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  • Lacy Groselle

    This is the most comprehensive camp for beginners who want to level up their self-defense and protection skills. As a novice gun shooter and fighter, the camp was exactly what I needed to become more comfortable with new concepts and provided me with skills to practice on my own. I bought a brand new gun and shot it for the first time under their guidance. Nick helped me set up the gun and pick out a holster, and John showed me how to hold and shoot it. The instruction by both John and Nick was well planned and executed, and now I feel like I have a well-rounded base level of knowledge. The lifting session of the camp was an accelerated version of the weekend seminar event with Rip. Everyone had the chance to work up to a heavy set of five on all lifts. If you’re a Rippetoe fan, you have ample opportunity to ask him your most burning questions during a live Q&A session. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck and a chance to pack in valuable information over a weekend, then this is the camp for you. What a FUN weekend!

  • Frank Sanders

    When I first read about the Starting Strength Lift Shoot Fight Camp I knew I had to go. As a participant at other SS Seminars, Camps, Events and Meets, I know they are always first class, with top notch coaches and unparalleled content. Lift Shoot and Fight did not disappoint. What a great concept, lift to get strong, and use that strength to defend yourself and your family in a very well thought out way. The combination of coaching by Rip, Nick and John was world-class in all 3 specialized areas. Plus, meeting the other awesome attendees and spending the weekend lifting, shooting and fighting together, with a little bit of partying thrown in, was a blast! Highly recommended, whether your a novice or an avid shooter, you’ll definitely have a great weekend and come away much better prepared to defend yourself in a difficult situation.

  • SKK

    An excellent weekend. Very educational and fun.
    – Any level of experience, high or low, is handled gracefully by the instructors. I personally had zero firearms and combatives experience.
    – No one is proficient at everything – some students pressed 225×5 or pulled 475×3, while others demonstrated firearms proficiency as active duty law enforcement and retired military. This engenders humility and camaraderie that make the overall social experience very enjoyable.
    – The teaching method follows the same kind of logic as Starting Strength. For example, SS recognizes that in the “heat of the moment” — whether it’s a pull off the floor, or the pull of the trigger — it is easier and more productive to focus on the steps needed to execute the task, rather than the enormity of the task itself. By the time we shot our first live rounds, we had drilled a clear set of instructions for holstering, handling, and aiming the pistol, both with laser trainers and with dry firing.
    – It’s not just a random mix of “lift” “fight” and “shoot” – there is non-trivial interplay among all the topics. This comes to fruition in the final hours of combatives training, when you simulate (with laser trainers) preventing your opponent from unholstering their pistol, while they try to successfully fire upon you while in the “clinch”.

  • Delise Burrus

    I was very curious and kind of had some doubts about attending the Lift Shoot Fight event at WFAC. I am a 65 year old female and I have been training the SS method for the past nearly 6 years with Nick Delgadillo.
    We did some lifting work first – I always like having my lifts critiqued with eyes on (I train online). Rip was there, so we received some of his pearls of wisdom.
    I have been around guns all my life and can shoot, but never had this kind of seriously intense training with self defense and carrying in mind. John and Nick assumed a zero knowledge level and built us all up to some really useable skills. The patience of these two was amazing. It was all business on the range. Safety always first.
    The fight part was also assumed we would have basically zero knowledge. I gained some confidence in handling myself and possibly someone else. I have no preconceived notion of physically taking down a man, but I might be a bit harder to handle and give one a bit of pause or an “oh s@#t, this woman is kind of strong” moment.
    I would do this again. I gained confidence in myself and my ability to better handle a gun and handle myself. It has shown me the necessity to practice and practice a lot. I recommend this seminar, and women, don’t be afraid. I met some really great people and made new friends. DO IT!

  • Ben Gillenwater

    I have been lifting for 10 years, shooting for ~20 years and fighting for a couple years. Before attending Lift Fight Shoot, I have never come across an event that integrates these topics, especially at this level of expertise.

    Finding a good coach in any area of expertise is really hard. It basically comes down to who you know, or who you happen to meet. Becoming proficient in anything is best served by having a coach, if you’re lucky enough to find one and are able to afford one.

    In areas of expertise that are broad and popular, this task becomes even more difficult. Strength training, fighting and shooting are each areas that are crowded with BS and less-than-useful instructors/coaches.

    This Lift Fight Shoot event had high-level, world-class coaching on all three topics. Nick Delgadillo and Mark Rippetoe on the Lift portion – doesn’t get any better. John Valentine and Nick Delgadillo on Fighting and Shooting – doesn’t get much better.

    My review would be 5-stars even if each topic was taught on its own, independent of the other topics. But, this weekend integrated all three topics in a way that was impactful and materially useful. How to get strong, how to use your strength to defend yourself, how to use your smarts to avoid conflict and risk.

    This was a very unique event and I recommend you give it a try if you are interested in bettering yourself and those around you.

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