anyone who is trying to do the program to get in front of a SSC

  • Sean

    Great coaching and plenty of time under the bar. No substitute for getting professional coach’s eyes on. Highly recommend it.

  • Jason

    Great opportunity to work on form and get feedback.

    I had read the book 2x and videotaped myself. That stuff is a great start but no substitute for this bootcamp. The coaches were able to point out things that are tough to pick up from youtube/books and translate it into the unique needs for your body type, skill level, ect

  • Brian Harding

    Great seminar! The individual attention was fantastic, but it really helped me to watch others be coached as well. All my questions about the lifts were answered, including some that I didn’t know I had before the seminar.

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