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Starting Strength Coach Directory

The Starting Strength Coach Directory is the public-facing database with all Starting Strength Coaches who are in good standing and entitled to use the designation “Starting Strength Coach.” Maintenance of certification for SSC requires each coach to keep a listing on the Directory, attend regular audits of the Starting Strength Seminar, and provide documentation of professional insurance.

    Public Resource for
  • verifying legitimate SS Coaches, Gyms, & Events
  • locating SSCs, Gyms, &/or Events to engage services
  • giving feedback on SSC, Gyms, and Events


The standard Directory listing for each coach is $50 a month to cover the costs of SSC audits, the maintenance of records, the infrastructure of the Directory, and guided referrals to coaches, gyms, and/or events from the site for any person requesting assistance.

Starting Strength Gyms assume the cost for their coach/es with a fee of $50 per gym. The Gym is also listed in the Directory as soon as the Gym has an active website and completes the information for inclusion.

Listings for SSC working for SS Gyms

SS Gyms and SSC working at gyms show standardized coaching options, all directed through the gym. The listings are personalized through gym or coach with specific images, videos, biographies, online coaching options, and specializations.

Example SS Gyms SSC listing: Jarret Beck

Listing creation and updates made by submitting information through forms. This enables a record of each submission and for each part of the listing to be modified as needed so that it displays correctly. This is often required for images so that images are not distorted or displayed with low quality. Coaches are tagged based on the information submitted, so that those searching for coaching help can sort between available options.

It is the responsibility of both the Gym and the Coach to keep listings up to date, as well as to notify of changes in services or employment. Referrals, whether passive or active, are only as good as the information contained in the directory.

An SSC leaving the SS Gym ecosystem to operate independently will need to update his listing so that he can maintain his credential, audit seminars, and continue to receive referrals

Add or Update a Starting Strength Coach Listing

Add to or update a Starting Strength Coach listing by submitting the form below. All information needs to be provided for the initial listing. If you are updating a coach’s information, only the coach’s email address, Coach Name, and changed/added information needs to be entered.

Coach information to gather: SS Gym Documentation

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Need a gym to be added or updated? See SS Gyms Listings

Critical Coach Updates

  • changes in your gym’s urls
  • change of employer
  • change in online coaching participation


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