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  • Gregory Hess

    The information provided (the approach, rationale, program modification ideas, US healthcare overview, and the complexity of pain) was all needed to meet the objectives. I appreciated how Nick set the stage for Will’s lectured. They worked together as a well-oiled team.

    Do not remove anything. It was all valuable, especially for someone that appreciates/wants to use the SSBBT model in a rehab setting. The uniqueness of this approach, in the absence of a SS background, will continue to narrowcast this product (not a problem, just an observation).

    Highly recommended for SS rehab-affiliated folks.

  • Anando "Andy" Chowdhury, PTA, MS

    I have been interested in Dr. Morris’ approach to barbell-based rehabilitation and rapid return to training activity for some time, through his interviews and podcast appearances. I was genuinely excited to hear that he and Nick Delgadillo would be presenting this information at a nearby venue.

    I was not disappointed, as both Mr. Delgadillo’s and Dr. Morris’ contributions dovetailed nicely, with Mr. Delgadillo’s training-focused talk setting the stage nicely for the remainder of the day when Dr. Morris took over shortly thereafter.

    His coverage of various topics was wide-ranging, but easy to follow, and provided more than just a glimpse into a methodology that not only touted the benefits of barbell training, but also how to modify activity to keep injured lifters moving throughout their recovery, how to address their pain and fear of activity, and why sometimes not knowing exactly what is wrong can be beneficial, all around. His providing a framework to assist coaches and even lifters themselves in assessing their own situation and understanding of pain, was clear and straightforward, but thankfully, allowed for innovation based on individual lifters’ unique presentations. A “cookie-cutter” approach, this is most certainly not. We were even afforded a glimpse into the typical ways the American healthcare system is set up to address patients’ musculoskeletal complaints, which shifted from lightly humorous to frankly sobering in quick succession.

    I have been a part of the healthcare industry for over 16 years, specifically within the Physical Therapy field, and everything stated by both Mr. Delgadillo and Dr. Morris rang true. Having taken hundreds of Continuing Education courses (spanning thousands of hours) over the years, this one-day offering was more beneficial than any single course I have taken in many years. It has helped me recontextualize my thinking regarding the utility of barbell training as a rehabilitation method and provided me with a fresh perspective on my own training.

    I heartily urge anyone (coach, medical professional, or otherwise) considering this course to take it if the opportunity arises. The information presented is well worth the time and cost.

  • Robert Mabry, MD

    This was my third Starting Strength seminar. I’ve done the full seminar in Wichita Falls as well as the Lift, Fight, Shoot Camp. Both of which were top notch.

    The Rehab, Injury, and Pain Management Training Camp in Katy, TX was another high-quality Starting Strength experience that did not disappoint.

    As an Emergency Medicine physician, I thought the topics presented and concepts discussed were solid and on-point. I’d highly recommended this seminar.

    The instruction provided by Nick and Will was insightful and well presented. The depth of knowledge they brought to the subjects was excellent. Will’s conceptual framework on how to deal with pain and injury while training was well thought out and applicable to anyone dealing with pain, injury, or just accumulated milage from life who wants to continue to train hard and maximize their potential.

    Will and Nick both gave me specific personalized recommendations that I was able to immediately implement. These recommendations have already, in just over a week, reduced pain, improved my recovery, and have led to new PRs in the bench and press.

    JD Shipley, the owner of SS Katy, and his team were also very approachable and professional. Thanks very much to them for hosting this excellent event.

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