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  • Russella

    This Starting Strength camp was a lot of fun! I got to be coached by the best in the business. There wasn’t a question you could throw at Nick and Ray that they didn’t know the answer to.

    The five hours were well-organized with the ideal mix of didactic and platform instruction. The coaching was highly personalized. Nick spotted and fixed subtle but significant technique issues in my squat. Ray helped me get tighter under the bar with his squeeze my finger cue (😊) and he made my deadlift solid with a cue I couldn’t find in the blue book nor anywhere else. Plus, I loved Ray’s humor and easygoing nature. I am so glad that I came to this camp. I doubt you can get as much value for the money anywhere else. Two thumbs up and highly recommended! I’m bringing my daughters with me the next time.

  • Ross

    This was a great camp! Great instruction, good amount of personal attention and coaching, great wrap-up Q&A on programming and other matters. We accomplished a lot in those five short hours. I left with lots of notes on how to clean up my form on both lifts.

  • Carl Sage

    This was an awesome opportunity for me to better understand the squat and deadlift. Nick and Ray are incredible coaches, they were both able to spend a lot of time providing input to all of the participants, myself included. I came away feeling more confident in my lifts and ability to more effectively train the squat and deadlift. If the opportunity arises I will definitely do another Starting Strength seminar, and I highly recommend anyone in need of training to sign up for one as well.

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