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  • Debbie Annino

    This lifting camp for personal trainers was awesome! It was totally worth the 3 hour drive! The amount I learned from the two coaches that day was great! Great information given on how and why the SS program works! I enjoyed the platform time lifting and learning to coach the lift…. I would recommend!!

    1. Debbie,

      Great to connect with you at the workshop! I’m excited to learn more about your incorporation of strength training into your small group training clients.

  • Georgia Morgan

    A fantastic workshop that every personal trainer should take at least once.

    The three parts to this workshop (1. education, 2. platform practice, 3. talk back/questions) were perfectly balanced and invaluable to my continued education as a trainer (and for myself personally as a lifter.) The day flew by. Chris & Inna are true experts in strength training and are dedicated to making us ALL better educated, more confident coaches. Can’t recommend enough.

    To personal trainers new to Starting Strength:
    My experience with workshops in the past has been pretty negative. To me, the typical Cont. Education Courses that “certify” trainers in specializations often felt weak at best and like commonly accepted scams at worst. This workshop was the antithesis to that. They taught the foundations of strength training in a way that was simple, clear, and doable. I left with a wealth of knowledge, a chance to apply that new knowledge in front of experts, and with a clear idea of what to do next to get even better. The stuff they are teaching should be a baseline requirement in order to become a personal trainer in the first place.
    **You can absolutely go to this workshop with no prior knowledge of the Starting Strength Method. However, to get the most out of this session, I’d suggest checking out their videos on Youtube or reading some of ‘Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training’ by Mark Rippetoe. Again, not necessary at all, but you will be going over a lot of information, and some familiarity will help.

    To trainers (and others) familiar with Starting Strength:
    You are learning all the same information that SS has everywhere in their books and online… but going over that information and coaching the platform with two SS experts asking questions and giving notes is a total game changer. Chris and Inna taught the newbies and questioned and challenged the SS veterans. It was awesome!

    1. Georgia,

      I’m pleased to hear that you found the workshop valuable. I look forward to learning about your clients’ progress as you apply the insights gained during the session.

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