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  • Linda White

    The community at SS Beaverton is an amazing environment! I attended the Squat and Deadlift camp and totally enjoyed the experience. The head Coach Amanda Sheppard is amazing, spend even 30 minutes with her and you will know why she is the 2022 SS Coach of the Year. Her ability to communicate is spot on! She has eyes everywhere and provides words of encouragement, cues for improvement, and will keep your programming moving forward. The gym is laid out very effectively and is bright, clean and the equipment is amazing! The SS bar feels so good in the hands and benching from a hard surface instead of a padded bench was eye opening. If you want to get stronger and live anywhere in the area you should join. Live too far away go hybrid or on-line. In addition to camp I attended the 7 am group and observed the noon group, fabulous welcoming members of all ages and experience.

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