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  • Will Lockett

    This was an outstanding camp. It allowed plenty of time for addressing everything in a very personalized way. I had been battling a few technique issues leading up to the camp. I attempted to address them myself with the blue book, the forum, and reviewing my own videos. There’s just no substitute for in person coaching and Andrew is an extremely talented coach.

    The first issue I had been battling was biceps pain from squatting. Everyone else at the camp had the same issue. Andrew was able to identify the problem with my grip immediately. It was an issue that would be very difficult to spot on video. It was not a grip width issue or a wrist angle issue (flexion v. extension v. neutral). It was failure to allow a small gap between the bottom of the index finger and the bar to allow the bar to be on the right spot on my back without adding excessive tension to my arms. I have not had any issues since.

    I also had been having forearm pain and palm pain below the thumb, which basically made pressing and benching heavy impossible. Andrew took a look at my press grip and identified what was causing the issue. I was carrying the weight right below my thumb rather than the heel of the palm. I’m able to do the upper body lifts and again and it’s getting better every time.

    Andrew, did a great job of recognizing where were at, and coaching from there. He quickly recognized what we were already doing correctly and didn’t have spend a lot of time on those areas. At the beginning of the camp, he asked each of us what we were most interested in working on and made sure to continually reference those specific issues.

    This camp is an excellent value. I left very motivated and my training is more productive as a result. Andrew really went above and beyond. He even took a quick look at my power clean form as a sanity check for me.

    I want to thank Andrew and everyone at SS Tulsa for a great experience. My squat and deadlift and both vastly improved and progressing more smoothly.

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